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Hi everyone :) I work as a medical assistant in a family practice clinic. A few weeks ago we had a training on walk in pregnancy tests, which leads me to this post. If a pt comes in for a... Read More

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    I unfortunately have 14 to 18 year old girls who have come to my (school nurse) office to discuss their choices. I do not personally believe in abortion but I do believe in the freedom of choice. I'm limited by the amount of information I am allowed to give. I provide answers to questions they have and make sure they understand all options available whether it's abortion, keeping the baby or adoption. I'll refer them to community clinics to help them get the care they need. My personal beliefs do not effect my job.
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    You check your personal beliefs at the door. If you can't, you have no business working in that setting. It's not about you, it's about providing patient care. Abortion is legal, and they have a right to information about their options, period.
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    It is inappropriate for any professional nurse to withhold patient information regarding all options, no matter what the subject is. What if the nurse was a Jehovah's Witness and refused to counsel patients regarding blood transfusions? (I'm not picking on JW's, it's just the first example that came to mind.) Every nurse should be required to leave their personal opinions in the locker room and provide patients with all verified scientific facts and evidence-based counseling. We have to trust the patient to make their own decision, whether or not it corresponds with our own internal sense of right and wrong.

    Failure to provide adequate patient counseling regarding all options, in the name of morality, is blatant hypocrisy and the so-called "moral" nurse will be judged by his/her God accordingly.

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    The only thing in nursing that I am really skeptical of is pushing vaccinations on patients while they are admitted in the hospital. Over the years I have become more skeptical of them.
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    I fail to see that leaving your personal beliefs at the door is ethical. Ethics is all about who you are, your inner committment to doing what is right. My personal beliefs include the responsibility to perform safely, competently, attention to detail, a good work ethic, professionalism, using my education and resources, staying up to date on new things. So no, I am not about to leave my personal beliefs at the door.

    Drinking alcohol is legal. Doesn't mean getting drunk is good for you. Abortion is legal, doesn't mean that a life wasn't ended.

    There is not a woman in this country who is not aware that abortion is available. So, jumping all over a coworker who cannot in good conscience recommend a procedure to a patient is failing to acknowledge that she has a moral and ethical stand on abortion. Does the patient want information? It is available. There are others in the office willing to provide it. There are also phone books, the internet, and many other places to go for information. If the nurse says, I cannot in good conscience do this for you, why villify her? She isn't working at an abortion clinic, she is in a familypractice. And one day standing in front of God, yes He will judge what we have done.
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    I don't believe I "jumped all over" this coworker. I mentioned she is a great nurse but was wondering how you would handle a situation like this.
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    No, you didn't, but a great many posters seem to have (I was trying to speak in generalities). How would I handle it?
    I have said to people, "that isn't something I can help you with", and asked someone else to help. We support each other in many ways, not just on this issue; we all work as a team. If you are uncomfortable with a procedure (male placing a female foley), we trade tasks all the time.

    It just seemed that noone posting here seemed to have any sympathy for a person being asked to do something personally unacceptable.
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    Great answer
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    Quote from patty89
    If she has a pt with a positive pregnancy test who is wanting an abortion she does not give out any info as she feels it is against her beliefs.
    What the nurse is doing is hideous. What if her beliefs were that the patient should have an abortion and she refused to refer the patient for prenatal care?

    Just as bad.
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