Upset professor about abortion and Euthanasia Clinics

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    The other day I was at my tutorial of Med-Surgical class and my professor was talking about how important is know the Vision and Mission for the hospital you gonna work. She put at example like if you will work at abortion clinic or Hospital how believe in Euthanasia for is patient. Everyone at the class say NOO! and I say yes because my moral and my believes, Believe in that both topics and she get upset, trying to correct my point and now I'm really nervous because I'm one of the tops of my class and I think this gonna affect my grade. What is your opinion of this topic and What you will do if that is happen to you?

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    The Individual needs to believe their presence is important, as self-importance a basic building block of our esteem. Cognitive dissonace may otherwise result.

    There is such a thing as the separation of personality from principles. Our personal beliefs aren't always congruent with our employer's tenets. However, we do not work merely to perpetuate our personal beliefs; we work in our to sustain ourselves.

    Grading a student on their personal belief system would be illegal and unethical. The Supreme Court has ruled that an individual's life stance holds as much weight as an individual's religious beliefs. The professor would be acting inappropriately in grading you as a result of your life stance as much as grading you on your religious beliefs.

    I hope this info decreases your anxiety, 3ponceboy
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    I avoid hot topicsl It isn't worth it in the long run to argue in school. I just say that I think that the patients' own personal views should factor in heavily when dealing with the situation and that it is a fine line between helpful and paternalistic.
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    Are you so sure that she was trying to "correct" you, rather than simply challenging you to see the other side of the topic?

    Healthy debate is an important part of one's education.
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    A facilities mission statement reflects the goals and objectives of the facility. Policies dictate what a nurse can and can not do in practice. This varies widely, and is loosely based on the mission statement. Other faciities give options to nurses on not participating in certain activities based on beliefs. SOME facilities, not all. One thing to remember is--it is not about you, it is about the patient--be careful to not let your personal belief system impede on caring for someone whose belief system may be different than your own.
    I am not sure that any nurse euthanizes patients in a facility setting--generally speaking, that is illegal. (and I am not up on what the laws are other places, however, generally speaking). Women, in this point in time in the US, have the right to an abortion. So if this is something that you feel strongly about, then I would not seek employment where this is likely to be within your duties.

    I feel as if your professor was touching the surface of you the nurse vs. you the non-nurse. That we all have to look at what we are morally objected to as opposed to professional practice. That as a nurse, we reflect the mission statement of the facility in which we work. That every patient, regardless of why they are in front of you, deserve dignity, respect, and the best care that we are able to give. That there's policies that guide our practice.

    As the pp stated, healthy debate is an important aspect of education. That you can put a patients' needs in front of your personal moral compass--and stay well within the guidelines of your practice--is key.
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    There is no such thing as a "euthanasia clinic" in a hospital.

    I believe the OP's challenges with English may have led to some level of misunderstanding.

    OP, I believe the professor was saying it's important for you to understand the philosophy and mission of the place where you work or want to work, and you can be aware of whether this is a situation where your personal values will allow you to be at ease. What you view as the professor trying to "correct" your point may have been an effort to get you to understand his/hers.

    I wouldn't worry about your personal beliefs affecting your grade, but I would worry a great deal about your written work and ability to express yourself clearly. That might.
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    Don't.Do.It! The professor will have a long memory. Keep your controversial thoughts to yourself or outside of your classes, where grades are not involved. Just don't do it.
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    I think we need to remember that allnurses has members from all over the world that may not have English as their native language and have the supreme court support their rights. I get the feeling the OP is not from the US.
    I'm here to say hi and you can do it, I have the same dream like you go to work in the USA. I'm student at "sagrado" is a good university and NOW with the new LAT is awesome, sometimes I feel when I'm studying for some classes that I can't make the N_clex because my english is not so good but I try to study everything in english buy my book in english also, because I have faith that i will do it. Do you have some advice for me? PLEASE :-) Im taking med-Surg 1 and I will graduate in 2015.
    According to another post Sagrado Corazon is in Puerto Rico and is a Catholic organization.

    OP What country are you from?
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    Hey thank you for your words, I from the USA territory Of Puerto Rico, our language is Spanish, we all here are USA CITIZEN and use the same federal laws and the supreme court support our rights. About the English is hard to find people who speak English here, Example I'm one of the student who gonna interview National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission for my school re-accreditation because i can represent with my grades and my "English" my school.
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    Thank you for your opinion actually I'm more focus now about English now and try every time to improve because my tongue language is Spanish and I'm so sorry for disrespect you language next time I will watch my grammar. I promise I will improve my English because one of my dreams is study my PH.d/DNP dual degree in USA but actually a nursing is not a profession of talking "perfect" is have two hands to make the best procedures, have the eyes to have empathy, the legs for running all the hospital and the hear to understand your patient that also are my "believes'About the main topic of this forum she was actually make like you gonna go to hell if you work there.

    If you speak Spanish or Portuguese you can reply me in the languages.

    Never make fun of someone who speaks broken English. It means they know another language. –H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

    ❝If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart.❞
    ‒Nelson Mandela
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