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My sister recently went through a horrible systemic group A strep infection and was not expected to live. Very long story short, she defied long-shot odds and today is mostly better, except for tinnitus d/t ABTs and rheumatoid... Read More

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    Quote from netglow
    Religion is man made (never forget) and it only exists as a vehicle to make people suffer under the rule of those who have.
    Couldn't disagree more.

    The Torah teaches that every seventh day, those who "have" (business owners) must give a day off to servants, a day of rest. How is it that the "have nots" are suffering under a day of rest, which arguably is being forced against the business owners?

    Every seven years a slave-owner was to free every slave. Ok, slavery not a big issue nowadays, but certainly, this "man-made religion" forced the "haves" to give up something....NOT the "have nots".

    Every seven years, every debt is to be forgiven. How is it that someone who is in debt "suffers" by not having to repay a loan?

    If anything, it teaches those who "have" about the debt and responsibility they have to those who "have not"....not the other way around.
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