Passed my nclex 2nd time - page 2

This is to encourage somebody this morning.. I graduated dec 2012, took nclex in jan 2013 and failed. ran out of time at 230 questions. I was devastated and confused and ask God why. I pray and... Read More

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    Amen!!!!!! Praise God!!!

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    Quote from Bella2917
    Yessssss!!!!!!! PRAISE HIM!!! I CAN DO ALL THINGs through Christ who strengthens me!!
    i have a question, can you explain the question that asks require follow up?! Is it a wrong statement or correct statement?
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    Ohhh I got a lot of those questions..that means something that needs to be checked u would pick the worst choice..
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    Thank you for posting, and having faith. I'm preparing now for my test Oct 10 and I feel like I know nothing, but I'm praying and trusting that by his grace I will understand everything that I keep studying and will pass.
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    Congrats! What a wonderful testimony! Praise God!
    I'll be taking my exam this Saturday, November 30 (this is my second attempt).
    All for God! To God be the glory!

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