Your favorite christmas movie

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    I am not a scrooge by no means, but by the time christmas rolls around i have heard enough christmas music to last a lifetime, bahhumbug. Although i do not enjoy christmas music i do however love christmas movies my favorite is it's a wonderful life. I can watch this movie in the middle of july teaches you that everyone matters even though sometimes we think we are forgotten. And to be thankful for the life you do have. What is your favorite christmas movie?
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    "It's a Wonderful Life" is one of my favorites too. My grown children still insist on watching it every Christmas Eve when they come home for Christmas.
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    I'd have to say it's a tie between The Polar Express, Home Alone, and Home Alone 2 (the Home Alone franchise kinda went south after they stopped casting Macauley Culkin). I just don't find myself getting into the older movies like It's a Wonderful Life.
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    I watched It's a Wonderful Life last night - love that old movie. The acting was so bad but the movie is so good.

    Other than that - I can think of only one and that's the Charlie Brown Christmas Special which was on earlier this week.

    Home Alone was my kids' generation. I can tolerate it but not a fan of what came after the original.

    (That Bing Crosby movie, White Christmas, just popped into my head . . haven't see it in awhile).
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    1) White Christmas
    2) Christmas in Connecticut. Old black and white movie with Barbara Stanwyck
    3) A Season for Miracles.

    I like the old movies best, with # 3 an exception.
    Watching White Christmas was as much a tradition as wrapping presents, decorating the tree and attending mass. It wasn't Christmas until we'd watched White Christmas the FIRST time each season.
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    The Bishop's Wife
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    National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation is a family tradition at our house---we watch it several times each Christmas season, but always on Christmas Eve. (It also happens to be my psychiatrist's favorite movie EVER......yes, we have had that discussion. )

    I also love It's A Wonderful Life and cry at the end every. single. time.
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    I too, love Christmas movies.

    #1 - Christmas Carol but the ones with Scrooge himself (Alistair Sims, Reginald Owens, Patrick Stewart, George C Scott etc). Even the Flintstones, Muppets. It's gotta be a SCROOGE.

    #2 - the Christmas Carol-themed stories (with other actors like Vanessa Williams, Susan Lucci, Bill Murray, etc) These have main characters with a different name.

    #3 - the classic Charlie Brown Christmas Tree cartoon tied with the cartoon Grinch.

    #4 - Miracle on 34th Street, White Christmas, Wonderful Life and Bishop's Wife all tied in here.

    #5 - the classic 1960's Rankin & Bass cartoons, ie Rudolph, Frosty, etc.

    But I think I'm falling in love with Elf with Will Farrell. Have watched it 3 times in 2 days. I laugh myself silly. And I'm by myself, no kids, and laughing OUT LOUD. I think the antics are hysterical.

    There's other Christmas-themed movies out there,, but these are my favs. And they're the old ones. If I'm flipping channels, I stop to watch.

    With the exception of my #2 listing above, I have my own VCR copies of all these. Don't have just one fav, I love them all!!!
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    Walton's Christmas.

    One Christmas Eve my dad got lost on a Duck Hunt. I was just 9 and I knew he had tripped with his gun, fallen in a creek and drowned, or worse. It was 22 hours of terror, then he was brought home by a Good Samaritan where he came out of the woods, 5 miles from his truck. That show reminds us of waiting for the worst, hoping for the best.
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    A Christmas Story.....

    National Lampoons Christmas.....

    It's a Wonderful Life....

    The Old ......A Christmas Carol

    .....Miracle on 34th Street
    ....The Bishops Wife with Cary Grant

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