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    Quote from aknottedyarn
    I remember Thalidomide but not sure why it was given. Was it the N&V of preg. or another "nerve" pill?

    Thalidomide Birth Defects

    Thalidomide is a drug used in the treatment of leprosy. In the late 1950s, thalidomide was prescribed to expectant mothers to treat morning sickness, anxiety, and insomnia. A decade later, the Food and Drug Administration took the drug off the market after more than 10,000 babies exposed to thalidomide in the womb were born with severe adverse thalidomide birth defects including serious malformations and limb deformities. Types of birth defects caused by include:
    • Missing limbs
    • Phocomelia - Absence of majority of arm, with hand extending from shoulder
    • Aplasia - Absence of thumb and bone in lower arm
    • Lower extremity limb malformation
    • Ear and vision malformation
    • Heart birth defects
    • Kidney malformation
    • Genital malformation
    • Digestive tract and nervous system impairment
    Thalidomide is known to be a powerful teratogenic drug, which causes serious abnormal embryo or fetal development. Even one dose of thalidomide during pregnancy can cause major thalidomide birth defects.
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    Thank you guys, I found others when researching it, started to doubt myself, but they got a large state school/institution here in north central MS that has a whole generation of children(now older way older than me of course) affected with Maternal Thalidomide Use(but I wasn't quite sure). I first saw the place as a child, and I had nightmares for months. I had no idea they were still using it, wow! Kind of like contolled DDT use eh?

    Now I'm sure that's the one! Thank you guys for ALL the info, and confirming that. I still have images in my head 1080p of the aftermath!
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    Sorry Aknottedyarn, everything I know about those days would be second hand.

    I did know they said the only medicine our County MD had was Quinine Pills. I love hearing about yesteryear too!
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    Thalidomide was a morning sickness drug, as well as a sleep aid.....in the 1950' and 60's..... that was sold in Europe...UK, Australia and Germany. It was made by a German company and removed from the market in 1961. Unfortunately,by then thousands of children we born with horrible deformities.
    Thalidomide Apology 50 Years Later

    Modern uses of thalidomide (trademarked as Thalomid) include treating multiple myeloma in combination with dexamethasone, and leprosy with strict controls on its use to prevent birth defects. Research is ongoing in its use to treat other cancers and autoimmune conditions like lupus, Crohns, RA and other autoimmune skin/muscle diseases.

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