Spartacus: Vengeance - page 3 that the first two episodes of the new season have aired, what do you think of the changes? Personally, I think the new lead is doing a more than adequate job, although I still miss... Read More

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    I can't decide who I want to kill Ashur. But someone should do it by the season finale!
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    No spoilers for those of you who haven't had the opportunity to see the season finale.....all I will say is, this was the BEST. SPARTACUS. EPISODE. EVER.

    Even better than "Kill Them All". A lot of blood & guts, a couple of tragic losses, a shocking trifecta of deaths toward the end, and some absolutely delicious karmic retribution for a few longtime troublemakers. I'm not sure how many enemies are left to fight, but as far as I know, the show will go on.
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    The thing with the....and when that one guy...and the match between...GAH! I can't even process the whole thing. Epic episode! The last two of the season had me bouncing in my seat. And that ending - yikes!

    Now I'm gonna attempt to go to bed so I won't post any spoilers lol
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