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which team r u rooting for? do you plan on watching? what do you plan on feasting on at halftime????? pls share some foodie ideas as i am tired of my usual fare!... Read More

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    Pats. If they win, I know Penn State chose a good head coach.
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    Ok Giants it is...... good game!
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    Any Monday Morning Quarterbacks?

    I like Madonna.

    I was amazed that anyone could play with an ankle taped like that.

    Giants played well. Pats had a tough 1st half.

    It did turn out to be a good game. Some of the commercials were priceless, a couple tasteless.
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    I enjoyed watching it. Strange call in 1st quarter. I really didn't care who won. Ads were just not like years past. I did like one of the Doritoes ads.
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    That was one of the most painful games I have ever watched. The Pats made a lot of stupid mistakes. I'm very glad Bill O'Brien is going to Penn State. I think his judgment has been questionable all season. Kudos to the Giants for playing tough. I just wish the Pats had won for their owner's sake. He was so instrumental in preventing the lock out and then lost his wife shortly thereafter. A win would have been nice for him.

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