NCIS goes for a drive

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    OK, so NCIS (my fav) started its new season. Did anyone else notice the car commercials for the one hour it was on?

    Infinity, Mercedes, BMW. Also VW, Toyota, Hundyi (sp?), Kia. And some of them repeated.

    They're going to drag out Ziva's leaving. Oh well, next Tuesday...
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    We skip through commercials. Love the DVR. And NCIS.
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    Amy and I watch NCIS. Well, to be more accurate, we're addicted to NCIS. We've watched most re-runs of the show at least a few times. We watched this season's premiere show AND recorded it on the DirecTV DVR at the same time! I say all of this to let you know just how crazily into this show we've become! LOL!

    No, tntrn, we did not notice all of the car commercials that were played during last night's NCIS show. We were too busy wondering HOW they're going write the character Ziva off the show. LOL! We were also wondering why on earth the actress playing Ziva would want to leave the show. But dang, it was a good show!

    Well, it looks like Ziva and Tony are going to be "love interests", at least that's what next week's trailer seemed to suggest. So, are the two of the going to get married, have kids and Ziva will leave NCIS that way?? Are they going to start dating and some assassin's bullet is going to find Ziva's heard and THAT'S how she'll be written off the show?? Enquiring minds want to know!! LOL!

    They're definitely going to drag this story plot on for at least a couple of more episodes.

    By the way, we also skip through all of the commercials, thanks to DirecTV's DVR capability. If you start watching a show about 20 minutes into the recording, you can usually miss most of the commercials that way. We've got that down to a science. It also shows that we absolutely lead a very, very boring life! LOL!

    Here's to next Tuesday!
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    I've never watched NCIS. In order to start I'd have to begin at the beginning and that would take more time than I'm willing to invest.

    I'm funny that way . . . I read the newspaper from first page to last page and don't skip around. Same with books - never ever skip to the ending.

    Glad you all have a series you like - why do they all quit in May and leave us without anything to watch (even their reruns) for 4 months??? (Don't even me started on how many times they rerun DURING the season!!).
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    Occasionally, we will start watching a show that we are also recording and when that dreaded LIVE TV thing comes on, the DH pouts.......and pouts.......and pouts!
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    Twice, in the past year, I have done what I call marathons to get all caught up.....Downton Abby, and Revenge. But they are relatively new shows and only required a (few) nights of realizing it was 2 am and I was still up! I am way too old to do that very often, that is for sure.
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    I occasionally enjoy NCIS and like the Los Angeles ones best. The new Sherlock Holmes in this century and Lucy Liu as Watson was very entertaining at first, then I tired of it. It doesn't bother me to fall asleep while it is on.

    The only TV fiction I've really made plans to watch as an adult were the various Star trek series.
    I also remember requesting tuesdays off so as not to miss "Life on Earth" on PBS. That was befor video recording shows.
    I just found out it is available on VHS. Life on Earth Episodes - Life on Earth Episode Guides - Watch Life on Earth Episodes from PBS |

    I love pledge week when there are so many music shows. We really loved these young men! Under the Streetlamp | Retro never sounded so now

    They were in "Jersey Boys" on broadway. Really wonderful entertainers!
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    I've never watched NCIS. . .

    This is off-subject, but most of the auto insurance commercials that air during primetime TV are downright silly and clownish. Farmers, Progressive, State Farm, GEICO, Allstate, 21st Century, and other insurance companies air the most stupid advertisements. I presume the silliness is to get people to remember the commercials.
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    One insurance company seems to have new dumb ads all the time. I have always figured if they could spend that much money on commercials they would not be for me.

    Speaking of commercials: I find it interesting that most of the car commercials listed in op were luxury type cars. Don't know that Kia makes luxury but the rest do have a bit of snob appeal. Recent studies have shown that those who drive these cars are the least polite drivers (paraphrasing to avoid stepping to too many toes). I have never found that to be true of all the friends who love NCIS. I enjoy it, rarely - unfortunately time is an issue.
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    Quote from tntrn
    Occasionally, we will start watching a show that we are also recording and when that dreaded LIVE TV thing comes on, the DH pouts.......and pouts.......and pouts!
    We found that the trick to avoid watching commercials is to start watching the show (at the show's beginning via playback) about 20 or so minutes into the recording. At least for DirecTV, you can playback a show while it's being recorded. Being able to do this is pretty cool. Of course, one has to actually WAIT 20 or so minutes in order to be ale to skim through the commercials. We usually aren't that patient! LOL!
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