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    There's a current thread re favorite Christmas movies. I'd like to ask what's your favorite Christmas song.

    I like 'Baby, please come home for Christmas'. Sung in the 1960s by Darlene Love of the Phil Spector girl groups. Not too long ago re-recorded by Celine or Mariah. It's just a powerful song, musically and sentiment.
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    I've posted this other years. My favorite Christmas song.
    Raised Catholic I loved attending Protestant churches with friends for the lively music.

  5. 3 Mihi Animas: Celtic Thunder: Christmas Day 1915

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    I got to be a part of a random act of culture when they started singing Christmas Hymns out of nowhere in the DFW area at a mall. I had to go dry up in a bathroom. That was Awesome. My favorite is "Oh Come Emmanuel."
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    Feliz Navidad performed by Jose Feliciano or Happy Xmas (War Is Over) by John Lennon.
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    Honestly i love all christmas songs!!
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    Adam Sandlers Chanukah song...and I'm not Jewish, but it makes me want to convert every year for the 8 crazy nights.
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    I ❤ Transiberian Orchestra.

    I will travel anywhere not to miss them!

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