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There's a current thread re favorite Christmas movies. I'd like to ask what's your favorite Christmas song. I like 'Baby, please come home for Christmas'. Sung in the 1960s by Darlene Love of... Read More

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    Think I am a Griswold. I love Christmas!!
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    I heard a new one this year, loved it. I kinda smiled, as i was shampooing the rug when this song played out the line,
    " I don't care if the carpet is stained, we have food on the table."

    ^scroll down, the lyrics are posted under the video. Lovely. Nails it for me.

    still, one of my alltime fav is probably still "White Wine in the Sun".
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    I know I may be laughed at for this... but Clay Aiken made a very good Christmas album. It probably came out in 2005 or so but I bought it on e-bay for $4 last year.

    My faves are "Mary did you now?", "Breath of heaven", and "Christmas Canon". But who am I kidding? I like them all! and yes I listen to Christmas music for a good 5 weeks or so solid
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