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There's a current thread re favorite Christmas movies. I'd like to ask what's your favorite Christmas song. I like 'Baby, please come home for Christmas'. Sung in the 1960s by Darlene Love of... Read More

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    Bing Crosby & David Bowie - The Little Drummer Boy / Peace On Earth - YouTube David Bowie and Bing Crosby Peace On Earth/The Little Drummer Boy......I have been a big Bowie fan since I was a teen and I remember watching this show in awe.The intergenerational aspect of the two of them together was cutting edge at that time.It was a really odd pairing but they killed it.It still gives me chills and makes me tear up.The show aired back before VCR's.I remember waiting for the song to play over the radio station for hours so I could record it on my cassette deck.I'm glad to have it on a compilation CD now and can play it any time I like.Things were so different then,you had to WATCH commercials on tv and there were only three local radio stations that played rock.Our first TV remote control was on a cord and turned the TV on,cycled through the 8 channels we received and then turned it off....Sheesh,How did I get so old? The last time I saw Bowie in concert he looked so fine but he forgot lyrics a few times,he even made a joke about it....

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    I'm sorry, but anyone who listens to those non stop christmas music radio stations for two months is clearly at least a little psychotic.
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    I am an atheist, but, love the holiday and most of the songs. All kinds of holiday songs, one that i love, is some (not all versions) but most versions of "The Carol of The Bells". Lots of songs i love, "I'll Be Home for Christmas"
    and so many others! I LOVE MUSIC! and i love the holiday!! a lot!!

    HERE IS ONE OF MY 'NEWER' FAVORITE HOLIDAY SONGS, for past several years now,
    this one is especially for atheists, skeptics, nonbelievers, non-traditionalists, ppl who celebrate "FESTIVUS FOR THE REST OF US" etc: (great lyrics, very sentimental, about how for some ppl, the holiday is about family)

    (give it a minute, to get past his appearance, he really IS a very neat person)

    edit, oh, one more song, i always play, while waiting for the family 'roamer' to arrive home, is Kenny Loggins "CELEBRATE ME HOME"...

    but i like all the traditional old time songs, too, and love my James Brown christmas CD, too.
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    to ktwlpn - YEEEESSSS! That is my 2nd fav song. Such a mixed pairing of Bowie and Bing but it worked! Gives me goosebumps.
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    I don't listen to newer Christmas music..."techno" renditions of Christmas songs make me want to puke! I love the old classics, Bing Crosby is probably my favourite. Hearing his crooning voice is just Christmas for me. I also like Frank Sinatra and Michael Buble's album
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    I love the holidays, but I dislike listening to holiday music. This past weekend, the residents were blaring holiday music and one was just strumming away Christmas jingles on his guitar.
    Kill me now....

    Although -
    as another atheist mentioned, the only holiday music that I can tolerate on loop are the nonsecular traditional songs:
    - 'Silent night'.
    - 'Oh, Little Town of Bethlehem'.
    - 'Oh, Holy Night'...but I hate it when a weak 'head-singing' soprano is 'allowed' to sing the song. Ugh. They can never handle it. The climax is always so hollow sounding.
    It honestly ****** me off when someone messes up any of 'my' holiday chorus songs. I attended Catholic services last year and the 'choir' was singing 'Gloria, In Excelsis Deo'.
    I felt a strong urge to boo them right off the stage. It would've been deserved.
    They weren't singing it right.

    The weird thing? I only hum secular Christmas music.
    I was humming 'Sleigh Ride' all day yesterday.
    "Doo-Doo, do-dah-do! Doo-doo, do-dah-do! Dooooooooooooo. Doo-doo-doo, do-dah-dutta-dutta-DUH...dutta-duh-dah-duh-duuuuuhhhhh!"

    Just when I was hitting the chorus, my coworker was like, "KESHIA!" and threatened to strangle me slowly with the computer keyboard cord.
    I hadn't even realized that I was doing it.
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    White Christmas- Bing Crosby Classic
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    Had No Idea Bowie and Bing had that song! I love "The Little Drummer Boy!"

    Thanks Ktw! I must have watched Labrynth 500 times (how my generation was introduced to Bowie).
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    I can't possibly be in a bad mood when I'm listening to Christmas music. Any Christmas music.
    Bing Crosby singing White Christmas is my favorite.
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    bing and bowie is my hands down favorite! followed by happy christmas by lennon

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