Ellen DeGeneres leaving American Idol; Kara Fired; Jo-Lo and Steven Tyler New Judges - page 2

After one year as judge, Ellen is leaving American Idol. Ellen DeGeneres said she realized that while she "loved discovering, supporting and nurturing young talent, it was hard for me to judge people and sometimes hurt their... Read More

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    Yeah, that's true about Kara.

    Randy just rubs me the wrong way.

    And you are definitely right about Steven . ... . I just didn't wanna say it.

    But isn't J-Lo in for sure for Ellen and Steven in for Simon? They really aren't going to stay with four are they???


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    Some of the press I'm reading is Steven is replacing Kara......but it could just be three judges. I'd like three judges like I said, just not him.
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    Nigel Lythgoe Returns as Producer on American Idol 2011

    Also.......Rumor has it that Steven Tyler is no longer in the running for a judge.
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    Latest update........

    J Lo Is J No More On American Idol 2011

    The singer-actress had been closing a deal to be a permanent judge on the show for its upcoming 10th season but the deal fell apart.

    So now that both Lopez and Steven Tyler are allegedly out of the contest, who should American Idol 2011 pick up for two new judges?

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    I'm tired of american idol

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