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    I want to start by apologizing if I get anyone upset , I am aware that we all are very busy and dedicated students. Just felt you should know there is a awesome tv show that will change your perspective about medical field ( for good ) out there.. Of course, reality is completely different than a tv show . But , I highly suggest you to give it a try. Whenever you feel overwhelms with assignments , this would relax you and the mean time you will learn. Emily Owens MD is the best doctors tv show . Makes me laugh cry and learn , no violence or drugs or sex .. Simply the best... Let me know if make a mistake for suggesting a tv show in this web.
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    Back when I was working nights as an LVN and attending nursing school in the day my high school kids and I looked forward to 1/2 hour a week to enjoy the Cosby Show.

    I've seen Emily Owens MD and enjoyed it.