Call the Midwife on Netflix

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    I'm totally addicted to this show and I was wondering if anyone else has watched it and what do you think about it.

    If you have Netflix, watch an episode and tell me what you think. It's a nice, genuine, not a "reality" drama show, just a well-made series I really enjoy.

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    Is season 2 on Netflix yet?
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    I'm almost done with season 2. I LOVE this show!
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    Quote from klone
    Is season 2 on Netflix yet?
    I'm not sure. I'm still on season 1 . But there's another post that says he/she is almost done with season 2 so it must be out

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    Do you have streaming or the DVDs? Season 2 is available via streaming.
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    Love that show! Yup season 2 is on netflix!
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    There is a season two!? I thought it was just a mini series!
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    I watch it on on my computer if I miss it on Sunday nights on the local station. Free, and you can pause it prn. I love this show.
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    I have and loved it, also read and really enjoyed the book!

    I just started watching the London Hospital! Wow - it is an amazing look of what life was like without modern medical technology...
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    Quote from GrnTea
    Free, and you can pause it prn.
    I will have to check it out now that it's easy to access on demand.
    And I have to say I cracked up grntea's suggestion of pbs since you "pause it prn"! Thanks for the laugh!
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