Best Flash Mob EVER

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    You will love this one. Who says classical music has to be in a hall?
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    awesome!!!! Thank you!
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    One of my fondest desires is to somewherevwen a flash mob happens. Even better if is such great music as that.
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    In 2009 I enjoyed a concert where the audience sand Ode To Joy with the orchestra and chorus.
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    Thank you for sharing this. One of the most beautiful pieces ever written, IMHO.
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    My daughter and I were caught off guard by a flash mob years ago...we didn't know what was happening, tried to dance with the people of the edge. It was fun. We discovered much later what it was...
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    Thank you for sharing. I played first chair flute and piccolo in high school and this (video) did something good for my musical heart.

    Good quality video and sound. I have seen a few cool flash mobs on youtube but usually the sound quality is poor.

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