Wednesday September 15, 2017

  1. I see Yes is awake. Hi Ted.

    Will read yesterday's stuff. All is well. I stayed in my darkened hot and humid house. Yes I'm veryu blessed but it's still deep onto summer hear and I will complain. More later as I'm on my phone. Take cate!
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  3. by   No Stars In My Eyes
    Mornin' all --

    Got six and a half hours of good, solid sleep. As we went to bed, I told Ozzy that he was NOT to wake me up during the night, period! Lo and behold, he did not disturb me at all. I got up and fed the doggers at 5 AM, then slept until the alarm clock went off at 6:30. Having coffee and will soon turn on GMA to further track the remnants of Irma and see if the coast will get whipped by Jose's tail as he turns and heads out to sea.

    I have my PT appointment an hour earlier today; when they called the other day to ask if I could possibly come in at 8:30 AM, I said, "Sure!" Sounding slightly surprised and relieved, they thanked me for being so flexible and agreeable. Apparently not all their clients are.( Pin a rose on my nose!)
    After PT I will drive out to see my one patient, do her dishes, mop the floor, scratch the dog, and provide her with adult company and talk. Her hubby's dementia is getting on her last nerve, she said, and she enjoys having "an actual, real conversation" .

    After I get back into town I will call the agency, to where many of my former co-workers bailed out, after our (my) agency could not provide them with sufficient work.
    I know the CSR quite well, having worked with her at least 14 years, she is familiar with the kind of patients I prefer and do well with. Well, of course first I will have to apply for a job there and get vetted, tested, and cleared. Hopefully I can start work sometime next week! *fingers crossed*.

    Uh-oh, the TV channel just posted the time and temperature; imagine my surprise when they proclaimed it's 5:05 AM! It is, in fact, 7 AM. Hope that isn't an indication of how the day will proceed!

    I guess hubby will be going back to his mom's tomorrow. If he was planning to leave today, he would have packed everything up last night.

    So, I'll come by to catch up with this-here gang later this afternoon.

    Have a good'n!
  4. by   Joe NightingMale
    Tweety hope they get the electricity on soon

    Morning Stars

    Well, today is my last day working. Not much to do, most likely will spend time packing up stuff that I'll return to the office Friday.

    Yesterday went well, very little to do, was able to get laundry done and also do shopping and exercise after work. Got my car in for repairs, they replaced the tire and did some other minor stuff, nothing major required. While it was being repaired I rented a Prius Prime, very nice car, hope I can afford one someday

    Have been feeling both euphoric and quite anxious the last day or two. Also have had some sleep issues even with the Benadryl the last day or two. Think it may just be the tension of the big change coming up.

    Meeting J for dinner at one of our favorite places after work. Will be nice to celebrate the end of the current job
  5. by   Lil Nel
    Good morning Tweety, Stars and Joe.

    How did your hospital fare during the hurricane, Tweety? Did they have to move patients? Any hurricane related injuries?

    Enjoy your last day at the old job, Joe. Do as little as humanly possible today!

    Glad Ozzy let you sleep, Stars.

    I slept like a rock last night. After getting up early for nothing yesterday, I took a two-hour nap in the afternoon and then slept for nine hours last night. I am working tonight. When I was checking stock yesterday, I noticed the patient with out of whack glucose levels is STILL there. She insists she has a poor appetite, but then proceeds spend to the night eating and drinking diet soda. Of course, I charted all this. Hopefully, she will be gone today as she is there for bronchitis!

    Gloomy, raining day in central Kentucky. Looks like the horses will be wearing their rain sheets for at least another two nights. Bought Big Boy a fleece and he is going to look so handsome in it. Something tells me we will need it this rainy season.

    Hope everybody is on their way to having a good day.
  6. by   herring_RN
    Late as I am only the four of you came before.
    Doing well.
    One of the ladies auxiliary women told be she is cooking a turkey and stuffing for husband's birthday party.
    I'll just cancel the sandwich tray I ordered.
  7. by   Lil Nel
    Wow. That's pretty fancy Herring, turkey and stuffing. Is that a favorite of your husband?
  8. by   No Stars In My Eyes
    Good evening -

    Had a good day, was on time for my PT appt. in spite of looking for my glasses for 10 minutes before I found them and could leave! Doing well in PT; I asked them to help me work on my balance, also. I have always been somewhat of a clodhopper, but now that I am older, with a dx of osteo, I don't think my normal ricocheting off the doorjambs and all is such a good idea for my body. In other words, I move too quickly. I remember my mother fell on a neighbor's icy back steps, after which she said she had to remember she wasn't able to zip-zip-zip around like she used to. That's me!

    Drove out to see my patient, she said she didn't want to do any of my normal cleaning routines today. Instead, I helped her start taking piles of clothing and bed linens/quilts, etc, etc, and even more etc.! that was all tossed into the back bedroom in bags and boxes, and several (4? 5?) racks of hanging clothes; she told me, "There's actually a sofa in there somewhere, under all that...I haven't seen it for two years!"
    This stuff was piled up right up to the door so you had to squeeze in.; we got enough cleared out so she could get her w/c in there. We folded and sorted clothing. She used to have a job in some chemical company which involved a lot of traveling and much of the clothing she wore was sharp and stylish, so since she can't wear them anymore, she has a friend who is going to help her sell them. Then I ran an errand to the grocery store and also stopped at a restaurant to pick up a meal order she had phoned in.
    That was it, other than talking and telling anecdotes and laughing. Oh, and scratching her old, blind, diabetic dog; that is one of my very important tasks! That dog must've been the cutest puppy, she has a face like a cute little fox, and now that she knows me her whole face lights up and she perks her ears when I come in and say her name. I take off her collar and go at it; she just soaks it up. I love it!
    I will be going back either tomorrow or Friday for my 2nd half-shift (4 hours).

    Didn't call the other agency yet, will do that tomorrow.

    Tweety, saying your house is dark, hot, and steamy ... well, if you said that about anything else, I'd raise my eyebrows. Hope you get lights and A/C working soon. Do you have to boil your water?

    No more old job for Joe! YAY!

    Nel, Happy to hear Big Boy will be styling and profiling, cozy and dry in his new outfit.

    herring -- Turkey and stuffing sounds very YUM!

    May we ALL sleep well tonight! Except for you night-shiftees! You do your sleeping well during the day!

    See yez all t'morry mawnin'...
  9. by   Ted
    Good Evening, folks!

    I'm home "On Call" for work. No patients in our ICU and the units are adequately staffed. After I'm done typing here, will probably try to catch more ZZZZs. The night is still young and I can get Called In, so there's plenty of time to get Called In.

    Last night was a good steady-busy. Our ICU only had one patient. I mainly helped out on the 2nd floor because they got 3 admissions. Had to switch switch patients around, clean rooms, etc., to accommodate the admissions. (There are no Housekeeping Staff on night here. We ARE the Housekeeping Staff, between 2300 and 0700.) Slept pretty well today. Made up for the lack of sleep that I got during the previous couple of days.

    My mother-in-law had a mild heart attack yesterday. She's hospitalized and doing well, according to Amy who talked to her Mom on the phone. Amy said that she sounded to be in good spirits, which is amazing given all that's been going on. At least she's comfortable. She had a cardiac cath done today. No word on the results of the cardiac cath. Don't know how her 94 year old husband is doing, though. He's sick with failing kidneys.

    Tweety - Hope the electricity comes on quickly for you. Florida's summer heat is humid and uncomfortable (at least for me). It is amazing the amount of damage that was done because of Irma.

    NSIME - Seems like you had a busy day for yourself. Hope all went well with applying to another job.

    Joe - Congratulations on your last day working at your now-former place of employment. Hope you're enjoying your celebratory dinner with J.

    Lil Nel - Glad you slept well. Hope work is kind to you tonight.

    herring_RN - Turkey and stuffing. . . one of my favorite meals! I'm sure you enjoyed that meal!

    Tomorrow. . . Is Amy's Birthday! The plan is to celebrate her birthday this coming week-end because of our work schedules. I bought her a nice card, of course. LOL!

    Peace, folks!

  10. by   herring_RN
    The turkey will be on Sunday. Yum!
  11. by   dianah
    Happy (early!) Birthday, Amy!

    Sounds like things are moving along for Joe (changing jobs!), Tweety (at work though house is hot!), Lil Nel (Big Boy and the others in rain gear!), herring (getting taste buds all set for turkey and stuffing and birthday celebrations!), No Stars (getting things sorted out, hope she sees some good income from sale of the clothes!)!

    Steady-busy at work, and was able to complete a Mandatory (that was a few days overdue but I did it!).
    Got off on time and stopped by the grocery store for a few things.

    I hope cleanup is going well in TX and FL and that the storm isn't too bad for GA and other states.
    Need to check on progress of fire containment.

    Hope all sleep well tonight.
  12. by   nurseactivist
    Yeah, the gray cool fog has returned!

    I made a quick trip downtown. I had 3 birthday gifts to buy. It sure gets harder as we age. Many already have everything they want or are downsizing.

    Saw the news with 8 deaths in SNF in Hollywood, FL. The SNF was directly across the street from an acute care facility with power. What was the staff thinking. When it reached 106 F here, I was laying on my bed and I started feeling really crummy. So, I checked my fitbit and my heart rate was 126 laying down, doing nothing. I am in good health and recognize what heat can do to me. These are frail, elderly??
  13. by   dianah
    How very sad about the deaths!

    That is a fast HR for a healthy person. A little worrisome to me.
  14. by   No Stars In My Eyes
    It is now officially the 14th in this time zone, so...