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Wow, first on the GM thread again Yesterday was fine at work but the day itself was kinda blah Was feeling down yesterday for no apparent reason. Probably not helpful that the flies have... Read More

  1. by   BCgradnurse

    I am here. Have been crazy busy at work and I have a student, so it's been tough to post. Bassett hound is not good. I think we will have to make a tough decision soon. SO does not seem to see how much the dog has deteriorated. It's his dog, so he needs to make the decision.

    Hope all are well. Is there a baby yet, Penelope???
  2. by   dianah
    Nel, gotcha re: feeling the omens/signs.
    Intuition, as No Stars posted.
    And we develop it (or not!) and it stands us in good stead, though we can't explain it.
    It has helped me many times.
    You are doing very well and every day we ALL can say "I will do better tomorrow."

    Eyes got a good report at the Monday appointment.
    Instead of three different meds (eye drops) to be given QID,
    I am down to two different meds (DC'd the Abx gtts), one QID and one TID.
    Vision is much better!!
    A couple people at work have asked, "why aren't you wearing any eye makeup?"
    So I explain about the cataract surgery.
    Dh loves me even without the makeup. He's a sweetie.

    I continue to monitor the fire situation.
    Have posted on FB a couple helpful lists of resources.
    Seems the worst may be over, even though none of the fires is near to being contained at this time.
    I believe the fires haven't moved much, which to me means the firefighters are slowly gaining the upper hand.
    I pray the fires are stopped soon.
    And yes I am master of the understatement.

  3. by   nurseactivist
    Quote from Tweety
    So I made it home safe and sound to my 90 degree house. Dogs did well at my sisters and after breakfast are back in bed. Going to walk them soon before the heat of the day and get back to our routine. Lots of laundry.

    Had a wonderful trip to the Iberian Peninsula (Portugal, Spain and the perhaps soon to be independent country of Catalonia where Barcelona is).

    I'm feeling quite jet lagged and will probably have a nap in my future. They are six hours ahead, so my body will need some adjustment time. Several loads of laundry to do. Scale last night said I gained six pounds today is stays only three, so I'll go with that. LOL Definitely am going to eat healthy and detox for a bit. Mail delivery was resumed yesterday, so lots of junk make to look at but nothing important.

    Penelope_Pitstop, welcome back. Hope nature takes her course and if not the induction goes well.

    Ted, have a great trip! Look forward to your pictures!

    Joe, hope you have a nice time with J after the delays and the fly situation isn't too bad.

    NSIME, that is one strange dream. Sad to read about you're patient's dog situation.

    Nurseactivist, those fires are awful. Glad you're loved ones are safe. I ready 500 missing yesterday and hope that's not true. Dreadful situation.

    Have a great day!
    They had 500 missing and have found around 250. They get duplicate names when more than one family member reports the same person missing.
  4. by   amoLucia
    October 12th, my sister's birthday. I called already.

    I usually read along daily, but I missed yesterday. I feel like I've missed so much lately.

    NSIME - mi Hermana, I have to say it again, but we really must carry some common genetic material. I had a Morgan Freeman dream some time ago. Dreamt I had to start an IV in his right arm but was having problems as I couldn't stick through his multiple tattoos (I never could stick thru a tat). Finally after starting the IV, we all got up and went outside to the hosp parking lot to tailgate at his VW hippy minivan.

    Been having WEIRD dreams past few nites. Like I dreamt I was a NCIS probie new hire for 'special projects' and Gibbs even complimented me for my intervention on capturing 2 bad guys. But I lost one of my own shoes so I had to wear a sneaker and a nsg shoe. I am 'hooked' on NCIS.

    Then yesterday I dreamt I started a student food service coop program at a local high school (first meal was shrimp). One of the attendees was delinquent on her cafeteria bill for $3.23 and I had to stop her meals. (Sounds like a recent AN School Nurses post here.) I started the coop after I single-handedly cleared the grounds of storm debris.

  5. by   nurseactivist
    Lots of smoke out west. The moon was an amazing scarlet color, due to the smoke. Actually quite beautiful!

    Glad to hear NSIMEs will get furniture moved and Dianah is healing!

    I broke my printer and had to get a new one. I am not a techie and it is always a struggle to set up something new. Hopefully it will go smoothly...
  6. by   Tweety
    Weird thing is I saw a fake news on Facebook today that Morgan Freeman had died. There's a rumor going around while you guys are dreaming about him.

    Lil Nel, that patient situation doesn't sound good at all. Sepsis is a critical situation and that patient should not have been on your floor but in an ICU area. Did they get to ICU after the RRT? In my opinion. Never heard of a patient with a temp that low. Most nurses don't think of calling the family when they are busy like that. As a charge nurse I tend to remember, but usually wait until the situation is under control. About that MD not calling back, it's a good thing to document of course, but also document "chain of command"...did you notify the charge nurse, did you notify the House Supervisor (hi Ted!) and document that. I've learned over and over that covering your butt with the utilization of the chain of command is important. Occasionally when I am the chain of command for a new nurse, I document what I'm doing on their patient even when it's not in my assignment.

    I don't have intuition at all, but only the school of hard knocks of lessons learned. Now I sit at the seat of "experienced nurse". I do sometimes have an inner voice that I have really learned to listen to...sometimes even without me knowing it....that tells to me walk into a patient's room that isn't in my assignment and finding a patient in need, or to take a temperature for no good reason and seeing it's 103. Sometimes when I push that voice aside I have regrets. As you're finding out Med Surg Nursing is a tough and demanding life saving role. Kudos to you!

    Here's a pic of me in Lisbon that I posted to Facebook. I have an overwhelming number of pictures on my camera still I need to upload and I'll share to those that are still interested as the days go by.

    Finally got unpacked and did three loads of laundry. Made it to the grocery store and now need to head to the gym. Took a nice long deep nap that seems to have lifted some of the jet lag fog, but hope I can sleep tonight.

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  7. by   BCgradnurse
    I came home from work, checked on the dog, and noticed he has an extremely large abscess on his left shoulder. The swelling extends down the left leg to the paw. No wonder he won't eat and is shaking! The vet will see him first thing in the AM.

    Nel-sounds like you did another great job with your patient. I hope they are getting the proper treatment for sepsis now. Dianah-glad the eye is healing well.

    Wow-lots of weird dreams out there. What the heck are you guys eating before bed???
  8. by   nurseactivist
    Numbers keep changing on west coast fires. Latest, 25,000 people evacuated, deaths 29, but what I was stunned by was that 2,500 homes were lost in Santa Rosa. Still lots of smoke.

    I wanted to take pup for a walk, but not sure it is a good idea.

    Love the pic from Lisbon, Tweety. Amazing statue.

    Some of our PHNs are trying to get assigned to disaster relief. I am doing some soul searching and trying to decide about volunteering.
    This week I am on call for jury duty.
  9. by   No Stars In My Eyes
    Back home from long afternoon/evening visit and am all talked out. I was amazed to see 20 responses on this thread today. I am officially wimping out on responding to everyone tonight.