Thursday December 7, 2017

  1. Good Morning!

    Off to work for the next couple of days. We'll see what fun is store. w00t!
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  3. by   Joe NightingMale
    Morning Tweety glad you have a few days off

    I'm fairly convention so far I haven't gotten sick or had any migraines or any post-convention depression.

    Yesterday at work was fine, got a bit rushed/crazy at times but mostly went smoothly

    Met with J after work for dinner. The flowers I sent him he got, was pleased to hear. As an early Christmas gift he got me a small ceramic Christmas tree. Which is good as I don't really have any Christmas decorations

    Today should be another fairly ordinary day, may do a little shopping and some exercise.

    Still waiting on DS and BIL to tell me what they want for Christmas, have gifts for everyone else

    Going to soon make reservations for the next convention in Februarly
  4. by   No Stars In My Eyes
    To bed at midnight, awake at six. Became aware of right shoulder muscle hurting, and attempted moving around to relieve it, to no avail. Half-way between still being asleep and only somewhat awake, I thought, "Oh,no. I need to get up and put a patch on it." Finally was able to wake up fully, got out of bed, and . . . the pain went away! Apparently the aching muscle pain came from sleeping on it for too long in an awkward position! PHEW!

    Watching GMA and worried about herring. Never can remember what part of in/or around L.A. she lives, but OMG the fires there are very scary. I'm praying for her and her hubby's safety.

    Snow is being predicted for tonight and tomorrow, and into Saturday, then next Thursday-ish. Oh joy. It's supposed to get to only 2-3 inches accumulations, but, 'might' get to 3-6 inches, 'IF' the winds change. Well, I am only working Sunday 7a-7p, so at least I don't have to worry about driving in the midst of it. Couldn't anyway, as I am still under "house-arrest" through Saturday, per doctor's orders.

    Hubby washed Ozzy's face yesterday, to get out the accumulated crusty eye-gooky's. We have a double kitchen sink. Hubby sets Ozzy into one sink, on a towel, with his front paws draped and resting over the divider between sinks, so his head and face are easily accessed by the faucet/sprayer. His eyes have always drained at a ridiculous rate, daily. Today we are going to get the fur around his eyes trimmed down and also clear out the fur that surrounds his butt. It won't look pretty, because I am no kind of groomer, but we have to do something to keep those areas clear until whenever it is we can get them to the groomer. Hubby holds him in his arms, and I wield the scissors and the electric shaver. He tolerates it amazingly well, though he is sure to grumble; but I think that is just for show.
    Last night while I was rubbing Pippy's tummy, I managed to sneak the sharp hair-scissors near enough to get the tips of the fur of her ears cut off...the fur there is long enough to drag in her food when she eats and it had kind of 'glued' the fur together. ICK! The scissors are super-sharp so they don't drag and catch at the fur. Thankfully, it was quickly done and she seemed not to notice it at all. If she had been aware of what I was going to do or had done, she would've been off the sofa in a flash, giving me "the look" and there would be no way of tricking her for the rest of the night. She's paranoid! She is quite a tricky one to get anything like that done to, she wiggles and squeals to an astonishing degree, like she is being tortured and killed. I don't know how the groomer manages to get anything done to her, and I'm not sure I want to know. But it's the same at the vet, she doesn't fuss or struggle with them, either. Ozzy grumps and grouses throughout the grooming but is only verbal, not given to snapping or biting.

    Not sure what I will be doing during my respite-ing today. Probably will have to nap a tad this afternoon, when my early rising catches up to me. Guess I'll take a shower and wash my hair. Beyond that, I can't say, and one of the reasons for that is that almost every time I say here that I am going to do this or that . . . I do nothing of the kind.Wonder why that is?

    Hope everyone's Thursday is kind to them. See you later on this afternoon!

    (Now let's see who has posted while I've been dawdling over my keyboard.)

    Yeah, there's Joe. Hey Joe! I have a wonderful idea (of course!), about what to get your sister and bro-in-law! It should be something outrageously UNLIKE them, maybe big and gaudy, and absurdly impractical. Then if they express amazement or question WHY, tell 'em if they can't or wan't say what they want or what you might get them, then they gotta take what they get! Personally, I think it would work, as long as it's not done in an 'ugly' way; it merely has to be something ridiculous.
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  5. by   Lil Nel
    Didn't you just have a few days off, Tweety? I am just being jealous because I have to work tonight and tomorrow night. I only look forward to nights OFF! Enjoy the next few days.

    I went to restorative yoga last night. The instructor said restorative holds yoga poses longer than the other types (who knows). I will try it again, as I did feel decent immediately afterwards, but I have a very difficult time relaxing and letting my mind go. And I did meet some very nice folks. Boy, my flexibility really needs some work (but I already knew that).

    Glad you are feeling good after the convention the Joe, and that you got to meet J for dinner.

    Glad you are continuing to feel better, Stars.

    We have a chance of snow as well, Stars. And overnights are going to be VERY cold here for the next several days. The heated water buckets are plugged in!

    I just read that the Ventura fire, or Thomas fire (not sure which) is closing in on the heart of LA. Very scary.

    Safe travels to all!
  6. by   Lil Nel
    I thought this was a great story about the power of online friendships.

    He’s 22. She’s 81. Their Friendship Is Melting Hearts. - The New York Times
  7. by   nursej22
    Good Morning,
    Starting late today, because I will be working later than usual.My local health department is hosting a reception and discussion panel at a showing of a documentary, Hilleman: A Perilous Quest to Save the World's Children, at a local theatre. At the last minute (Monday) my supervisor decided we (meaning me) should create a display demonstrating what we do and the need for immunizations. I have slapped something together, and will need to lug it over there, set it up, and take it down. I am looking forward to the film, but creating the display, tracking down panelists and a moderator has been more work than I thought. I will be going out afterwards with 3 local clinic nurses for dinner.

    Christmas presents, ugh. I usually get a small something for my sisters, but my oldest is a hoarder, so I feel bad about getting her more "stuff". And the funny part is, she will in turn give me almost exactly the same thing the following year. She is always talking about how financially she is barely scraping by and yet always gives gifts to everyone. I would like to be more generous toward her, but then I know she will give me something similar and more next year.
    I suppose I should just choose a cashmere sweater for next year, lol.

    Go get 'em, Tweety! Bugle sound--Charge!

    NSIME, it sounds like you have a great system for the puppers. I like that Angus has minimal hair, thus minimal grooming, but he has a lot of tearing, so I have to keep up on eye guck removal. And his nails grow at a ridiculous rate. Far easier than horse hooves, though.

    Nel, glad you made it to yoga. The flexibility is what it is, but the restorative part is what counts. It takes practice to learn to shut off your brain, but it is worth it. Sort of like focusing on our animals gets our minds off of personal stuff.

    Dianah, I swear you get more done in a day that I do in a week. whew! Are you anywhere near the fires? I hear that air conditions are bad in much of So Cal.

    Herring, hope you and yours are safe as well.

    Cheers to everyone,

  8. by   Lil Nel
    Good luck tonight, nursej. At least you have a good plan for after the movie: Dinner!!!!
  9. by   herring_RN
    The fires are miles away. We don't even have smoke, just dust from the wind.
    Went with husband to the pacemaker clinic. He still has nine years on the battery, if it is used as little as it has been.
  10. by   BCgradnurse

    Have been insanely busy at work the last 2 days. 2 Providers are on vacation and guess who is left holding the bag?

  11. by   No Stars In My Eyes
    See? What did I tell ya? I did not get Ozzy's butt and face trimmed, and I did not take a shower and shampoo my hair. That settles it! I'm only ever going to tell you what I DID rather than what I am going to do!

    PS: herring, I'm relieved and glad to learn you are nowhere near the fire.

    So, the heart started thudding more heavily and frequently again today; had to deal with heavy financial stuff, not a happy task at all, and only resolved in that I have my ducks in a row, so I know how much we owe and to whom and when. But that is all a moot point right now, so eff it. (aka blood out of a turnip)

    I filled out a patient evaluation form on line for the place to which my doc has referred me. Can you believe this? > I completely forgot and left out the part about the episodes of stress with clusters of skipped heartbeats. D'Oh! SMH!
  12. by   Lil Nel
    Sorry you are so busy at work, BC. I hope you get to relax with Niko and Barney The Beloved Bassett Hound.

    Glad you aren't near the fires, Herring.

    And happy the dh pacemaker doesn't have to kick on very much!
  13. by   Tweety
    To be clear I was off to work this morning...not that I was off from work. LOL.....

    I am off the weekend. Had a decent day. Started off short staffed and very busy but two nurses agreed to come in at 11:00 and worked on discharges and admissions. I got out relatively on time because of that. Wish every day was like that.
  14. by   No Stars In My Eyes
    Hubby held Ozzy in his arms while I took my hair-scissors and got the fur trimmed away all around his eyes and he stayed very still and never fussed once. Then it was an about face, and I buzzed his bum, clearing the way for future BM's, and again, he did not fuss. When hubby put him down he ran around wagging his tail and I swear he was smiling.