Thursday December 7, 2017 - page 2

Good Morning! Off to work for the next couple of days. We'll see what fun is store. w00t!... Read More

  1. by   dianah
    No Stars, sorry to hear your thumper was, well, thumping out of turn!
    Hope your gypsies behave.
    Good you were able to trim Ozzy, and he cooperated!
    We have a manx cat who occasionally needs some rear end cleaning. Taking him to a groomer has not yet been attempted; a local washing usually suffices.
    No fun.

    I took off work at 2:30, changed into appropriate duds, then we picked up fiddler and reported to the venue close to 4pm.
    Dh helped set up the sound system and we were able to practice a little in a small room off the cavernous and echo-y main room, set up with dinner tables in the middle, a buffet on one side and the stage on the other. Curtains separated the dining area from the rest of the large room, made it appear more intimate.
    We did music, along with another group with with we play, from probably 6-7:20pm, on and off, our music interspersed with raffle give-aways and announcements.
    We packed up after 7:30, dropped off fiddler (after a chat), and then unpacked the car.
    Ate some leftovers and I have been unwinding since then.

    So glad tomorrow is Friday!

    Have a good evening.