Sunday October 22, 2017

  1. Good morning!

    Had a pretty decent day yesterday at work. No patient assignment as charge nurse and plenty of help. Day went nice and smooth and everyone got out on time. Probably won't be so lucky today because those Diamond Days are rare.
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  3. by   Tweety
    Good morning!

    NSIME, Glad Ozzy is back to himself. When my late dog Ellie didn't eat towards the end she couldn't resist rotisserie chicken. Billy has a sensitive stomach and when he lets me know he won't eat his kibble but will eat some canned "Paul Newman's" chicken and getting some food in him seems to help and he's fine after that.

    Lil Nel, hope Big Boy eats well and is o.k.

    BC, hope you enjoyed the movie and have a nice weekend.

    Had a pretty decent day yesterday at work. No patient assignment as charge nurse and plenty of help. Day went nice and smooth and everyone got out on time. Probably won't be so lucky today because those Diamond Days are rare.

    Decided to cancel and get a new Debit Card before the ID theft got that one since got into my two credit cards and stole my phone number. Changed all my passwords and can't seem to remember the one for my bank account...DOH. No viruses on my computer and changed the password to get into my computer as well. I feel so violated just like I did when my apartment was robbed and someone went through all my stuff and stole things. Also I have cash and no credit or debit cards...weird. Finally am going to have to notify several folks like my vet plan, Spotify, Netflix, etc. of the new numbers when I get them for automatic payment. Bleh.....
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  4. by   BCgradnurse

    The movie "Battle of the Sexes" was really good. Emma Stone and Steve Carrell did a great job. I'd recommend it. We got sushi after the movie and walked around the city a bit. It was a beautiful evening and people were eating outdoors and walking around. Unusual for late October in New England. We're planning to head to the beach later today to walk. It will be in the high 60s. Too cold to swim but perfect for walking.

    Tweety-I'm sorry the hassle continues with the identity theft. Were they able to find the person or group who did this? Hope you have another excellent day at work.

    Hope all are well and free of dizziness and pain today.
  5. by   No Stars In My Eyes
    Good Morning!

    I had a wonderful dream last night, actual details of which are unimportant to relate, but it was quite psychologically significant in what was revealed to me. It started out like many previously similar dreams, but then it changed. I found a portion of my inner psyche has become available to me, with some formerly frustrating aspects more relaxed, connected and less mysterious. There is something related to it which is still somewhat unknown, but in the dream I was accepting of of that and willing to let it be revealed more clearly as life progresses. I was enjoying the newness of things to the degree that I didn't want to wake up because I felt so good. As I was waking up, though, I reviewed the dream and felt pleased and happy about the changes that have occurred. It's a good push-off point for the next part of the inner journey, and I feel hopeful and confident about it.

    I just wanted to get that down before it slipped away through the course of ordinary life reasserting itself. Now I can go back and read the other posts, and commence with the days plans.
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  6. by   No Stars In My Eyes
    Okay, here I am again, part of the trinity, amazingly enough, as it is after 10:30 AM here. Guess others are either working, sleeping in, going to church, or otherwise occupied and we'll hear from them later.

    Less pain in the old bod this morning, thank goodness. Some vestigial twinges, but no aching. My dream must have relaxed me physically as well as mentally and emotionally!

    Ozzy woke me up at 6-ish, quietly insistent that it was time to eat breakfast. He started eating immediately after I put the dish down, and ate his normal food without any coaxing at all! A brief outing took care of them emptying their bladders before the next round of sleep, which lasted four more hours for me. Once again Ozzy woke me up with quiet buf-ing, to go outside again to take care of his "Big-Boy Business". Now both dogs are sleeping deeply in their spots on the sofa. I think the "Aches and Pains" herbal drops I gave them last night helped with whatever was going on yesterday, and they both got the 8 required drops in their food this mornng, along with a fresh dose of the glucosamine/chondroitin (sp?) added to their fresh bowl of water. I really like the results of this brand I buy for them, it seems to work a whole lot better than any pharmaceuticals I've tried previously. God knows it makes ME feel better! (No, I don't take it myself!)

    The sun is shining and it promises to be another temperate day with 72 degrees as the high. It will be rainy tonight and tomorrow, but not cold. Tues, Weds and Thurs the AM's will be in the mid to upper 30's, but 65 or so during the days. Ah, MY kind of weather!!!

    And oh the joys of arranging the Sunday paper in the order in which I like to go through it, without having to share any of it until I am through perusing! Anybody else funny that way?

    Today I am going to finish some of the detailing/refining of the new rearrangements/housework, and zip through to tidy up the stuff that has been lingering and waiting for weeks to get accomplished. I may not get all of it done, but things will be more neat and organized so they won't continue in the present jumble until I do get around to them!

    Then I am planning on a hot soak in epsom-salts, a facial, shampoo and conditioning, and then I will be refreshing my fingernails with clear, strengthening polish. I haven't been able to go to a nail appt for months. Amazingly enough, my nails are now in much better condition than they have ever been and I actually have a short amount of length (ie they are not short,short, short, though not LONG, but can still give a good scratching to the dogs, and my OWN skin as well!) that has never been accomplished before in my entire life!

    "Up and away, Junior Birdmen!"
    Though my wrists don't permit the goggle-formation over my eyes, as should accompany the proclamation, I do it in my imagination.

    Have a good-safe-healthy-well rested, and decent, even pleasant day!

    PS, Yes, Nel, NOW I do sound AND feel better!
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  7. by   dianah
    Hello all!

    No Stars, yes you do sound better, so glad for that.
    The state of mind does influence the state of the body.
    Enjoy your Sunday paper and peaceful Sunday morning!
    Hope you can get done what you wish today, re: projects.

    Tweety, hope today goes smoothly at work.
    Would you use the tour company again, in the future?
    I see Perillo Tours advertised a lot on TV, and also the River Cruises company.
    I imagine both are expensive but what they provide is worth it. Especially if one only speaks one language.

    BC, how nice to have a walk on the beach!
    Any temp would be fine, as long as I am dressed appropriately for it.
    Thanks for the movie review, will tuck that one away for later viewing.
    Dh prefers to see movies at home, so we wait till they are streaming or buy/rent the DVD.

    Yesterday we left home at 9 and returned around 4.
    We picked up our fiddler and headed to the high desert, to Yucca Valley.
    Dh and Pastor got microphones set up in-between Sabbath School and church, and we and Pastor then gave a musical church service.
    There were probably their normal number there -- about 10-15 ppl (small desert congregation) -- some were singing along with the songs, and they were very friendly.
    The lady who managed the sound booth was 92! She did a great job balancing things, knew what she was doing!
    We had a nice visit with others after church, as we packed things up.
    Then we three drove home, -- a little over an hour's drive -- and stopped for a late lunch at Ruby's Diner, a chain of '50's -looking diners with plain ol' food!
    We got french-fried string beans with three dipping sauces for an appetizer, and dh and fiddler enjoyed their Topped Tots: tater tots topped with no-bean chili!
    Dh and fiddler had a seared ahi burger and sandwich, respectively, and fiddler enjoyed their carrot-and-parsnip soup.
    I had a Cobb Salad.
    We also splurged and shared a pumpkin milkshake, which was delicious!!

    I took a nap after we arrived home and unpacked the car.

    Today we will practice with fiddler in the afternoon, preparing Christmas songs.
    They are, in general, a bit more complicated so we need to polish them a bit before they are ready for listening ears.

    It was only 72 in the high desert yesterday, but our weather widget predicts 90 degrees today, here.
    It is clear and feels fall-like, as the temps drop down at night.

    I am no longer dizzy but my balance is off, especially if I turn my head quickly or bend over.
    At least the room doesn't spin like before.
    Thanks for your good wishes and thoughts.
    I am glad the "fix" was simple, and am continuing the medications as prescribed.

    Have a good day!
  8. by   Lil Nel
    Good afternoon everybody.

    Glad that Ozzy is feeling better and eating his food, Stars.

    That 50s-style chain restaurant seems delightful, Dianah! I especially like the idea of a pumpkin milkshake. Glad that you are feeling better and that the vertigo didn't slow you down one bit (I knew it wouldn't).

    One of my barn mates is in Boston until Tuesday, BC. She followed her husband who is there for a conference on behalf of the large teaching hospital. I have told her she must go to the Christian Science mother church and visit the map room. It is an extraordinary experience. And since the weather was supposed to be nice up there, I told her she MUST walk the entire Freedom Trail! We will see if she listened to my advice.

    Since there are several movies I want to see, I need to get my butt in gear and just go to the movies! I am so-so on Emma Stone, as I think she is a bit over-rated, but an okay actor.

    I am still so curious, Tweety, as to how/why it was so easy steal your phone number and switch phone carriers. Our phone numbers are everywhere! How are you supposed to protect your phone number? What a pain the in the @$$.

    Not a bad night at the teeny-tiny hospital last night. There were two of us RNs on the floor as we had five patients when I arrived. I got one admission and so did the other nurse. I also had to do a surgical wound dressing change that I would have been completely lost on if the House Supervisor didn't help me. The one other RN on the floor was too busy to help me.

    I had the rare, healthy 16-year-old patient last night. Such a treat! No COPD! No 15 evening medications! No dementia! He will probably go home today (sigh).

    Oh, it's not that I didn't know my mother was having a heart cath. She told me. But she never told me the hospital, and she never called following the procedure and she never called when she got home. I had to call her repeatedly in the afternoon to find out if she was home. She has a cell phone. But it is my "duty" as the daughter to seek her out in this instance, do you all understand? It was also strongly alluded to that I shirked my daughter duties by not coming back to RI and taking care of her following the procedure. It has been pointed out to me that my aunt's children "are a great help" to her as she deals with breast cancer and moving.

    I live 1500 miles from my mother. My sister lives 3000 miles away from her. There is a reason for that.

    Where is Ted????? Is that vacation STILL ongoing?

    Have a great day, everybody.
  9. by   No Stars In My Eyes
    dianah, glad your rooms don't spin anymore! It would be like living in a carnival ride, without the "fun" part. At least on those rides, you know you can disembark after a few minutes! I have GOT to practice my PT balancing techniques and quit buzzing around and doing abrupt turns mid-stride. My brain foolishly thinks I'm still about 28.
    I'd like to try that carrot and parsnip soup! We don't have that particular restaurant here, but we are well known here for oodles and dozens of varied eateries and tap rooms. Many, many options for eating out!
    Oh, and we are also becoming known for those *blanking* hotels that City Council keeps giving the OK to build. Nobody I know could afford to stay in those swank high-dollar rooms. I'm willing to bet that the cost of 2 nights at one of those establishments equals one month of my mortgage payment, really! No exaggeration!

    Tweety, I hate all you are having to go through; there are so many details you have to think of to seal up all accesses to the mouse-holes so no one can get back in again.

    This afternoon's feeding was successful, but Ozzy stood and watched Pippy gobble her food and lick everything that MIGHT have come off the plate, at least 3 times before she was satisfied and had gotten every speck. THEN he turned and leisurely at his food one bite, chew-chew-chew, another bite, chew-chew-chew. It is soft, canned food, but I have to cut it into small squares; he will not eat mashed up food like Pippy does. If I cut hers up she swallows each piece without chewing and it is gone even faster than how she eats it now. Someday I will have to time her!
    I put 8 drops of the Aches and Pains mediss in their food. She also has to have a quarter of a Zyrtec with each meal; sometimes she gets it in a blop of butter, other times I crush it and mix the powder into the meal. She gets those weird "reverse sneezes" which still, after all these years, scare her. I had tried cutting her down to one dose a day, because eve generic Zyrtec isn't cheap, but once a day didn't cover 24 hours. Nothing like being awakened in the middle of the night by that peculiar honking-wheezing-hucking sound!

    Oh dear, someone is going through the neighborhood singing out the name of a pet who has wandered. Oh No, it is the cute little mostly white, with one black ear Chihuahua - Jack Russell mix from two houses over; it's about 6 months old and smart as a whip, but what is worrisome is they live just over the sound-wall next to the Interstate. And though it is behind secure fencing and walls, there is a grand mastiff-pitbull-rottie mix dog at the end of the street, Gads it makes me feel hinky to drive by and see that couple and their dog out in the yard with their 3 y.o. grandchild.

    Nel, I've been to the Christian Science building and walked on the suspended bridge through that globe many-a-time. It is initially a weird sensation, isn't it? But a fascinating place, like you said.

    BCg ,Off-season at the beach is my favorite time to be there. I liked going out to --gosh, what is it called? Now I've blanked. I want to say Parker River Reservoir, but that doesn't seem right. It's the Bird Sanctuary and a 7 mile long section of beach and dunes out of Newbury, where you can go to the end and see Crane's Beach and Crane's 'Castle' in Ipswich. As the crow flies, I grew up very close to the river between Ipswich and Gloucester. When I lived in Newburyport I used to go over to that beach to walk and wander, all the time, especially off-season; the nice thing was that they didn't let any more people or cars in until someone had come out and left, so you had a lot more solitude than at most beaches up on that coast.
    If you drove the other way, to where all the beach houses and summer cottages are ( a lot more of them NOW than there was then!) there was an OLD, weathered, two-story wooden house on the left side of the street that had quite a precarious lean to it. I don't think anyone's lived there in a long while, in fact I'm not sure it even still stands, but it fascinated me.
    Also gone now is the Swedish Bakery that made the most DE-LISH stuff, pure butter, pure sugar, pure chocolate, with freshly whipped cream concoctions. I would get a box of 6 or 12 different items and try to eat them slowly over the course of a week so as not to become sick to my stomach, Too much of a good thing can be dangerous!

    Oh "bad" daughter of a high-maintenance mother, I am glad you and your sister had the good sense to flee. Probably the best thing you could've done for yourselves! I was extremely fortunate to have a really exceptionally great mother (all my friends loved her, too) ...But... My dad was another story, and I could not wait to get old enough to strike out on my own, which I did, right after HS graduation. He was a man with a terrible, sorrowful back-story, but it was years before I could understand how it had made him into what he was. Though it didn't excuse the way he treated me, I am far enough away in time to not hate him anymore. But I live with the results every day and though I've had a lot of therapy and reached the age I am, I still have to untangle, repeatedly, the ingrained stuff that was his legacy to me.

    Jabber, jabber, jabber.

    I got the picture hanging done, and cleaned the kitchen and livingroom, but not the BIG mess of the back (guest) bedroom, nor my room.
    However, I will be able to work on it more tomorrow as my AM visit with the new patient has already had to be cancelled.
    When I called her to introduce myself and arrange the time of her 3 hr visit, turns out she has a doctor's appt tomorrow AM and is being transported by one of those bus services that picks up the elderly and infirm, takes them to their appt's and picks them up again later...When they have several riders, they end up having long waits in between the actual getting there, having the appt and then waiting for pick-up. She hopefully asked if *I* might be willing to transport her, but a lot of those 2-3-and 4 hour cases have strict rules about things like that,depending on which agency is supplying the payment for the services.
    You also can't decide to pick alternate days, so you just can't be as flexible and change things like you might could do on a private pay case.
    I'll have to check with the office director and/or CSR, and they may end up having to reassign her. The timing of her 2 appts, and my 2 appts this week preclude an easy resolution!
    I do NOT,NOT,NOT want to do this woman's visits in the afternoon because of her location. Afternoon traffic from her house to mine would be a nightmare. There's construction (and accidents) on the Interstate, and all the short-cuts and back-roads end up being bumper to bumper crawls.
    I still haven't been able to get in touch with the regular patient I see, who had cancelled this weeks visits, so I don't know what's up with her...

    So, I'll stop 'flapping my jaws' so I can fill my mouth with food, cause I'm HONGRY!
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  10. by   BCgradnurse
    Stars-Are you thinking of Plum Island? I love it up there. Today we took the shorter drive to Hull and walked the beach there. It's only 4.5 miles each way, but it was a nice way to spend a couple of hours.
  11. by   No Stars In My Eyes
    Nope, not Plum Island ... I don't think so, anyway. I will have to look it up on line and get back to you..

    Yup,okay, it is on Plum Island, but it is the Parker River Wildlife Refuge I was talking about . I am not sure where Hull is in relation to that; the maps I found on line in relation to Plum Island did not show Hull. Of course I had to look at them with a magnifying glass even after I enlarged them; I could see Little Neck in Ipswich in one of the pictures, though.

    I'm tired out and heading off to bed. Be back sometime in the morning...
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