Sunday August 13, 2017

  1. Good Morning!

    It's just after 2:12 AM and being part of the Trinity, I'm drawn to make my post. LOL

    I had a nice afternoon off just goofing off but managed to get the front yard mowed. Been tossing and turning and sick with some food poisoning like symptoms tonight. Called off sick for the first time in probably three years, not counting my shoulder surgery. Starting to feel just a bit better, but no way I can get up in three hours and get to work.

    Everyone have a great day!
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  3. by   No Stars In My Eyes
    Good morning, Tweety

    "Romper-Stomper-Bomper-Boo! I look through my Magic Mirror and see little Tweety, who had to stay home from school this morning."

    I'm sorry you are feeling punk; that's in the old-fashioned sense of the word, as in 'crummy'. My Grampa used to say that. Speaking of old and new translations of words, I think I've mentioned here before that when we were young, my mother would smile, shake her head and say, "My kids are a bunch of queer ducks." I remember when we told her she couldn't call us that anymore, because we had matured enough to realize the other 'definition'! We said, "MA! You better say ODD ducks from now on!"

    So, anyway, what am I doing up this early?
    Naturally, when Ozzy stood up, shook himself and said, "Ufff", I got up to give the dogs their breakfast. And after he eats, he likes to go outside on the front porch to pee (we have to spray urine odor-eliminator on his puddle; he just will NOT go on the grass in the back yard!)
    We stood there observing the moonlight and the stillness, and after a minute I said, or I started to say: "C'mon, Ozzy..."But, when as I opened my mouth and took a breath to speak... I INHALED and then SWALLLOWED A BUG! BLEARGH! AUGH! Coughcoughcoughcough. I guarantee that will wake a person right up!
    I couldn't, at that point, cough it out, but it was hard to get rid of that (yuck!) sensation, so I went to the fridge and ate some pineapple chunks, so as to push said bug further on down. You'd think that would have helped, but it didn't, so I also ate a small cup of rice pudding. That helped, but by then I realized it was useless to go back to bed.

    I slept so much yesterday that I cannot even summon one single yawn at this point, so here I am.

    Just typo'd "I yam", but it didn't make me think of Popeye. Instead I thought of the, yes, the Trobriand Islander's display of wealth which involved an overly full-to-over-flowing, bin of YAMS just outside their hut's front door.
    I learned that way back when, in college; funny, the thing's that stick with ya.

    Weeeellllll, since I'm up I may as well start the coffee and make some toast and take my 'Good-Morning-Stars' pills.

    See you again after a while. I'll try to be quiet so I don't wake anybody up.
  4. by   herring_RN
    Feel better Tweety.

    You woke me up No Stars! I think I will be able to go back to sleep. It is 3:28 am here.
  5. by   NurseCard
    What am I doing up this early? I'm still at work. Getting ready to wrap
    it up.

    Tweety: feel better soon!

    No Stars: Ew, what kind of bug? Was it a moth? Was it one of those little
    tiny bugs with no name? Or was it a POTATO BEETLE? Or even a
    June Bug?

    I remember swallowing a moth once when I was riding my bike at night.
  6. by   GrumpyRN
    Afternoon(just) all.

    Enjoy your day.

    I know a lot of you will be going to church or work - hope you have a good day whichever it is.
    The rest of the readers I hope you have a peaceful Sunday and do whatever you want to do.

    Tweety, I hope you feel better soon.

    Quote from Tweety
    Good Morning!

    It's just after 2:12 AM and being part of the Trinity, I'm drawn to make my post. LOL
    Can someone please explain this? I thought being the "trinity" was if you were in the first 3 posters or if you were in the first 3 to reply but it seems to me that the "trinity" are a specific group of 3 people. Am I reading that correctly?

    Anyway, lunchtime and Mrs Grumpy has gone to work so I have to look after myself.

  7. by   Joe NightingMale
    Hope you feel better Tweety

    Morning Stars, Card Herring, Grumpy

    Got back from Indianapolis last night around 5. The trip down was difficult, construction and traffic meant I was more than an hour late in arriving

    Things were better once I got to the convention. Went to a requests concert, a friend was playing bass (I requested Freebird, they did a good job) Watched a dance competition for a bit, then went to the hotel bar when I found a furry from Kentucky was there. Had never met him in person before, so it was nice meeting him there. Spent some more time at a murder mystery game run by our furry bowling organizer, then went back to the hotel and to bed.

    Didn't feel well the next morning...too little sleep and too much drinking the night before. Felt better as they day went out, had breakfast, went to the convention and did some shopping. Got some wolf themed bookmarks for a furry friend who likes wolves, and a german shepherd tail for myself--was inspired by my Kentucky friend who bought one and was very pleased with it. Spent some time watching some other events then went to a panel discussion run by a friend from bowling. Watched the fursuit parade and then left for home

    Kinda wish I would have stayed one more night, but perhaps I was too tired. And it was all set up kinda last minute. Oh well, maybe next year

    Today going to my dad's chruch for their 70th anniversary celebration. Afterwards J and I are meeting for lunch and to see a movie, going to see Dunkirk. Should be a fairly quiet day otherwise
  8. by   BCgradnurse

    Just wrote a big, long post and somehow, it disappeared. I hate when that happens!

    Off to work in a bit. Hope all who are under the weather are feeling better, hope all were able to go back to sleep, and hope all have a good day!
  9. by   Lil Nel
    Good morning all!

    Very tired. Going to bed. Working again tonight. Last night wasn't as horrible as the previous night. We had sufficient help.

    Thanks for you sage advice, Tweety. I always look forward to your comments. Another nurse likes my idea about a strictly on-call nurse. It would even be helpful to have a charge nurse with NO patients, or at the very least, few patients.

    You can bet I won't let this go!

    Have a great day, all.
  10. by   Tweety
    Grumpy "The Trinity" was a term coined by NSIME basically calling me, Ted, and Joe the "Trinity" as we were on a roll of several days i.e. "weeks" of being the first three posters. It then went on to mean the first three posters of the day. Being an early riser on the East Coast where the day in the US starts three hours ahead of the West I'm often one of the top three. It was really just a joke that I'm obsessed with being so.

    Lil Nel, are you talking about having just one person whose sole job is to be on call to cover sick called? Or having one person from current staff on call each shift on a day off? Both situations would be hard to manage but by all means give it a go. With a sick call currently we call all staff, and the float team is notified and they call their staff, but 90% of the time we can't get someone to come in...myself included, I don't like working on my day off unless I know ahead of time. Most of the time I carry a patient load and help take post op admissions and such than the rest of the nurses. I do this to keep ratios low for the staff otherwise they would typically go 6:1 or even higher. Supposedly when we move to another floor and have two stations, I will be without patients and go back and forth doing who knows what. I like taking patients myself. It keeps me grounded and hands-on, but I like having a smaller load to be in charge as well. Yesterday I only had one patient. Sometimes it's three or more.

    Feeling a little better. Have a low grade fever of 100.0 and just feel bleh...I did manage to get some sleep after taking a benzo. The scale was reflective of an event that helped me register my lowest weight in years...won't maintain it though after I hydrate. LOL

    Hope everyone enjoys their Sunday.
  11. by   GrumpyRN
    Thank you for the explanation Tweety.
  12. by   No Stars In My Eyes
    Tweety, Thank you for 'splaining about the transmogrification of the trinity to Grumpy; I couldn'a done it beddah my own se'f.

    I made a brief run to the grocery store for some odds and ends, and felt really crappy when I got back. Probably a combo of being tired and the oppressive humidity. Better now that I've eaten lunch and have been sitting in the AC. I kind of dread Tuesday and Thursday, working four hours in an un-AC'd house. I like the patient, though, so that helps; we chat and every so often she says, "Time for you to sit down and cool off." There really is no 'cooling off', bit I sit and soak a towel wiping the sweat off my face and neck, drink my cold whatever I brought w/ me, and recuperate enough to begin another round of chores.

    Hubby is putting off going back to his mom's for another day or two, he says. Unless, if when he calls her, she sounds more 'off' than usual.

    Pippy is curled up tight as a butterbean, she ls squooshed up against the side of my left leg...with a hand-towel laid on top of her, as a blanket. She is so funny because if you forget the towel she makes subtle little 'fuss' noises, and when you remember, and finally put the towel over her, she gives a sigh and off to sleep she goes. And yes, she is small enough to be completely covered by the hand-towel. Sometimes if hubby is puttering around the house, and especially if he is in the kitchen, Pippy has to have her face uncovered so she can keep an eye on him. If there is a crackling sound, like a possible snack is happening, she's in there like a shot!

    NurseCard, I don't know what kind of bug, as it was still dark, and I never could cough it out. I suspect it was a small moth, because it was not substantial enough to be a beetle. And if was a June bug I'd have been (as a pt once said "vomicking". And as for a potato bug, fuggedabouhdit! I don't think they are in season yet. They all, when they get in the house, qualify as and are called:"STUPID BUG!" by me, as I'm swatting away at it.

    I ought to be feeling sleepy one of these hours; I know how to provoke it: start going thru the PCH lotto games, they are so tedious that after the Big Prize Award on the 31st of August, I'm dropping off the board for a while. It takes up too much time and I find that too much time spent on the computer is quite irritating.

    As a matter of fact, I believe I will cover up w/ a light blanket ('cause I am, after all, bigger than my little butterbean-dog, and a hand towel won't even cover one of my feet) and close my eyes, and hopefully doze-Zzzzzzzz.
  13. by   dianah
    All hail to The Trinity!

    And hello to all other comers!

    We had an early, busy, full day yesterday.
    Up at 5:30, at the church at 7am for practice with the whole program, helped with the two services, which were packed full and went well.
    Microphones faded a couple times (the wireless ones; the ones they gave us were wired) but they worked through that.
    Had lunch at new friends' house, nice visit and then did some music there.
    Lunch was a wonderful vegetarian meal!
    Got home at 5:30pm to take the dog out and relax.
    We were beat! (but it was a good tired)

    Today I slept in (purposefully!) and have been up doing little household chores.
    Paid the bills.
    Dh and I will soon go out and pick up the RV and park it in front of the house.
    Will pack it during the week and leave either Wed afternoon or Thurs morning, for the bluegrass festival.

    Rain would be nice!!
    Our temps are still around a hundred and clear.
    Thunderheads are visible over the mountains (over the lake areas).
    Evenings are getting a little cooler, which is nice (by cooler I mean, in the 70's rather than the 80's!).

    Enjoy your day
  14. by   Ted
    Good Afternoon, folks!

    Just woke up working last night, then going to church for the usual morning service.

    Work. . . . Well. . . . SOMEONE said those horrible two horrible words out loud: "Quiet" and "Bored". I hope that person gets a nasty case of crotch-itch! ACK! It is summer time, and it is the week-end, though. For some reason, our teeny-tiny hospital's E.R. gets the busiest during summer week-ends. In this case, it was overload busy for our teeny-tiny hospital. Remember, our teeny-tiny hospital only has seven "regular" beds and three "hallway" beds. It doesn't take much to fill 'em up. Friday night into Saturday I played the role of Shift Director for the entire 12 hour shift. Of course I spent most of that time in the E.R. as an extra set of hands. This was in addition to keeping a very focused eye on our Maternity unit where, at around 0130 that morning a healthy new "teeny-tiny human" was born. THAT is always a happy moment in time. (I resurrected an OLD tradition of quietly playing a recording of "Rock-a-by Baby" over the intercom system. It hadn't been done in YEARS.) (I WAS the Shift Director, you know!!! ) Then I scampered back down to the E.R. to give an extra pair of hands. Again. THANKFULLY, the E.R. simmered down by around 0300 for the rest of the shift. The Saturday night into Sunday, I was SUPPOSED to play the role of the ICU Nurse. BUT there was an unexpected call-out in. . . drum roll, please. . . the E.R. So, needless to say, I played the role of the E.R. Nurse for the first 6 hours of my 12-hour shift. During that time, the E.R. was busy. AGAIN. I ain't the fastest E.R. Nurse in the world, but I can certainly hold my own. I helped with two admissions, one transfer, and a whole bunch of IV starts, lab draws, medication administrations, and E.R. discharges. By 0100, the E.R. had, again, simmered down. And, around the time, the current Shift Director wasn't feeling well and asked if I could take her place for the rest of the shift. Of course I said, "yes". (Because I'm a freakin' team player! LOL!) Thankfully, the rest of last night's shift WAS "Q" for our teeny-tiny hospital.

    After work, was church. Attendance was low this morning. Sadly, it's been low since our Pastor retired a couple of months ago. These seem to be uncertain times for our church. I was thinking about retiring by the summer of 2018. But I am having second, third, fourth and fifth thoughts about this. Again. It's been my congregation for 34+ years. I wish to support it, not stress it even further.

    When I finally got home by around noon time, my head finally hit the pillow. Now, HERE I am! I'm gonna relax for the rest of the day.

    Tweety - Sad to read about the food poisoning. Hope you feel better soon!!

    NSIME - Swallowing a bug!! ACK!!! Yep! That would wake a person RIGHT UP!! Hope you're getting some extra slumber-time now.

    herring_RN - Hope you got back to sleep, too! (Our little group seems to be filled with sleep-deprived members!)

    NurseCard - Hope work was kind to you. Swallowing a moth must have been really yucky! I recall swallowing all kinds of teeny bugs as a kid when riding my bike. But, nothing big like a moth. ICK.

    GrumpyRN - Yep! Tweety did a nice job explaining "The Trinity". Of course MY thoughts of the morning "Trinity" is this: Coffee, Banana and Cereal (with skim milk and 2 Splenda). I have this "Trinity" for breakfast almost EVERY morning. Hope "Mrs. Grump" has a "Q" time at work.

    Joe - Seems the convention was very eventful! Sure wish you'd share pictures of these things. . . especially of you in costume! LOL!

    BCgradnurse - I wonder what you wrote in your "big, long post". I guess we'll never know. . . it's lost in the land of the Lost Posts. Hope work is kind to you today.

    Lil Nel - Hope is kinder to you, too.

    dianah - You snuck in your post as I was typing mine. Seems like life has been a nice-busy for you.

    I'm gonna get me more coffee, and start thinking about doing something. . . or nothing. The body is tired.

    Peace, folks!