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Good Morning! It's just after 2:12 AM and being part of the Trinity, I'm drawn to make my post. LOL I had a nice afternoon off just goofing off but managed to get the front yard mowed. Been... Read More

  1. by   Lil Nel
    Tweety - Is it food poisoning? I thought perhaps you were just having an off day. Hope you are feeling better, by the time you read this post. We don't have a float pool, so that isn't an option. I favor the idea of a strictly on-call position. Something just hast to change. I understand a bad night can occur anywhere, but my preceptor said it was more the norm, than the exception.

    Ted - My teeny-tiny hospital was hopping last night too? We had two STEMI alerts, which lead to two heart caths, which lead to two step-down patients (not me). We also had a trauma alert, due to an accident involving a car and a motorcycle. A patient came through ER, who had to be vented, and was sent out to a larger hospital this morning in Lexington. Something must be in the air!

    Dianah - Wow. You did a have a busy Saturday. What was the vegetarian meal? What did you decide for a "new" onstage look? Hope you are enjoying a slow Sunday.

    Joe - Glad you had a good time at the convention, and that's funny that you have a furry friend from Kentucky!

    Drinking coffee and getting ready for work tonight. I am off tomorrow night, and then work the next two. Have a massage scheduled tomorrow as my neck and shoulders are really suffering from the stress-free existence of nursing! LOLOLOL.
  2. by   Tweety
    Good day! Not sure it was a true case of food poisoning but with the symptoms it felt like it. Today I was finally able to eat this evening and am feeling pretty good. Tomorrow I should be 100%.

    Lil Nel, filling a position like that would require at least two people. Someone willing to come into work when being called in and also be willing to stay home for days on end when no one calls in will be a hard sale. I'm also not understanding you, what exactly was wrong besides lack of support from your preceptor? Yes, you had a bad night, and yes busy nights are more the norm, even my floor as you can tell by my posts, but 5:1 ratio sounds pretty good for night shift. This is what we run on day shift on my floor. You might be getting a feel that Med Surg isn't for you's not for a lot of people, but more of a stepping stone to other things. How was last night?
  3. by   dianah
    Lil Nel, we had baked vegetarian "meat"balls in a tomato sauce, German potato salad, kale salad, braised brussels sprouts, corn salad, homemade wheat rolls with butter and apricot jelly (from apricots from their own tree!), olives and pickles... gosh, that's all I can remember!
    Ooooh, enjoy that massage!!

    We found a few items at Boot Barn and decided (since we were told it was "casual") to wear nice-looking jeans and a long-sleeved Western shirt -- light blue with blue flowered embroidery on the yoke and pockets. We got two different Western shirts, can wear those later on too. Will use the black skirt another time. I also got a red-and-black checked dress ---- casual -- to wear with leggings. I didn't think it was "right" for church; will wear it to another program!

    Just a few chores done so far.
    Met the sons for a late lunch with dh then we hit the grocery store for a few things.
    I will shop again Tues nite or Wed as I prep for the trip.

    Tweety, sure glad you are feeling better! Maybe a 24-hr (or less?) flu?