Saturday October 21, 2017

  1. Good Morning!

    It's a work day for me. It does seem I'm a victim of full identity theft. The thief stole my phone number and transferred it to another carrier he could use to call two credit card companies to request another card and to make purchases. I spent a lot of time dealing with this, changing passwords everywhere and trying to fix it. Fortunately the two banks have been very sadly they are used to this. They had some security measures in place that alerted them. Clever thief when the fraud people called my phone number he answered.

    Anyway, not much I can do today. I do need to file a police report but can't do that unless work is extremely slow. Burst out laughing at that possibility. Need to put it out of my mind for now.

    Dianah, sorry about you feeling bad, but glad it's 50% better and hope it continues to mend.

    NSIME, sorry you too aren't 100% with the pain. Hope things work.

    Those entitled ungrateful families are annoying...often it's not the young ones, but us Gen X and Boomer adults.

    J, glad you made it through the presentation. I hate that kind of stuff.
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  3. by   BCgradnurse
    Good morning!

    Are all the East Coasters sleeping in? I don't usually get to be part of the trinity..LOL! I slept for 10 hours last night. Guess I was tired. I'm just going to potter around the house a bit today. We're going to see "Battle of the Sexes" tonight. It got good reviews and I like Emma Stone.

    Tweety-What a mess!! I'm so sorry you have to through this. I'm glad there's no financial harm, but the aggravation factor is awful. Dianah-I hope you slept well and you wake without the vertigo. Stars-I hope the pain has lessened today.

    Hope everyone is well today. Take a few minutes to do something nice for yourself.
  4. by   Lil Nel
    Good morning Tweety and BC and to all those who follow.

    I will have to go back and read late entries to yesterday's diary.

    What a nasty mess, Tweety! Any idea where your number was stolen? I thought it was difficult to switch phone carriers as folks are locked into contracts, no? I hope work is kind to you today.

    Let us know what you think of the movie, BC. I think I would like to see it too.

    What a strange afternoon/night yesterday.

    My mother had a heart cath yesterday, and true to herself, I am expected to track her down to find out how she is doing. She won't call me. She obviously was kept overnight in hospital, but I guess I was supposed to track her down. I will call her back today.

    Next, Big Boy refused dinner last night. All of his behavior was normal, except for refusing dinner (highly unusual). Because his behavior was otherwise normal, I placed a call to the vet and turned him out with his friend, Mickey. They happily grazed together and Big Boy drank water. The vet suggested giving him Banamine (not for his weight, but less, for 750 pounds) by mouth. I did that and continued to watch him. All normal behavior, and happy grazing time.

    Finally left the barn to meet my former colleague for dinner, and promptly got stuck in bumper to bumper traffic on I-64 feeding into I-75 heading into Lexington. We decided to meet in my town, just north of Lexington. Our first pick was PACKED, with a 30 minute wait for a table. Our second pick no longer existed, the restaurant had been leveled. We ended up eating great pizza at our third pick.

    I have no idea what was/is up with Big Boy. It was almost like he just wanted to hurry up and get outside. He is going to kill me with worry.

    Got nine hours of sleep, and woke up several times, probably because I am concerned about him.

    Working tonight and tomorrow night.

    Moved Wally's blood test from this morning to Tuesday. I need to get to the grocery store since I never got there last night.

    Have a great day everybody!!!
  5. by   Lil Nel
    I hope the vertigo has disappeared this morning and you are able to perform music at church, Dianah.

    And I hope you are feeling better too, Stars.
  6. by   dianah
    Good morning all!

    Tweety, so sorry this has grown into a mountainous event.
    As you say, though, the banks have to deal with it all the time, they have a routine and know what to do.

    Lil Nel, hope Big Boy scarfs down his food today.
    He is naughty, knows how to make you worry!! Such a drama king!
    Ugh, what a day for traveling (yesterday) and eating with your friend!
    It always pays to have Plan B, Plan C, AND Plan D (as well as, perhaps, a reservation!)!
    Glad the pizza was good (after all that)!

    Hope your mom is OK.
    At our facility, though we have begun releasing uncomplicated PCIs (cardiac stent placements) the day of the procedure, the majority are still kept overnight.
    Not the routine caths, though, unless they need watching for another reason (complicated procedure, high blood sugar, risk of bleeding, LOC change, etc).
    So it could be she had a stent placed.
    Kinda irritating she doesn't share. Needs a time-out..

    Hiya BC! Let us know how the movie is!

    I am somewhat better but still lightheaded, have to be careful how fast or how I move, for the dizziness comes on if I move too fast or bend over.
    But it's better.
    We are getting ready to drive to the high desert, to the church.
    Yes, plans are proceeding!

    Gotta go get ready, y'all have a good day!
  7. by   herring_RN
    Tweety: So sorry. What a mess of trouble!

    Feel better Dianah! And No Stars!

    Doctor and I had to convince husband to take the ordered Lasix. He took it three days and peed a lot the last three nights. MD will post the BNP and chemistry results on his portal, but hasn't done so yet. He is feeling much better.

    I got an email from Amazon that I won a free gift. I choose a cream to relieve sore jounts. I just had to pay postage. But after authorizing that saw a contract stating I'd signed up to have it sent monthly at a charge of $87.95!
    So I called and cancelled. Some young voice tried to get me to take the free jar and then cancel, but I refused. The chrge was added and then credited to my credit card. THEN there was a new $5.00 charge from that company. I called the credit card company and cancelled the card.
    I was told they have lots of trouble with that company. They will send a new card.
    I documented it and sent it to Amazon.

    Going to a friend's retirement party this evening.
  8. by   No Stars In My Eyes
    Wouldn't you just know it, I was one paragraph short of posting and my little finger grazed a button and the whole schmear disappeared!

    So, here I go again:

    Tweety, What a P.I.A that your identity was cribbed!( First of all, because you are One-Of-A-Kind, and can't be replicated!) We're all thankful that your bank is well-practiced at this all too common B.S., but hate you have to walk on this well-tread road. Hopefully nothing but trouble will fall upon upon the thief, and even turn-about, PLUS!

    BCg, Yesssss, please post a movie review! I like Emma Stone, too. Hope Steve Carrell does a good job, also. But, I won't be seeing it until it comes on On Demand, AFTER the $6 or $8 fee for rental passes.
    You know, back in the day of the original Battle of the Sexes tennis contest, everyone jumped on Bobby Riggs for saying women didn't make good tennis players because their boobs got in their way. Well, I don't play tennis, but I agree with him !00% that the bigger they are, the worse it is! I don'r understand the triple-DDD seekers. My friend's niece wants to have her, what she calls "A+ assets", enhanced, and I begged her to be moderate. If I could do so I would give her fully half of each of my my 'assets", in a Fraction of a New York Minute!

    Nel, how odd that your mother withheld her cardiac cathing appt at the hospital; but you did say it was kind of typical of her. I know people like that, it is just weird; none in my immediate family, however, thank goodness. As you well know, my MiL is the exact opposite of that! That is also weird!
    Ozzy is not eating either...well, most of the time he does, but he sometimes does one meal about q.o.d. no matter how I cajole him. It worries me, also, when my boy doesn't eat; sometimes I can coax him, and after 5 minutes or so he may pick and sniff before he FINALLY begins to eat in earnest. Pippy, on the other hand, will inhale anything and everything, even the hint of a scent of food that's not there anymore!

    Dizzy dianah, (not ditzy, but dizzy!) I'm glad you are feeling better. Vertigo plays hell on your brain and body. My mom had it pretty bad for a while.; I still have a photo my sister took of her after she keeled over in the bathroom ... like a raccoon with a purple mask! She forgot to stand still a minute before she started to walk away. I know you are being very cautious, though; keep being that way! I don't want to hear your Halloween costume has anything remotely to do with a raccoon-mask!

    This is sort of an
    out-of-the-blue aside, but when a step-uncle of mine was a teenager, he wrecked more than a few cars (like exactly SIX, and lived to tell the tales.) When someone told him he needed to think a little BEFORE he drove, and be more cautious, he replied, brightly: "Who could be more pre-cautioner than I ?" We still laugh about that one, and try to slip the question into a sentence if it is even vaguely appropriate! One of those family in-jokes.

    herring, It has always amazed me that the one medication that can make a big difference in the symptoms of CHF is the one people DON'T want to take! I remember saying to a patient once, "Well, it can't be any worse than having to STRUGGLE to breathe!" and he demurred by making a screwed up mouth and shaking his head "NO!"
    I mean, I can drink two cups of coffee and pee and pee and pee every 10 minutes for an hour or more; yes, it's kind of bothersome or annoying, but not enough that it stops me from drinking coffee! Wait, maybe that's not the same thing; OH! That's one of those things my patient used to say that was "the same thing only different!
    Anyway, I hope he is feeling better, as are you!

    Speaking of annoying, irritating, and my own addition to that, being discouraged...this whole business of an aging body is exceptionally annoying and irritating to me. Now that I have written my usual chapter-length post, I should probably admit I promised my hubby to lay off so much computer use today, to rest my wrists and hands.
    I was intending to be good, maybe walk a little, then sit reading the rest of the time, but I am doing laundry and washing dishes, though that's really prolly not a bad thing, having my hands in soothing hot water. I also want to thin-off the counter in my room that is the one collection spot for everything I intend on taking care of ....later. But I am fairly well-practiced at ignoring that place, so maybe I will continue that ability for another day.

    I do want to close by adding some funny things I have seen lately, on bumpers, in magazines, newspapers, or heard. Laughter is the best medicine, and I find these amusing little things everywhere, every day, and I do enjoy sharing them. Then again, I AM easily amused. Nevertheless:

    On the driver's side, a handle completely ripped out, with only the actual doorlock appearing intact, a decal on the window above: " ABS: Personal Safety System".

    A decal from a LebowskiFest: "Calmer than you are."

    A road named "Ugly Creek Trace".

    The children of a guitar-player, heavily-into-the-music-scene: Santana, Marley, Cruz, Taj, and Lennon.

    The children of a devout church-goer: Angel, Neveah, and Miracle.

    Bumper Sticker: (not particularly funny, just oh-so-true) "Gossip is the most destructive force in the Universe."

    Another bumper sticker: "Pay attention to God's Hippie Son."

    And another:

    "Haikus confuse me.
    Too often they don't make sense.
    Hand me the pliers.?"

    Cartoon: "I long for the days before Political Correctness when kids were allowed to play Livestock Management Technicians and Indigenous Peoples."

    On a delivery truck, the left back door had writing on it, but the right hand door was replaced and had nothing written on the left door read:
    Last Mile...

    Dorothy Parker Bon Mot:
    Q.) What's the difference between an enzyme and a hormone?
    A.) You can't hear an enzyme.

    From Pirates of the Caribbean: End of the World (especially because Keith Richards said it)
    "You have to be completely lost in order to find the place that can't be found."

    Lastly, more than a few T-shirts:

    "Another FINE DAY ruined by responsibility"

    "Never laugh at your wife's choices.
    YOU are one of them."

    "Tomorrow/t'maro/ noun:
    A mythical place where I get all my stuff done"

    "Being cremated is my last hope for a smoking, hot body,"

    "Some people don't only have issues...
    They have whole subscriptions."

    "I don't trip.
    I do random gravity checks."

    "My luck is like a bald guy who just won a comb."

    "I just did a week's worth of cardio
    after walking into a spider web."

    "Sometimes I meet people
    and feel bad for their dog."

    "I think I have some unfinished procrastinating to do from yesterday."

    "I could be a morning person ...
    If morning happened at noon."

    "I have a dig bick.
    You that read wrong.
    You read that wrong, too."

    "Karma takes too long.
    I want to smacK someone right NOW!"

    Be careful when you blindly follow the masses...
    sometimes the 'M' is silent."

    and last but not least:

    "I can't believe how old people my age are."

    The End..........for now.
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  9. by   Lil Nel
    I hope your hubby is feeling better after taking the Lasix, Herring. Why didn't he want to take it?

    I think you must be feeling better, Stars!

    Big Boy ate all his breakfast and had good poop in his stall this morning. He ate all his dinner for me, and I turned him and Mickey out early. I still think he wanted OUT yesterday.

    Mom has returned home from hospital and had a stent placed.

    See you all tomorrow.
  10. by   herring_RN
    Quote from Lil Nel
    I hope your hubby is feeling better after taking the Lasix, Herring. Why didn't he want to take it?

    I think you must be feeling better, Stars!

    Big Boy ate all his breakfast and had good poop in his stall this morning. He ate all his dinner for me, and I turned him and Mickey out early. I still think he wanted OUT yesterday.

    Mom has returned home from hospital and had a stent placed.

    See you all tomorrow.
    He remembers the nephrologist about four years ago saying it is important not to drink too much liquid because then you won't need to take more Lasix. Lasix is hard on the kidneys.

    He was only taking 20MG a week. Now he is to take it every day for a week. He is much better after taking it for three days, but I'll probably have tontalk him into taking it this weekend.
  11. by   No Stars In My Eyes
    "AK-CHOO-A-LEE", as a friend of ours (Davey Do) used to say...

    Nel, I am trying to cheer myself up. Put on a happy face. Act as if. It works for a little while, anyway. Silly is as silly does.

    I will not talk about money |
    I will not talk about money |
    I will not talk about money |
    I will not talk about money |

    I was fretting about Ozzy...haven't seen him at the water bowl at all today, haven't been able to get him to eat his food. Looked up online about giving him Pedialyte. The site I went to was talking about upset tummies, which I don't believe is his problem. I gave him drops of the "Aches and Pains" herbal med, as I am bothered that he is bothered by arthritis, and his teeth aren't in great shape. The site also suggested simple foods like plain cooked chicken and rice. Don't have rice, but realized I DO have plain rotisserie chicken. I cut it into bite-sized pieces, and put warm water on it to get the water chicken-flavored. LO and BEHOLD he ATE! Then he wanted more, so I gave it to him, again with the water. Then at snack-time, he must have been feeling a LOT better, because he began barking/yelling at me,"It's TIME! It's TIME!"
    Right now he is barking at the people across the street who are putting up their annual 6,432 Halloween Decorations, with SIX of them, BIG'n's, filled with air. Their grandkids are all out there, too, squealing, running and shrieking. When a dog is on Neighborhood Alert, they have to bark a lot of warnings due to all the excitement.

    Hubby called and said he may be home Tuesday afternoon.