Monday - October 23rd, 2017 - Good Morning!

  1. It's 6:05 AM (EST) in this part of the world! And, I believe that I started this thread in the correct forum ("Daily Diary")!! LOL!

    Although Amy and I returned from our Colorado vacation Saturday afternoon, I am NOW just catching up on about 2 weeks worth of email, bills (to pay), and other stuff.

    We had a WONDERFUL time visiting Colorado with family. Went to a wedding (which was the main reason to go to Colorado this year), did lots of hiking, ate LOTS of food, and even did some ATV-ing (which was quite frightening, I might add)! In short? We had a blast!

    Here are just a few photos that I took while there. These particular photos are from a hike in the Eldorado Canyon Park, located somewhere in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. This particular hike give views of both Colorado's plains and its majestic mountains. The contrast in views, from the plains to the mountains, is quite spectacular. I'm sharing these photos now. LATER, I'll be back after reading about 3 or 4 days worth of "Good Morning" postings. I am sure that a whole lot has been going on with you all.

    In the meanwhile, "Hello"! Hope all is well!





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  3. by   Joe NightingMale
    Morning Ted, love those pictures

    I'm back from my convention

    It was a good experience, all told. Roommates were fine, no issues with them. Had fun, met a bunch of people I already knew and a few that I'd never met before. Over Friday and Saturday spent a few hours in costume, managed not to collapse from heat stroke and dehydration. Attended a concert, a dance (briefly), and several interesting panel discussions. I helped my friend T out with the fursuit games and also volunteered for a few hours. I think I arrived around 4pm on Friday and left by about 1:30pm on Sunday. Stayed up fairly late and got up fairly early but it didn't seem to bother me much

    Ironically even though it was held at the Kalahari indoor water park I didn't do any water park stuff while I was there, I figured there was too much convention stuff to do

    Few hiccups here and there...registration took close to 2 hours due to computer problems and some events were delayed/cancelled but otherwise things ran smoothly. Not unexpected for a new convention. They did pretty well...they hoped for 500 attendees and got 533 including 95 in costume. They hoped to raise 5K for charity and managed to raise 5,018

    All in all a good experience, and better I think because I knew people there...a bunch from furry bowling, T and some of his friends and people who had the same costume maker as me...and because I was in costume, which gave me something to talk about with other fursuiters there and also attracted attention from others

    There was a chiropractic convention going on too, had the opportunity to explain what furries were several times. Also nice to interact with some of the kids going to the waterpark, usually they wanted high fives if they saw you

    So that was pretty much my weekend. Was supposed to see J Sunday night but he wasn't feeling well so we rescheduled to tonight instead. I have today off, will do some laundry, do some cooking, pay some bills, and sign up for insurance since I've now been working 30 days. Little annoyed that the insurance doesn't start for another month and I have to take COBRA for a second month but I guess with staffing companies their benefits are more lean
  4. by   Tweety
    Good morning!

    Ted, love those pictures. Welcome back.

    Joe, thanks for sharing your experiences and glad things went well and you had a good time.

    I managed to sleep in today and am having First Coffee, but glad made The Trinity alway...LOL...

    All of my bills are electronic, so as soon as I get a new card # I'm going to have to notify people whom I've given my debit card to like my car insurance, etc. so it can continue smoothly. Otherwise I will be like Ted and Joe and come home from vacations and "pay bills" a concept I gave up long ago..LOL......

    Today I have a two hour inservice to go to learn a new computer system for our bed placement. Right now the system is they notify the charge nurse and the charge nurse picks the bed. Now the system is they pick the bed and we are going to get beeped. Not sure how that's going to work on days we have 10 admissions, but I do what I'm told. But really don't want to spend my day off doing this.

    Work was okay yesterday. Didn't get slammed too bad and they were able to float us someone from the float team as we would have been real short without a float. Had one patient that had a multitude of complaints and was the most negative patient I'd seen in a long time. About once an hour she would complain about something, and if there was nothing she would make something up that I know was a lie. She also had a myriad of real illnesses, along with her need for a joint replacement. I can't help but wonder if there's a mind body connection between someone no nasty in mind to having chronic and frequent illness. Usually I don't pay much attention to such people, but what really made me judge her was that she was an RN. I have ZERO patience, tolerance and understanding for an RN that treats other RNs like trash. It's one of my major pet peeves as a nurse.
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  5. by   herring_RN
    I will read you all later.
    Husband in the hospital and doing OK.
    Taking Step-Mom to the doctor today.
  6. by   dianah
    Prayers for you and your husband, herring.
    Hope he continues to improve and can soon go home.
  7. by   Tweety
    Sorry to hear that Herring. All the best.
  8. by   No Stars In My Eyes
    Howdy, all

    There has been a frog-drowning rain going on for the past hour, maybe longer; just when you think the rain can't come down any heavier, it DOES. I had to dose Ozzy with his Calm Down drops, and after he came out of the bedroom and did his window inspection, he went right back to his cave. Now he is on top of the bed, and every time the rain gets heavier or the direction of it changes so it hits the window, he barks. ("Yes, Ozzy, I heard that; it's just rain.")

    I phoned the office about the new patient, her appts, my appts; they have cancelled her for this week. She had also cancelled herself for this week. I am to call the office again after my PT appt Wednesday (my doc appt is tomorrow AM). Not sure, but I think I'm going to have to take a temporary leave due to physical problems. . . Annoyances is more like it . . . to give skeleton and muscles/tendons/pinched spinal nerve . . .time to calm down. Too bad I couldn't just share Ozzy's Calm Down herbal drops! As is said up North in my old stomping grounds, "This is a real PISSAH." and NOT in a good way!

    Tweety, my MiL is not a nurse, but with her multpile repetetive complaints, she would stress-out Mother Teresa. Be glad, be VERY glad, SHE is not your patient!

    Ted. what great photos. I am amazed by the strata of rocks/boulders that were once heaved up at such a sharp angle!

    Joe, That convention sounded like fun!

    herring, hope the hospital straightens your hubby out so he can go home again ASAP.

    Hubby called last night. He finally got his mom to go visit her brother. He just announced he was going to go to see his uncle Sunday and as she was saying she just didn't feel like she could make the trip, her told her that was fine, but HE was still going. With his uncle under Hospice care, he wasn't sure if or when he would get to go see him, and rather than being too late, he was going to go that very day.
    By the time he got out of the shower, his mom changed her mind and said she'd decided to go see her brother, too. She was chipper and chatty all the way during the drive.
    Hubby said that neither his uncle nor aunt were doing too well, kind of like his mom...every one of them holding their breath and expecting death to make an appearance at any moment.
    Of course, with his heart and respiratory problems, and being a hospice patient, his uncle really could go 'at any time', but it was hubby's opinion that he also could possibly out-live his sister and his wife.
    He said he felt caught in a triangle, a three way 'contest' as to who was worse off, and all three of them doing their best to act pitiful. His uncle went to the closet to look in the safe that is in the floor, and couldn't get up; then his aunt tried to help, and SHE couldn't get up. He had to get both of them up off the floor. He said at least his mother didn't have to be pulled up ...
    His mom, thereafter, was speaking in her little, weak, whispery voice and he could hear only less than half of what she said on their way back to her house; "But I didn't say 'what?' and didn't ask her to repeat herself, I just let her rattle on and said a few 'Hmmm's' when it seemed to be called for."
    When they got home, she wanted him to go out and get them a pizza and some crazy cinnamon-bites for supper. Then all she did was sit at the kitchen table, eat pizza, and cry. saying "Poor X____." ...and... "Poor, poor X______." He said he's not sticking around to be witness to any more weeping and hand-wringing.
    He is making his escape tomorrow morning.

    Guess I will get dressed and go see my one patient; her cleaning is not so dire since the first visit I had, when the whole apartment desperately needed attention. So I'm down to four booming hours of work for this week, and potentially none for next week. Where is Publishers Clearinghouse when you need them?!!! GADS!

    Be back later on . . .
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  9. by   Ted
    herring_RN - Sad to read that your husband is in the hospital. It's good that he's doing "OK". Warming holding your husband and you in thought and prayer.
  10. by   Joe NightingMale
    Herring hope your DH can be discharged soon
  11. by   Lil Nel
    I am sorry that in-home treatment didn't succeed in keeping your dh out of the hospital, Herring. I am hoping he can return home soon!

    Yes, the map room at the Christian Science mother church is amazing, isn't it, Stara? I first visited when I was a college student at Emerson College. After that, whenever I had visitors, I would take them to the map room. Nobody was ever disappointed. And Christian Science is the only religion to be founded by a woman.

    Yep, I grew-up with a high-maintenance mother! What a treat they are (said with tongue firmly in cheek).

    I believe there is a connection between mental illness and many "physical" illnesses, Tweety. Whenever I have patient with a history of migraines, anxiety, fibromyalgia and depression, I know I am in for a rough ride. I am rarely disappointed.

    It was busy in the teeny-tiny hospital last night. I started with four patients, and I am still supposed to be capped at four, but ended up with five patients. I had the highest number of patients. One seasoned nurse had four. But it was okay because she helped me with a dressing change.

    One patient was a readmit who was discharged on Friday! There was nothing wrong with her, and she essentially ate from the time she was admitted until I left this morning. Of course, in between bites of food, and wondering if we had chips for snacks, there were complaints of heartburn, bellyache (didn't stop her from eating), etc. Because she came in complaining of "chest pain," I guess they had to readmit her. It was so frustrating to see healthcare dollars being wasted and participating in the waste.

    In the meantime, I had gentleman who is really sick, and at severe risk for sepsis. He spiked a fever during the night and I managed to banish it with Tylenol. But he still feels awful and has NO appetite.

    Needless to say, I was thrilled to walk out of the place this morning.

    Just woke up, and am getting ready to get haircut. Just consumed my second Chobani Flip of the day. They are such a weakness for me! If you have neder tried a Chobani Flip, try one. You will be amazed.

    Seems as though you had a wonderful weekend, Joe. You hung out with friends and met new people. That's all good!

    Glad you enjoyed the adventure to the beach, BC.

    I am still intrigued by your identity theft story, Tweety.

    Those photos are beautiful, Ted. I have never traveled to Colorado, but it looks just lovely. Are those the Rocky Mountains, or the Grand Tetons? Are the latter in Montana or Wyoming? I don't even know, but they are spectacular! Scenes like that make you happy to be alive!

    Safe travels, everyone.
  12. by   nursej22
    Hi folks,
    Best wishes to your dh, Herring. Hopefully they will get him all tuned up and perhaps adjust his regimen.

    NSIME, your dh deserves a gold medal for getting his mum to visit here brother. I used to know some elders that were forever comparing ailments in excruciating detail. And my F-I-L always had a foot in grave for the 40 years I knew him, and that "he wouldn't be around much longer." And we should cater to his every whim.

    Ted, your pictures are lovely. My sister used to live in CO, so I have visited a few times, very impressive the way the mountains seem to spring from the plains.

    And Nel, the Tetons are in Wyoming, just south of Yellowstone Park. I used to live about 100 miles from there and we visited many times. You should go!

    Tweety, that is just awful about your identity theft. My credit union is very good about calling for unexpected large or out of state purchases. The new cards with chips are supposed to be more secure. I recently changed my home email password, and have changed it like 5 times because I can't remember what the new one was. D'oh!

    Dianah, good to hear your vertigo is abating, Did they do those Epley maneuvers, in addition to meds? I have had some mild bouts that last only a day or two, but leave me hanging on to furniture because I couldn't tell which way is up. Yuck.

    Joe, sounds like a very enjoyable and successful convention. I can only imagine how delighted the kids were to see you!

    Dh and I went to an artwalk yesterday that the spouse of his coworker had an exhibit in. Saw some beautiful stuff, but nothing I felt like I could afford. We had a nice lunch and a leisurely drive home, with the sun illuminating the fall leaves. Dh finally got a new cpap machine last Friday and he is almost perky. And it is so much quieter than the old one. Technology, wow.

    Greetings to anyone I have overlooked,

  13. by   herring_RN
    Quote from dianah
    Prayers for you and your husband, herring.
    Hope he continues to improve and can soon go home.
    Quote from Tweety
    Sorry to hear that Herring. All the best.
    He went in Sunday morning and came home this evening. BNP was normal so CHF resolved, but had mil d pneumonia. One dose if IV antibiotics and now oral. As soon as we got home he moved garbage cans so I could park right in front of the house.
  14. by   No Stars In My Eyes
    My one patient today was working with an OT when I got there today...they did the kitty litter box, emptied all the trash cans and took garbage to the trash room; they had already worked on her getting dressed and making the bed. Then the OT had her do the exercises with the stretchy bands. By the time the OT left, my pt was pretty tired and didn't want to do anything else; "Just sit and talk with me; I don't want to do anything but have a good visit with a friend." So, since that was her top-most need today, and she and OT had already done some of my job, that's what I did. I learned that in addition to working food service at various schools, she used to play saxophone with an all-girl band!

    Hubby decided to escape a day early and came home around 4 PM today. Said all this mourning before-the-fact and worrying "when" got on his last nerve and he couldn't stand any more hand-wringing and weeping. He told her that when it was her brother's 'time' was when 'it' would happen, and making herself sick by crying and worrying and carrying on over it was just serving to keep her feeling miserable. She has gone weeks and weeks without even being willing to call her brother to just talk on the phone, and saying she 'just couldn't' go visit him.
    Jeez I hate sound callous about it, but death is part of life. Dying at the end of a long, good, well-lived life is a blessing. People die in lots worse ways and for no good reason all the time. THAT'S what is sad. Mother Brown said, "Pray for the dead and fight like hell for the living" , but my MiL will not pray OR fight, all she can do is cry and make her life a living hell and expect to be endlessly coddled for it; and she's been living that way for 25 years, at least! ...OY!...

    Hubby likes the way I redecorated the LR and kitchen (and yes, even that I sorted all the nails,screws,nuts,bolts, etc. etc.) Says it is so cozy and pleasant; he likes the way I hung the pictures in different groupings, on different walls, adding some, subtracting others. I personally think it looks much more homey.
    Thank goodness he has grown beyond the days when he thought everything had to be matchy-matchy and 'perfect'. I am a lot more eclectic; now I finally feel it is really reflective of me and my personality....MY home, more than it ever has been before. About time, too, because in December we will have been married for 28 years.

    OMG, it is very late again; it just happens that way, I look up at the clock and time has passed by in great chunks before I know it.
    Got an appt w/ the doc tomorrow...

    Will check in tomorrow afternoon. Good night, sleep well!