Monday - June 19th, 2017

  1. Good Morning!

    Just woke up and rolled out of bed. Coffee is brewing. . .

    Think I'll respond to yesterday's Good Morning thread now.

    herring_RN - What you describe in your post, yesterday, can be almost anything. Curious. Do you spend a lot of time outdoors and/or do you have pets that spend a lot of time outdoors? Around this area of the country we have a HUGE problem with tick-borne diseases including Lyme (which is tricky to test). Many of the symptoms of these tick-borne diseases present themselves as you described. They're difficult to diagnose, unfortunately. I hope the MDs can figure out what's going on with you and that you feel better soon. (((Hugs)))

    Tweety - Hope work was kind to you, yesterday. Enjoy the next three days off from work starting today! I'm sure those four dogs that you have with you will keep you busy!

    Joe - How about posting some picks of your "furry bowling" adventures??? Honestly? Before reading your posts on these Good Morning threads, I never heard of these "furry bowling" and "furry cons" events. LOL! Hope you have a good day, today.

    Lil Nel - Hope you survived those back to back 12-hour shifts. Seems like you've had some interesting work-related adventures. As shared yesterday, you ain't alone in experiencing them. LOL! It does take a while to get used to those back to back 12-hour shifts. Just be gentle with yourself.

    NSIME - Seems like you had a busy day, yesterday. Those sound like interesting "cigts" at the "cigt depot". LOL!

    BCgradnurse - Nice to read that you and DD enjoyed the show in NYC!

    Recently heard that wonderful "Ding!" that lets me know that freshly brewed coffee is ready for the taking!

    Today will be a busy day. I have a new video-recording project from 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM. I will be recording our hospital's VP of Operations (our DON) as she talks to our hospital's new employees. I'm not sure why they want me to video-record her talk. But I will do as asked. After that, I'm working the afternoon shift as Shift Director (still in training). I haven't been oriented to the tasks of a nursing supervisor for this shift yet. I suspect that what there is to do can't be too difficult to learn. As mentioned before, it's gonna be a busy week.

    Hope all have a pleasant day today!

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  3. by   Joe NightingMale
    Morning Ted. I'll see if I can post a pic to Imgur and post the link here so you can see what furry bowling is like


    Went to the wedding with J yesterday. Have to confess I was rather nervous about it, our first wedding and not knowing most of the people. But it was a very nice wedding and fun, got to talk to a lot of J's current and former teacher friends. Was feeling very good by the end of the day

    The anxiety over that is probably why I have a bit of a migraine this morning, but the meds seem to be making it vanish

    Feeling more excited about our trip but still nervous. I've accepted the fact that I will be nervous and will simply have to control that as best I can. This is a big deal, our longest and most complicated trip to date. Multiple things could go wrong, so it's normal to feel anxious. I'm sure as the trip progresses I'll be calmer. Being with J also helps me stay calm

    Back to work today, hopefully not too busy. I'm not going to overwork myself and get even more stressed, if things don't get done before I leave then they don't get done

    Will do some more packing tonight, possibly laundry too. Hope to finish packing almost entirely by tomorrow
  4. by   Tweety
    G'day mates!

    Hope everyone is well. Herring, hope you're on the mend. These kinds of things take time to run the course, whatever it is.

    Joe, sure multiple things could go wrong and probably will. Worrying and being anxious about them now before they happen is not necessary is it? Give yourself a break and don't do this to yourself.

    I have a routine eye exam today, but probably won't get new glasses just yet. Last year strangely he said my eyes showed a slight improvement. First time in 50 years I heard that. Then I might make a trip to Tampa for some things at Whole Foods. They are the only local place that sells salt-free beans that are cheap. Beans are a staple food.

    Scale was good to me today saying down 2.6 pounds. I haven't been starving, but I have been good and healthy.

    Life with four dogs is fun. They are so good. I try to give them each attention, especially the guests, but don't want to get mine jealous. Going to walk them all two at a time later tonight when it's cooler.

    I hope everyone has a great day!
  5. by   Lil Nel
    Good morning Ted, Joe and Tweety!

    Ted - Hope your videographer gig is good to you, today. More Supervisor in Training stories, please.

    Joe - Yes, things could go wrong on your upcoming trip with J, but you know what? They probably won't. I can't promise
    that everything will go smoothly, but I'm pretty sure it will. Relax and let yourself breathe. Glad the wedding
    was fun. Weddings aren't my thing.

    Tweety - Glad to know I'm not the only one who does stupid stuff as a nurse. And happy to know that you
    are enjoying your Italian houseguests. Have fun at Whole Foods.

    I am DEAD tired. I probably slept three hours yesterday. By the end of my shift of today, I felt drunk. I was
    probably slurring my words. But I took on care of three patients (fairly easy ones) and did my first wound
    dressing change. The patient had colon resection surgery and I packed the gaping abdominal wound. It was a
    strange feeling to poke your fingers into somebody's gut. But it was good.

    Need to sleep!!!

    Herring, again get well soon. We all miss you.

    Stars - I have no words. (insert rolly polly rolling with laughter).

    BC - YAY! You and dd had a great time at the show. I know what you mean. I didn't want Come From Away
    to end. It could have gone on and on and on an on! Did you eat at Candle? Where did you get vegetarian

    More after sleep.

    Be good, people.
  6. by   No Stars In My Eyes
    The Good Morning Thread, now dubbed the Daily Diary, almost always begins with The AN Daily Diary Trinity: Ted, Joe, and Tweety, not necessarily always in that order, and not all the time, but often enough to have it noticeable! Cool Beans!

    Get this: Today, my husband's endocrinologist was absolutely flabbergasted at hubby's good condition and numbers; like, in the hospital his A1C was 16 or so. Now it is 5.5. His blood pressure at this appt. was 112/68, his feet in perfect condition and his weight just right. The doc said he couldn't get over how well hubs has been taking care of himself, and he appreciates that he took it seriously. It takes many months, he said, for a lot of patients to get under control or even close to it. Doc said it was a pleasure to work with such a conscientious patient, because he sees them so seldom (!). Hubs said he didn't enjoy almost dying, so he figured if he wanted to stick around, he needs to follow the program. Anyway, hubs will be trying to transition off insulin sometime in the next few months. He has the prescription but won't get it filled for a while. I'm not sure how transitioning from insulin to oral med works, but I don't have to, right now. Doc said If he has side effects like some folks do, they will try him on something different. His next appt is at the end of Sept.

    I went and spent a couple hours visiting with my tiny-ninety at the rehab/nsg home she was discharged to from the hospital. She's on a regular diet, so I brought her the red pepper and gouda soup she loves. She ate that and about 75% of what was on her lunch tray. She looked at the menu (black-eyed peas) and looked at what was on her plate (pinto beans) and said, "You can't fool me! There's not one single eye on ANY of those beans!"
    Next time I go back I will bring her toothpicks, a salt shaker, and some WD-40 to use on her over-bed table which needs a strongman and a heavy foot on the bottom bar, to be convinced to move up or down.
    One son was there when I got there, and after about 30 minutes he left to go to work, and the other son came just as I was leaving. The occ. therapist was evaluating her when I left, surprised at her strength and abilities. She's from sturdy stock!
    Don't know if she'll be there a while or what alternate living arrangements might pan out, but it's in God's Hands, far so good! I doubt she'll be able to go home due to the financial factor; round the clock caregivers cost a lot, even though we only get a teeny percentage of what she has to fork out to my employer.

    Lil Nel, I used to be the Secondary Wound-Care Nurse when I was doing Home Health Baylor W/E's. (The Primary Wound Care RN worked M-F) It is kind of strange to see how deep a wound can be and not be showing any organs or bones! Once when I was packing a hysterectomy incision that had come wide open, this lady's five y.o. grandson slipped some gloves on his little hands and sidled up to her bed and said to me, "I wanna put MY hands in the blood, TOO!" I said, "Kid, you are definitely going in my book!"
    I could tell you lots of wound stories, as I'm sure you might be well aware, but not here, not yet, not now.

    Ted! In high school, if you can remember back that far ago, were you the one who pushed the TV cart to various rooms when requested, set up for movies and for slide shows, handle the copy-machine requests, etc? I used to know what that 'job' was called; in my HS it had a title, but it eludes me at this time. It wasn't called 'technology' back then, so there were no Techno-Geeks. I'm not sure that 'geek' was a word that was used except in referring to some guy in a sideshow: A Pencil-Necked-Geek, or something like that! Maybe it was "Audio-Visual Assistant"? I was going to saying Audio-VIDEO, but ....ha....there weren't any videos then, either! We are OLD! Or at least I'm getting there!
    How is Our Amy of the Delicate Ankles? Really I'm not making fun. I was Our-Lady-of-the-Leg-Bruises when I was younger, and still am to some degree. It seems I ricocheted into any and everything with an edge or corner, anywhere in my vicinity. But to be fair I was working in the spinal-cord post-op-surgery unit back then, and there was lifting, rolling, transfers, and wheelchairs beyond your wildest dreams, plus all kinds of adaptive equipment, and not much space to work in.
    You could invent and then make Amy a pair of knee-hi's with extra sturdy ankle supports for hiking with maybe hydraulic-powered something on the bottom of the feet and lateral ankles that would self-adjust to the terrain....just a thought.

    I was so tired yesterday afternoon, that I went to bed at 6:30 PM !!! I settled down after a while, and slept. Got up to pee at 9:30, stayed up 45 minutes to take my PM meds (with a small bowl of Cheerios, as I may have skipped supper 'n' I was hongry.), then went back to sleep. The dogs woke me up at 5:30 AM to let them out and then have their breakfast, and back to bed again for me! I rolled over and woke up a 8:15 AM, bright-eyed and well rested!

    Yep, last night the 'not-for-free' network took over again. It's kind of like a cowbird, which is an opportunistic bird that goes into another bird's nest, pushes some of the eggs OUT of the nest, and lays her own egg(s) for some other lady-bird to raise.

    Yabba-yabba-blabba. I think I'll stop posting ...for now.
  7. by   Tweety
    Happy to be part of the "Daily Dairy Trinity"...being an earlier riser on the east coast has some privilege.

    Good report from the eye doctor. I'm 20/20 with my current prescription and no changes necessary..eyes are "in as good as health as you can get". I qualify for new glasses on my plan in January so I might get sunglasses instead. It's been about 20 years since I've had prescription sunglasses.

    Decided on a plan for dinner (whole grain orzo with chickpeas and toasted pine nuts) and will head to the gym and grocery store. I had a nice nap, but it was hard to settle down four dogs each vying for attention and a spot on the bed. LOL

    We only really do incisional care on my unit. But I remember working trauma about 25 years ago early in my career I was doing a complex abdominal wound on a gunshot wound victim. He had a trach and I was leaning over him doing the dressing and it was a sterile dressing. He coughed up a thick wad of sputum that hit my face just above my right lip. I said to myself "I can either freak out or I can concentrate and finish up. So I took a sterile gauze and wiped it off, finished up and went about my dressing change all the while maintaining my sterile field. Freaked out later as I hibiclensed my face. LOL Everything in my life and nursing career, I've learned the hard way through my mistakes. After that it was goggles and face mask when doing wound care on a trach patient. LOL

  8. by   Lil Nel
    By the way ALL - I treasure the stories and advice that you share. Great stories Stars and Tweety!

    Stars - Congratulations to dear hubs on his excellent numbers. I am sure that his near death experience had an impact on him, but I'm sure you had a role in his numbers too. To the both of you: Good job!

    Tweety - That dinner description is perfect to me.

    Ted - I love the idea of you and the audio-visual assistant of the hospital.

    I have my doubts that the barn hand cleaned Big Boy's stall. When I did his stall on Friday, I put down a bag full of new shavings (primarily in the middle of the stall). When I walked in today, the shavings looked exactly the way I remember them. I know, I know, who remembers such things? Well, I do because the Big Boy is my world. I called the woman who runs the barn and asked if his stall had been cleaned. She said yes. I'm pretty sure she has no idea whether or not it was cleaned.

    So, I will pay the required $15, and never do this again. I don't care how tired I am, I will drive out and clean the damn stall myself, so I know it is done. The Big Boy was MUD covered as it rained heavily last night. It was too much to brush off, so I hosed it off. The Big Boy looked OFFENDED by the cold water. He's such a spoiled baby.

    Where's Dianah? She should still be camping and pickin and a grinning.
  9. by   Sabby_NC
    Hello one and all,

    Slides in after being AWOL although I have been weaning my time on the computer down, especially on Social Media (FB). Got to the point I could not take the negativity of some stuff and got sick of blocking it. Best move was to remove myself from it and get out and about. This has been the best move for me, being out walking any time I can with one dog then come home and switch to the next one.

    Work has been h*ll on wheels, nothing has changed there *sighs*, I am caring for a not yet 3 week old babe that I am in love with despite the tragic issues and scary realization of how teeny tiny this darling is, it has been a HUGE learning curve. My case load is through the roof and last week being so busy I did over 30 visits and ended up sleeping Saturday away. Ok enough of work it makes steam come out of my ears. LOL

    We have so far experienced a very wet June, emptying inches out at a time but I am so thankful for the rain come summer time it will be different and we will be begging for it so I take each day the good Lord gives me and always try to make lemonade out of lemons. Now to be honest some days it is realllly difficult to do that. LOL

    Loving tinkering in my garden and of course feeding the wild life and making hummingbird syrup every time I turn around but they give me so much joy.

    So tell me how are you all? Fill me in on what has been going on. There is your task, if you should accept it this message will disappear in 5 seconds. LOL

    Sure love and have missed you all, promise not to be such a stranger but sometimes a break is just what the heart and soul needs eh?

    Love ya mean it. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx