Friday October 20 2017

  1. Morning

    Well I have to finish packing this morning, possibly do the laundry too, and head off to the convention. Hopefully the drive shouldn't take more than 3 hours

    I'll admit I'm really nervous, have been since last night. But I'm also looking forward to it and hoping it all goes well. In the past I wouldn't have had the nerve to do this so I'm glad I've changed, I just wish I'd change enough so I wouldn't be so nerovus

    Work was fine yesterday, got a little busy at times but everything got done. Will be nice to be away for a while

    Probably won't be able to post again until Monday as I'm not returning until Sunday afternoon, going to do something with J that Sunday evening
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  3. by   Tweety
    Joe, have a great time at the convention.

    Work yesterday was busy with all those admissions, but not too horrible. They were stacked throughout the day with the last two coming around 0730 after our shift ended. Night shift was short staffed. We were to get a nurse from another floor, but she called her floor to say she'd be late with car trouble, they must have told her she was floating because 30 minutes later at about 30 minutes into her shift she called off altogether. I was so busy I didn't clock out until about 20:45.

    I've been up a bit, but did sleep in. Rolled over in bed and the dog that sleeps with me got so excited that I was getting up to feed him, that I thought I might have sleep into their breakfast time so got up to feed them and saw in the kitchen it was 4AM. Fed them anyway so I could sleep in. When I finally got up at 0730 the dog was so excited that it was time to feed not. Was nice to actually get some sleep though....slept hard from about midnight to 4AM which is good for me.

    My phone has had no service for a couple of days and I really need it. I've done all I can do so I'm going to a store and seeing someone in person to help.

    Today is "wash the sheets' Friday. Got some other chores to do.

    Herring, I need to booty blast my booty today too. LOL

    Lil Nel, it's hard to feel sympathetic for someone that's playing the victim after failing the test three times. Sounds like you're catching up on sleep. I need to sleep 12 hours myself. Hope the Boy isn't so nervous today.

    NSIME, if you ever want to get your OCD on, I have plenty you can do around here.
  4. by   herring_RN
    Good morning!
    Am I really third to post?
    Taking husband to the doctor. CHF acting up. trying to keep him out of the hospital.

    Have as good a day as you can.
  5. by   BCgradnurse
    Good morning!

    It's a gorgeous day out,and I'll be taking the doggo to the town forest for a walk. He's almost back to his old self. I had my appointment at the weight loss center today and am down another 2 pounds. I'm much happier since I was allowed to add fruit back into my diet. I still have a bit of a residual headache, but hopefully a walk in the woods will help clear that.

    My boss asked me if I would consider working 5 days a week instead of 4. I love my Fridays off and hate to give them up. However, he's offering a generous salary increase and I could quit my per diem gig and have every weekend free, and still be making more than I do currently with both jobs. However, I'm a little leery about letting my skills lapse if I quit Urgent Care and just focus on Allergy. But...I hope to only work another 11 years and would like to stay in my current job until then, so does that really matter? I'm not so good with change and I need to ruminate on this a bit, but I think I'd be crazy not to go to 5 days.

    Joe-have fun at the conference! Good for you for putting yourself out there and trying new things. I think you'll be less nervous the more you do this. Tweety-glad you got some good sleep, despite the canine disturbances. Hope you get your phone straightened out. Herring-I'm sorry to hear about DH. I hope he is better soon!

    Off to the woods with dog! Hope all have a great day!
  6. by   Tweety
    Sorry to hear about your husband Herring. Hope he gets well and stays out of the hospital.

    Sounds like a good offer BC....I enjoying having every weekend off and having evenings free when I did 5 days...but five days in a row...bleh.....there really isn't any "good schedule" just one we can make the best of.

    My phone issue is resolved. Basically someone stole my number and put it on another carrier. They did this probably so they can try to get websites to text them my password. So it's identity theft. I have to say they were could about resolving it and I have a new number. Just hope no damage was done the three days I walked around without my phone working. Ugh......
  7. by   nursej22
    Morning folks,
    I spent 3 days this week at a state-wide conference, and a day and a half catching-up on work email. Conference was okay, some presentations better than others, of course. I did my poster presentation, and though I was very nervous, a few folks showed interest and took my card. I am just not good at schmoozing like some people are. My GERD was really acting up, horrible taste in my mouth, back of my throat was red and sore, and voice hoarse. And I had agreed to join a group of coworkers for dinner, and we had Mexican. Its better now, after taking omeprozole for a few days, and several doses of Pepto. The drive there and back was beautiful with the fall colors.

    Yesterday we drove out to a site where we are going to do an immunization clinic next week, to check out the space and see what sort things we will need to bring along. We drove the same county Prius that we took to the conference, and realized half way there, and 20 miles from town, that there was only a quarter of a tank of gas! Of course we are supposed to only go to predetermined gas stations and none were close. But we continued, and got back on fumes, and gassed up in a driving rain storm. We have had 3 successive rain storms come through, with lots of wind and power outages, but minimal flooding. Locals complain if their power is out for an hour, at least they are not in Puerto Rico!

    Planning on going to an art tour tomorrow, and perhaps a movie Sunday. Dh is feeling much better after getting antibiotics for acute diverticulitis.

    That's about it, webinar starting shortly,

  8. by   Lil Nel
    Hello to all.

    I hope you are successful in keeping your husband out of the hospital, Herring. Best wishes.

    Oh, BC, that would be a tough decision to make, but I think you pretty well outlined the pro side of going to five days a week. So glad that Barney the Beloved Bassett Hound is doing so much better! And I hope you both enjoyed your walk in the woods.

    Have fun at the convention, Joe!

    I have never heard of identity theft via a telephone number, Tweety. That is a new one for me. Oh, that is a stressful situation. Hopefully, you caught it early before damage could be done. You seem like a wonderful, charge nurse, Tweety! I always think I would enjoy working with you.

    The 12-hours of sleep is my norm. When I'm not working, I generally sleep between 10 to 12 hours. So when I get four hours of sleep while working, you can all imagine how sleep-deprived I am. Just now, I was sleeping peacefully, and my landlord decided to mow the lawn and park the mower outside of my bedroom window for a while! End of sleep!

    Kind of a quiet night last night. I got back one of my disoriented patients (ugh). Her family decided to show up at 0430 today and park their dirty shoes on her bed, etc. It was amazing because with her family, this patient was lucid!!!!!! Thank goodness she is being discharged today. These folks are the poster children for the ungrateful and rude.

    I made a donation yesterday to a Credit Union that is collecting monies for families affected by the Napa fires (don't know what else to call them). I heard a horrific story on NPR about a family that lost their 14-year-old son, mom and dad are in bad shape, and 17-year-old daughter is in very, bad condition. I wanted to make a donation to that family, but the site charges a $7.50 maintenance fee!!!!!! So I gave instead to the Credit Union that has collected over $6 million and is starting to dole out the money.

    Supposed to have dinner tonight at the outdoor native café with my nurse friend from the psychiatric hospital. This will be after Big Boy chores. It won't really matter what I wear, but I'll try and wear fairly clean barn clothes.

    Taking the Pretty Persian to the vet tomorrow morning for follow-up blood work. He's been taking his Benazepril for two weeks!

    Working Saturday and Sunday.

    Hope everybody is having a great day.
  9. by   dianah
    Home with a middle ear issue, lots of dizziness and some bad bouts of downright vertigo.
    Saw MD, hoping diagnosis is correct and meds help.

    Have read all, gonna go lie down but have responded to you all in my head!
    Hugs to all.

  10. by   BCgradnurse
    Vertigo, ugh! Feel better, Dianah!
  11. by   No Stars In My Eyes
    Hello to the ill, crippled, sleep-deprived, nervous, mulling, dizzy, and all ships at sea! And as Ernest Angley used to say, when he palmed the foreheads of his followers: "Take what chou need! Be HEALED in the nay-um of Jeeasusz! Yayusss!" (hope that isn't offensive to anyone)

    I am among the crippled, so I won't be OCD-ing for you Tweety! No more sorting little items like nails, nuts, bolts, and washers!! Every joint in my right hand is complaining, along with the wrist.

    I worked today for two hours, but did not feel the pain until afterwards, while driving. It started up when holding on to the steering wheel. I had to do a good number of errands which included searching out the address of the person I'm supposed to see Monday and Wednesday. A little confusing, but I found it on my own, as I knew the general vicinity.

    So I had my wrist brace on, but it was of no comfort to my fingers. I steered with my left hand and the side of my right wrist covered by the thickest part of the wrap. But still 'ouching' with every mile.

    Searched several stores for some compression gloves without any success. Got home and sought out a pair of polyester and lycra spandex gloves which I have had for years, but seldom used because they don't fit very well and smoosh the tip of my fingers. *BRIGHT IDEA: snip the tiniest bit off the finger tips and hope they compressed the joints enough while providing warmth to soothe the arthritic twinges. It took about half an hour of holding my right hand up (resting elbow on the sofa arm) for the throbbing twinges to ease off (well, I took Ex Str Tylenol, too). Anyway, things are better right now.

    Looked through a couple catalogs for compression gloves, but I don't need magnets and copper infusion and whatnot. Besides, the gloves I saw only covered up to the second joint. My BRILLIANT idea works better, covering the joint just below the fingertips, as well. Saved myself $9.98 to $12.98 because, per Frank Sinatra: "I did it MYYYYY way!"

    Also have my wrist brace over the glove. Glove is navy blue, brace is flesh-colored. No matter, I ain't a'goin' nowheerez eenywayz. I have the weekend off. Will have to take it easy, hand-wise, tonight and tomorrow. Was going to make salmon patties, but it requires too much dexterity, so it is a frozen meal and a movie for me, tonight. I may go ahead and dude-up my left hand as well, because the wrist, though not as bunged up, is feeling twingey for being asked to carry a little bit more of the work load. If it had lips (wow, that'd be weird!) it would be pouting.

    Hope everyone's miseries find rapid relief!
    See y'en's tomorry!
  12. by   dianah
    Feeling about 50% better tonight.
    Gotta be better to do music tomorrow in Yucca Valley, for church!
    I think by then I will be better, after two more doses of nasal sprays and two doses of the oral meds.
    I still need to be careful how fast I move, and if I lean over or look down, as the residual dizziness increases then.

    Joe, have a safe trip and a fun time at the convention!
    would love to see pics of all the other furries!! (and you of course!)

    No Stars, hope the pain has improved.
    It's just not fair that you have such pain when you do good things (in your home and for others).
    It's just not right.
    Good problem-solving though, using what you had on hand (as it were ).

    nurseJ22, kudos to you for presenting your poster under a less-than-ideal situation!
    Good you are feeling better now re: GERD.

    herring, how is your dh??
    I hope his meds got adjusted and he is feeling better, averted a hospital stay.

    BC, changing to 5days a week from 4 will be, if nothing else, quite the mental adjustment.
    Sure, I know you can do it and I do understand the reasons why you would choose to.
    Hope it all works out well for you.

    Tweety I'm SO sorry to hear about your phone and hacking woes!!
    That just sucks, big-time.
    Hope things can get straightened out soon, and you do not suffer any money loss or credit problems.

    Lil Nel, did you enjoy your dinner with your friend?
    Pretty Persian will get another outing tomorrow, eh? Hope it's good news.
    Do you notice any difference?

    I know as one of the West-coast posters, I am often the last one posting here, and y'all will see this in the morning.
    Hope you all have a good evening and night.