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Hello, I'm a LPN student and I have only 8 months left of my program. My live-in BF of 8 years has decided to break up with me and I'm almost done with school. ������ He says all I ever do is... Read More

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    We're renting.
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    Thank you everyone for all of your kind words , I'm going to get through this program!

    I even told told him I was going to get my BSN, MSN at some point and he said, "Well, we should just break up, because you won't have time for me!" I knew then it was over. He knew I wanted to become a nurse, I've been a CNA for 12 years.

    Im hurt, but I have a program to finish and a life to live!

    I'll keep you all posted! 🙂
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    Quote from Nurseke84
    Hello, I'm a LPN student and I have only 8 months left of my program. My live-in BF of 8 years has decided to break up with me and I'm almost done with school. ������

    He says all I ever do is study and all I care about is nursing school. He still wants me to cook and cater to him. And he never congratulated me on passing any of my semesters. I asked him how come he can't just have my back until I graduated instead of watching me struggle to pay him my half of the bills. He looked me in my face and said, "I didn't tell you to go to nursing school!"

    Now I have no place to live comfortably, my friends and family say I can crash on their sofas when I need a place to sleep sleep and bathe.

    Any advice??
    So glad He showed his true colors now.
    I'm sorry you're hurt, but you have a brand new life in front of you. Do good.
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    The most important lesson I've learned in life is to never, ever rely on a man. For anything. Not personal validation, not emotional support, not financial stability. I'm sorry you've learned this lesson too, but now you get to go forward and be a badass on your own. You got this.
    Don't agree with this statement at all, nor does overtones of man hating. Not all men are bad and the benefits of a good relationship far outstrips the sacrifice of finding a good man. This man maybe bad but there is always two sides to a story. Eg your judgement in being with him in the first place. He must have had good qualities at some point. I agree with most of the advice dispensed eg never giving up on qualifying and striking out on your own but don't give up on men or be unduly influenced by the overall tone struck here.
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    You really don't need this jerk in your life. I went through LPN school and an ADN program. You really can not have any type of social life with either program. I did work through LPN because I was on my own, and I had no other choice. But my nose was in my book when I was not at work or school. Yes my apartment was a hot mess. But you do what you have to do. If you need to crash on the sofa at someone's house, make sure it is someone you can trust. You don't need your stuff stolen or being a sleep and someone comes and tries to put the moves on you. Do what is best for you. Good luck!
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    ~Mi Vida Loca~

    Nope you aren't the only person who is reminded of songs during most every conversation. I can't really say I remember the Fresh Prince theme-song , but I admit to making folks a little crazy:Many others have said to me, "Does EVERYTHING remind you of a song????"

    In a word -- yup.
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    Quote from ~Mi Vida Loca~RN
    ... OP I would be willing to bet a virtual beer that he will be wanting you back again when he sees how you being a nurse can benefit him.

    ... When he finally saw nothing was going to work and I was going to graduate and then I passed my boards and landed a job within a week of graduating he saw he lost the battle. So all of a sudden he wanted to be a nice supportive husband and realized how good my income would be with his. Within 6 months of graduating I was FREE and a year after graduating my divorce was final. Never have I looked back.
    I missed this from some time earlier. PP Vida's post is so very true sadly too many times. I've seen it several times when some gal struggle and then the ex wants back in to benefit for himself.

    To OP - be careful that your deadbeat doesn't try to worm his way beck in. You are worth so much more!!!

    Good luck to you.