Long Distance Relationships

  1. Hi Everyone =)

    Is there anyone involved in a long distance relationship?? If so, how do you feel about it and how long have you been involved in one? :heartbeat
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  3. by   zuzi
    I was involved in a long distance relation ...loooong time ago was nice.... My advices... live high each moment toghter...if it will work... you will be married with him...if not... you will have nice memories! Is easy huh? hugs hon!
  4. by   sunflower777
    Yes you're absolutely right!...its no easy but so far so good
  5. by   flightnurse2b
    it's really hard and it takes alot of work.
    we moved away from CT to FL when i was in high school and my boyfriend and i at the time tried to keep our relationship going long distance for about a year. we took turns flying to see each other once a month, and our phone bills were outrageous. it just didn't work out.. we grew apart, and i think we were both OK with it.
  6. by   Tait
    My husband and I met online several years ago. After his seven year relationship ended he tried to rebound off of me, but I pushed him away for about a year.

    After several hours on the phone one night he convinced me to come and see him at his home (I was in Wisconsin, him in Georgia and I had never been there, he had always visited me).

    Anyway for seven months he flew up to see me for one weekend a month. Honestly by the end of the four weeks apart I was usually doubting everything about the relationship, but then he would fly in all adorable and smiling and solidify it all again for me.

    My Jim was very patient with my trust issues (stemming from several bad relationships) and we kept talking all the time, but it was so hard. It really takes two committed people, and a lot of constant work to keep a long distance relationship working.

    I finally moved when the need to be near him grew to strong and I packed up my apartment, gently told my mom I was moving (I am an only child), and headed down with a cute little $250 Zales promise ring on my finger (his idea entirely!).

    After a month living together we were officially engaged and a year later married. I still have that intense need to be near him, and often miss him simply when he is sleeping in the other room.

    As someone said earlier, either you wind up married, or it doesn't work at all, and that seems to be the case.

    Just keep it open, honest and loving.

    Best of luck!


    PS. I used to think Jim was going on dates because every Friday he would go to a movie with "his parents"...until I got here and realized they were really that close and now I get to go on dates with "his parents" too!

    PSS. One crazy thing I did one night was I made him take a picture with his phone of his brothers dog, and a fork...so I knew he was actually at his parents. I still get flak for that one from my sister-in-law >.<
  7. by   markuskristian
    Had a 2yr relationship with a little over half of it being long distance (Alabama to Germany). It wasn't as bad as everyone thought. Being apart from the person and only having the telephone/webcam to "be with them," it really makes you connect on a deeper level. Ya know, no physical connection. You really start to "listen" to them. The only negativity that's bound to come up is jealousy and paranoia from other people that are with them.

    Oddly enough, mine ended when she was here in Alabama, not over long distance. To this day, I don't know what to make of it all... but I will tell you this, I haven't seen her in three years now, but we talk on the phone at least once a week. We're the closest of friends.
  8. by   bekindtokittens
    I met my husband online. We were close online friends for over a year of online chatting and telephone calls. He wanted more but I had been badly burned in the past and wanted nothing to do with commitment. He sent me small gifts, things that showed he really listened to me, and pursued me like I'd never been pursued. When we finally met (his hometown was my hometown) we had great fun, and I admitted that we might possibly have a great thing together.

    We got married a year later. We've been married almost 7 years now, and I've never had a relationship come this easy. He's never possessive or jealous, and through his positive influence, I was able to let go of those reactions as well. And our long distance relationship continues when he is deployed. He just left for his fourth trip to the Middle East.

    I think long distance relationships can be very rewarding, but they require a great deal of trust.

    My long distance relationship worked out great for me.
  9. by   StudentH
    I live in Colorado; he lives in Arizona. It's been long distance since August 2009, but we've been dating for 3 years. Christmas break was hard. I got to see him for a week, but I was so darn bored for the other 4 weeks of break. It's easier when I'm in school because I'm so busy that some days we don't even have time to talk.
  10. by   uswoman
    How's this for long distance: Cincinnati, OHio, and Northland, New Zealand. I met my partner online when he was working in the states, a few years ago. I wasn't looking for love, so he found me. Well, after a lot of months of separation, hundred of hours on the phone, and working out lots of details - here I am living in New Zealand, still with my partner and just enjoying life as it comes at me.

    Yeah, they can work.

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