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Hi guys. Just wondering what the opinions of some members are + need some advice. So here goes: My grandfather has been with his PCP for almost a year now, getting monthly visits. I sometimes go home to take care of him... Read More

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    Thanx everyone for your replies. It puts things into perspective I needed that.
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    Quote from R!XTER
    If anything he will probably take extra good care of grandpa to impress you. Personally I would not want to date a doctor as they have crazy schedules and obligations, must put patients before family etc.

    Yes exactly- conflict of interest. What what happens when things end badly, not saying hes a bad person, but will he still take as good of care of him? I agree with what a lot of the other psoters said, kinda creepy, but if you want to go for it sure, but find gramps a new doc in the meantime

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