Zero Day Flaw In Microsoft DirectShow With QuickTime Content

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    Microsoft posted a quick fix for a zero day flaw found in Microsoft Directshow used in processing Quicktime content. This vunerability affects users of Windows XP, 2000, and Server 2003. If any of you have Windows XP, it would be a good idea to download the ‘enable fix’ and the ‘disable fix’ installers. These will download the Microsoft installers on your hard drive. Once you finish the downloads, which only takes seconds if you have cable or DSL internet, double click on the ‘EnableAdvisory971778’ and the quickfix will be written to your Windows registry.

    Once a permanent security update is finished and sent via Windows Update or Microsoft Update to your computer, you can double click the ‘DisableAdvisory971778’ to disable the quickfix. The good thing is your XP computer will be protected until the permanent fix is in place. Microsoft rates this as a critical vulnerability to XP. It does not affect Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008, or the upcoming Windows 7.

    Click the following to go to Microsoft’s web page to get your downloads:

    Windows XP DirectShow Security Quickfix:

    The terminology ‘Zero Day’ is applied to malware or security breaches in software that have not appeared before, and consequently there is a time lag between its appearance and a permanent solution to the bugger.

    Microsoft has discontinued bug fixes of Windows XP except for paid support contracts such as for Enterprise license holders. However, everybody should enjoy security updates until 2014.

    Microsoft has supported XP longer than any previous OS in terms of bug fixes, partly due to the popularity of netbooks, and partly due to the strong reluctance to embrace Windows Vista. But after three service packs, most software bugs of any consequence have all been worked out of XP.
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