Xmarks, We Will Miss You!

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    "Xmarks, We Will Miss You!" acknowledges Xmarks as a great free cross platform Bookmark synchronization service that will soon be discontinued. Possible options to replace Xmarks functionality are discussed and links are provided for review.

    Xmarks, We Will Miss You!

    Xmarks, the browser bookmarks synchronization tool that works on most platforms is shutting down its service on January 10, 2011. It is possible Xmarks will be available in a paid version, but the free version is riding off into the sunset. In earlier blogs we discussed Xmarks for Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer.

    What made Xmarks so attractive was its ability to synchronize all the browsers with one service. There are still options available to synchronize our bookmarks, but each browser will have to use a unique tool.

    Firefox fans can download Mozilla's free Firefox Sync add-on from this location. The add-on saves your browser settings, bookmarks, and passwords, and also synchronizes them with any other Firefox installations in your home or business.

    I have downloaded it to test the waters, and hopefully will find it to be satisfactory. The Sync tool is already included in the Firefox version 4 beta, and should be included in the final release of Firefox 4.

    For those who favor the Chrome browser, you may already be aware that Chrome has its own built in sync tool to keep your Favorites organized. To activate Chrome sync, click the tool icon, select Options, and then select Personal Stuff.

    At the top of that menu you will find buttons to configure and initiate browser synchronization. Chrome sync also incorporates the ability to sync your preferences, themes, autofill data, and extensions across all your Chrome installations.

    If you use Internet Explorer, or another browser that does not have an available sync add-on, then you can check out Delicious here. Delicious is a free online service that stores your bookmarks online so you can access them from any location, any computer, and most popular browsers.

    Were you an Xmarks user?

    Which sync tool do you plan on moving to?

    If you know of other alternatives, please share them. Your comments are very welcome.
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    By way of update, it seems that xMarks will be available after all for a modest annual fee of $10.00. Not a bad deal, when you consider it crosses more OS and browser lines than any other such service of which I am aware.