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    if you are a long time user of microsoft office, and were less than overjoyed with the ribbon menu system featured in office 2007, rejoice! there is a free menu add-in available for download.

    while the ribbon menu has its good points, and will undoubtedly grow in popularity as time passes, the menu add-in is just what the doctor prescribed to ease into the transition. some have questioned why microsoft did not make a menu available for those who prefer it. whatever their reasoning, we will be seeing more of the ribbon system in other microsoft programs.

    i have used the add-in for around two months now. there has been no change in the stability and performance of office since the installation of the menu. when you run the executable, it installs the menu tab just after the home tab. when you click on the menu tab, you will find everything pretty much where you would expect. the only real downside i can see in having the menu available is that it makes it easier to just ignore the ribbon system. i try not to rely on it, but rather try to acquaint myself with where everything is located in the ribbon. however, when i am stumped, and in a hurry, i click that menu tab and go for it.

    here is a photo of the ribbon before the menu add-in:

    you can get to the download page by clicking the following link:

    ubitmenuuk office 2007

    here is a photo of the ribbon after the menu add-in (note the ribbon is still there, but with the menu tab added as an option:

    if you would prefer a program that will replace office 2007’s ribbon with the same menu used in office 2003, there is a commercial software package available that will do just that. you can get to the web site by clicking the following link:

    show classic menus and toolbars on ribbon of microsoft office 2007

    how do you like the office 2007 ribbon? if you already use one of these menu fixes, what are your thoughts about it? any comments or do you know of other menu add-ins you can share with us?
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  3. by   Joe V
    I love the new ribbon menu system in Office 2007...
    granted it took some getting use to but I love the simplicity.

    Now, I'm not saying that I don't like this option.

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