Microsoft Announces "Screaming Deals" For Windows 7

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    Microsoft today announced they have some "screaming deals" for users of all versions of Windows XP and Vista. The program will begin tomorrow, June 26, in the United States, Canada, and Japan. It is scheduled to end on July 11 in the U.S. and Canada, and on July 5 in Japan, or as Microsoft put it "while supplies last". Apparently Microsoft has established a pre-set quantity of the special buys, so it would behoove anyone wanting to take advantage of the offer to buy earlier rather than later. It will be interesting to monitor tomorrow's sales numbers.

    The "screaming deals" pre-orders are available online at Best Buy and U.S. pricing is $50 for the Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade, and $100 for the Windows 7 Professional upgrade. These prices are roughly 50% off the regular price. Microsoft's online store will reportedly honor these prices as well. Microsoft also said that pre-order pricing outside the U.S. would vary by country.

    For those living in the U.K., France, or Germany, the pre-order period begins on July 15 and ends on August 15, or while supplies last.

    While we can buy Windows 7 tomorrow at the special pricing, we will not actually receive the operating system until its retail launch in October. Also, XP users will have to do a clean install, while Vista users can choose to do a clean install or upgrade over top of their existing Vista installation. There seems to be consensus that a clean install is the best way to go whenever changing your OS, in that it reduces the risk of conflicts and other problems. However, there are those saying that upgrading to Windows 7 over a Vista install should entail minimal risks due to the similarity in the two operating systems. I always opt for a clean install whenever possible. In either case, be sure to have a fresh backup of all your data files before proceeding.

    I intend to purchase a Windows 7 Home Premium package to upgrade either my XP Core 2 desktop or my Toshiba Satellite Vista laptop. I haven't decided which one to upgrade just yet.

    If you have been in a holding pattern concerning the purchase of a new computer, tomorrow would be a good time to begin the search for just the right machine to fit your needs or desires. Microsoft announced today that any Windows PC loaded with a premium version of Vista purchased between June 26, 2009 and January 31, 2010, would be eligible for a free Windows 7 upgrade. The Vista versions that qualify for the free upgrade are Vista Home Premium, Vista Business and Vista Ultimate. The free upgrade would of course be to the equivalent Windows 7 package.

    What do you think about the "screaming deals"? Do you think they are great deals? Will you take advantage of the special pricing? Or are you happy to keep XP or Vista? Alternatively, do you plan on purchasing a new Vista PC during the qualifying period?

    If you are planning to abandon Windows for Mac OSX or Linux, we would be interested in hearing about that too! Please share your thoughts with us.
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  3. by   Joe V
    ahh, I was waiting for this date

    now I can purchase a new computer...
    just purchased 2 Windows 7 Premium Upgrades

    you just can't beat the price!

    (I won't be surprised if they keep these prices when launched. They really do need to change their price structure.)
  4. by   FranEMTnurse
    I recently a new vista professional laptop, so I qualify for the new upgrade. Yay!!!!!