How many people, here, are purchasing SSDs or computers with SSDs?

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    Just curious. . . How many people here are either upgrading their computers with Solid State Drives (SSDs) or purchasing new computers with SSDs already installed? I know that SSDs are more expensive, but, DANG!, they sure move things right along when starting the computer, or engaging a software program or editing video!
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  3. by   TC3200
    Glad you reminded me: I have a 265GB SSD in a box. I purchased it last July or August. It probably had a 1yr warranty. So I hope it's not a DOA drive, hahahahaha!
  4. by   Ted
    TC3200 - Hopefully it works for you!! How do you plan on using it? As a primary drive? As a second or third drive? I've installed SSD on two of my computers and set them up as primary drives. Programs load up fairly quickly, now.