Don't Lose the Internet in July!

  1. I didn't see this here. I'm posting just in case some of us need the information. Just heard a bit about it on the radio.
    Don't Lose the Internet in July!
    FBI Repeats DNS Changer Warning

    The FBI has repeated a warning that as many as half a million computers still infected with the malware could lose their Internet connections on July 9 because the agency is shutting down an expensive workaround to the problem. --,2817,2403364,00.asp
    The FBI is seeking information from individuals, corporate entities and Internet Services Providers who believe that they have been victimized by malicious software ("malware") related to the defendants. This malware modifies a computer's Domain Name Service (DNS) settings, and thereby directs the computers to receive potentially improper results from rogue DNS servers hosted by the defendants.

    If you believe you have been victimized in this case, please type your DNS information into the search box below.

    Information on how to determine your DNS settings, along with other technical details about DNSChanger, can be found at
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  3. by   lstSmile
    Sorta freaky - but I checked it out anyhow I'm DNSChanger free it seems

    It's an unfortunate situation to be found in I'm sure.