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(sorry, the title should have read: what brand of makeup do you wear?) i've been on a make-up frenzy lately and have tried different department store make-ups. my latest try was mac...which i... Read More

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    When I was a 16 year old candy striper a patient told me, "It makes me feel happy when you come in smiling. And to think you think I'm are worth putting on lipstick just to help me with a straw."
    I wear Cover Girl Simply ageless after Aveeno moisturizer when wearing make up.And low cost mascara. but In use mood lipstick because it lasts a long time.Because of that lady i still put on lipstick for work to show I tried to look my best.

    After a long shift when makeup is worn off people tell me I look tired.
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    I love the Max Factor pan stick, maybelline mascara, soft lips chapstick, and a smear of light eye shadow....many brands.
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    I am gorgeous with or without it. Love to play in it anyway. At home I will put so much on I look like a clown! Makes me laugh every time. Then I wash my face and laugh some more. Try it it's fun! I use Covergirl Queen Collection and Maybelline's instant Age Rewind. Great base. People tell me I still look good unless I'm angry then they say I look tired! LOL
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    I don't wear much makeup either. Drives my daughter and drove my mom (rip) nuts. I think her last words to me were "go put on some blush". If I wear eye makeup at home I generally forget I have it on and rub my eye, giving me the unilateral raccoon look. That's when DD reeeaallly recoils in horror and I say, "What???". I think she fears I'll start going out in public wearing hot pink pants with a holiday print blouse buttoned crooked.
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    The all natural brand. I don't wear any.
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    I don't wear makeup at all. But I do think those that do look more professional.
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    I'm Asian, so of course I'm in love with BB Cream. It's something many people have never heard of, but it's a very light all in one makeup that's supposed to be good for your skin. Only drawback is that if your complexion is darker, you need to blend it with foundation that matches your skin or else it will look too white.

    I use Lashblast because it doesn't come off easily when I'm cleaning people or bathing them. And for eyeliner, I only tightline the top line because I don't like to wear obvious makeup.
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    Quote from herring_RN
    When I was a 16 year old candy striper a patient told me, "It makes me feel happy when you come in smiling. And to think you think I'm are worth putting on lipstick just to help me with a straw."
    I have a similar story. A guy friend told me once that when he woke up in the ICU, the first person he saw was this haggard, frumpy-looking nurse. It wasn't a very encouraging sight. I understand that nursing is more than just a pretty face but it helps to look presentable for your patients.

    In that regard, I use the following in order:
    -Olay moisturizer spf 15
    -Mary Kay Liquid Foundation
    -Loreal powder
    -NARS for my blush
    -MAC for my eye primer
    -Chanel for my eye shadow
    -Loreal mascara

    I keep my look simple and natural.
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    Quote from Franemtnurse
    The all natural brand. I don't wear any.
    With your smile you look beautiful!
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    I'm one of those type of ladies who looks better with makeup on than without it. Its actually quite frightening when i don't have my face on at all. I enjoy the process of applying it and experimenting with different things. I'm more of a neutral-type of girl rather than colors. If I had to pick just one brand to wear, I'd say it would be MAC. I love the variety of the brand. I also enjoy Smashbox, Wet N Wild, Tarte, Maybelline and Urban Decay.
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