Ok, lets talk turkey....About Peri-Menopause... Ok, lets talk turkey....About Peri-Menopause... | allnurses

Ok, lets talk turkey....About Peri-Menopause...

  1. 4 Is it just me, or does this peri-menopause business just suck the life out of one?????
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    It sucks the very life out of you! I spent about five years roasting everywhere I went, drenching the sheets at night, sneaking the thermostat down to 60* when my husband wasn't watching. I bought him wool longjohns and he stopped complaining about how
    COLD the house was.

    It was turning beet red wherever I went and having other women look at me, then at each other and smile knowingly. My periods remained as regular as always but my hormones were running amok and I was only ovulating occasionally. My husband's nickname for me no longer fit. He called me the energizer bunny. Suddenly I needed about 10 hours of sleep every night. When I was about two months from my 50th birthday, I missed my period. I didn't think much of it but when I missed the next one and had sore breasts too,
    I bought a pregnancy test. As they used to say in my mom's day, the rabbit died. After several miscarriages, and the loss of our son in infancy, I was pregnant at FIFTY! While we were deciding how we felt, I miscarried.

    My 50th birthday present from him? He had a vasectomy! I wasn't able to take replacement hormones -- synthetic or otherwise -- and eventually, my system settled down eventually. I still have an occasional hot flash but not often.
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    I'm in my early 30s - and menstruating as I type this. . .

    Anyhow, I hope I don't go through early menopause. I have a paternal aunt who started going through the 'change of life' in her late 30s and that scares the snot out of me.

    Since my mother had a hysterectomy at age 35, I have no idea when she would have naturally entered menopause if there had never been any surgery.

    I'm at risk for early menopause due to my longstanding thyroid problems (hyperthyroid with Graves Disease from age 17 to 24, had a radioactive iodine ablation at age 24 and have been hypothyroid ever since). I just hope it doesn't happen!
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    Mine lasted about 8 yr.

    Picture this:
    Hot flash while scrubbed in: hair bonnet, mask, gown, gloves, shoe covers, AND a lead wraparound apron under the gown!
    We keep the room 66-68 degrees but sometimes it isn't cold enough!

    (I won't tell you about the nights of broken sleep since .... wake up every 2-3 hr even though bone-tired.. "straight eight" would be wonderful!! But somehow we survive and soldier on....)

    Hang in there!
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    I am in my early forties. I went on a low dose birth control pill and it does seem to help me. I don't think I've had the worst of it yet though looking at some of the symptoms you're all describing. I have had the odd hot flash.
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    I think I have turned into some sort of alien being. From someone who barely noticed anything to do with my period to GEEZE, what the heck is THIS now has been draining.

    And darn, it is hot in here!!
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    I am 2.5 years in. The thought that it could be another 5 years is distressing. I assumed I had another few years to muddle through the hot flashes, broken sleep, having to walk around "armed" with supplies at all times because I have no idea when the next period will arrive (3 weeks? 2 months? They've both happened; this after over 30 years of periods that arrived like clockwork.) I. hate. this.!!!
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    I'm so sorry y'all are going through this, ladies. I got pretty lucky---started having hot flashes around age 43 and had my last period somewhere between 47-48. Compared with my mother and sister, both of whom never STOPPED having hot flashes, I've fared very well. Those years were awful though......waking up soaking wet, then freezing; horrible mood swings on top of what I already had with my then-undiagnosed bipolar disorder; unbelievably heavy periods that made me so anemic at one point that I needed a transfusion.

    I think menopause knocked my thermostat out, because I get chilly around October and don't usually thaw out till July. I've had my thyroid checked every year since I went through menopause, and it's perfect so I can't blame it on that. Dunno what that whole business is about, but that's OK---I love, love, LOVE not having to play that monthly game of Let's Make A Mess.
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    Quote from StNeotser
    I am in my early forties. I went on a low dose birth control pill and it does seem to help me. I don't think I've had the worst of it yet though looking at some of the symptoms you're all describing. I have had the odd hot flash.
    I was listening to NYU Docs on Sirius Radio last night and the subject was peri-menopause and sexual issues. The doctor's recommendation for all the issues surrounding peri-menopause (when you are still menstruating) was a low-dose birth control pill. It helps with the mood swings, the fatigue, etc.

    I am in menopause now but my peri-menopause time started in my late 30's. Surprise baby at 44. Menopause at 51 and glad of it.

    Still have hot flashes . .. they come and go.
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    I had disgustingly regular periods until I was 58! I was beginning to think I'd be buying Tampax with my SS check! My husband was a menopause baby. His mom hadn't had a period for 18 months which is scary.

    My Great Grandmother who had 10 kids, had the first one at age 28 and the last at age 52. She was a college graduate and was active her entire life. I'd just love to be able to talk to her over a cup of tea (as an adult) and ask how she coped with that many kids, perimenopause, menopause, birth control being illegal for most of her childbearing years, being forced by society into just being Mrs.
    ____, or Judge ___'s wife instead of Emily. I would love to have known that woman. It would b so strange to be in the midst of perimenopause andto be pregnant or nursing at the same time.

    Grandma died when I was almost nine, so I do remember some things. But it's not the same.
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    There is a HUGE advantage to being menopausal if you have cats! You don't have to run all around the house two minutes before company is due to arrive looking for and picking up Tampax "mice."
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    Quote from sharpeimom
    There is a HUGE advantage to being menopausal if you have cats! You don't have to run all around the house two minutes before company is due to arrive looking for and picking up Tampax "mice."
    Ha! Ha! Ha!
    I just have to be on the look out for my teenage daughter's!
    I make her keep her bathroom door closed to keep the cat and dog out now.

    I'm 43 and I've been done with periods for two years now.
    The hot flashes have mostly passed, but they were horrendous!
    I had to have my own sheet and blanket because I was throwing them off and on all dang night!
    My poor husband!
    I even kept a cooling pad in my bed, I was so miserable.

    The worst part was the killer hypothyroidism and menopause combo.
    Oh, joy!
    I went from a size 10 to a darn 14 and was pushing a 16 when I finally convinced my doc to up my levothyroxine.
    I'm back down to a 12 and am looking and feeling much better, thank goodness.
    I try to stay active and have upped my exercise.
    I also know I can't eat the way I used to

    Personally, I'm glad I went through it already and am done.

    Both my mom and grandma began in their thirties, so I guess it's no surprise I did too.
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    I know little about the subject. My grandmother, mother, sister, daughter, and I all had to have hysts due to massive issues. I do have one sister who managed to remain intact and she has had episodic bleeding well into her late 60's. It has been checked out multiple times and she is OK.

    I went on Premarin about 1 year after the surg. I had a surgical menopause even though I still had my ovaries. Pretty much the same story for my mom and my daughter. My DD was the only once ever dx'ed with cancer but all of us think it is a genetic thing. I suspect we all had cancer cells not IDed. Now my one grand niece is following the same path.

    I have been off HRT for about 5 years. Had been off them once before but even I could not stand myself then. I still get hot flashes and night sweats. I accept I will have them forever. I always dress in layers to take off and put on many times a day. I usually don't soak the sheets but nightgowns sometimes don't make it all night.

    Every one of us agrees we are much better off without the excessive bleeding, pain, infections, etc. There are good reasons to get a hysterectomy. In my family only the gay sister has been spared the need for one.