Menopause gives us pause...

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    I think I might have to find me some french pine bark extract...said in the midst of a hot flash when it is -10 outside.
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    I'm sorry....I remember those days all too well. Thankfully I was through with it in about 5 years, and haven't had a period or more than a handful of hot flashes or night sweats since I was 47. Love post-menopause. WOOT!
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    i am the type of person who would have NOT handled menopause gracefully.
    i despise feeling hot and adore the fall and winter months.
    i sleep with my windows open in the dead of winter and keep my thermostat on 64.
    so yeah tewdles, i'm sorry it's that time for you.

    i never experienced any symptoms when i went through the change, except the cessation of periods.
    that's it.
    and i haven't wrinkled up or become kyphotic, lol.
    do whatever it takes tewdles.
    may i suggest conscious sedation for the next 5 yrs?

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    I think I am already consciously sedated...LOL
    In Alaska we call that sedation winter...
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    Quote from leslie :-D
    may i suggest conscious sedation for the next 5 yrs?

    haha Leslie - how about 20

    Says the girl in the midst of going thru it.

    Mine is not bad and actually the mood swings are better than when I was perioding thank God! I've only stopped my periods since July so I may still be in for it.

    Quote from tewdles
    I think I am already consciously sedated...LOL
    In Alaska we call that sedation winter...
    haha Tewdles!
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    Mine was pretty bad, and i was stunned, that i did have such a hard time with it, cuz i always saw myself as very durable, sturdy type, but nooooooooo, i had troubles.
    I had hot flashes, insomnia (which, at the time, i didn't realize WAS a symptom) a lil trouble focusing, and gained almost 20 lbs. My hot flashes were pretty bad for months, and once, while watching a nature show about creatures at the bottom of the ocean that blink off and on, i pointed at tv, and told my family, "THAT looks like, how i FEEL!!"

    ON the bright side, this reverse puberty does end.

    For me, mentalpause was such a shock to my system, it was almost like waking up with someone else's metabolism and body.

    Anyone see that movie "Avatar" about humans being transferred into blue alien-ish bodies? Mentalpause for me, was like that scene where the guy wakes up for first time in the new, blue body..

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    (okayyyyyyy maybe i am exaggerating juuust a lil bit there..)

    but, it ends!! Then, it's all good.
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    I'll take the heat anyday, since the joys of menopause have started the migraines have stopped. Huzza! I live in the desert anyway.
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    'Mental'pause.........HAHAHAHA!!! Gotta love that one, because even the sweetest and most even-tempered women can turn into crazed b's. Including sweet and even-tempered me.
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    so have any of you heard about this bark?
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    Yeah. ARF.

    Sorry........couldn't help myself.

    Actually, I hadn't heard of this until now. Back in my day, it was black cohosh that was in vogue for treating hot flashes 'naturally'. Gave me the worst heartburn of my life! It's also not great if you're fighting HTN on top of the personal summers.

    Should be interesting to see if it works, or if it's only another snake-oil treatment.
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