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Currently, I am using a few dvds for fitness Gilad -Ultimate Body Sculpt series Gilad-Lord of the Abs series Essentrics Classical Stretch Fluidity (Barre workout) I also... Read More

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    Definitely, home or outdoors.

    I definitely have mixed opinions regarding gyms. The gyms I have attended in the past seemed to me like "meat markets". Watch out for those touchy-feely personal trainers, male or female. Not saying all of them are bad, but some are very unprofessional. I'll just say, I've had some bad personal experiences at gyms which left me not coming back to them. I'm there to workout. Not be stared at, hit on by males (I'm married), or judged. What I do miss are the aerobics/dance classes but one can easily join those at other places without a gym.

    I enjoy walking on my treadmill at home and doing my workout to dvds. I personally like the Insanity dvd. I also take my dog for walks. I have some free-weights at home for strength training and I do alot of floor excercises.

    I typically do 30-45 minutes of cardio 4-5 days a week, and then strength train my upper or lower body on alternating days. Sometimes, I'll switch it up with a dvd or take my workout outside.
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    I wish I was disciplined enough to work out at home, but I can't seem to motivate myself to, so I maintain a gym membership and go to a yoga studio. I used to like to run outside but my knees got old and I need less impact so the gyms cardio machines come in real handy.

    Being in FL the gym, even though Eckerd College is close by isn't a meat market and has all ages, including older and middle aged people, so I'm quite comfortable there.
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    We (my hubby and I) joined a gym about 6 weeks ago to get ready for the vacation we just returned from. Prior to that we walked, rode bikes. We have P90X videos but like Tweety I wasn't disciplined enough.I know what you mean Capricorn regarding meat markets. I have seen a couple of creeps staring at ladies on treadmills. Or there are the ones who want you to stare at them. The last time I went to the gym (always go with hubby to keep it less complicated with the creeps) there was a guy,probably in his 50's, had to be on steroids. He was massive and had a Gold's Gym strip of cloth..I mean tank top...on. And he would strut around like a peacock and just stand in place for a few minutes then walk somewhere else. It was pretty funny. I imagined him talking in an Arnold Scwarzneggar voice saying "loook at my mossles. Notice me!" Or the girl on the treadmill with the yoga shorts and sports bra that has to throw her head back (ok...exagerating a little..but just barely) and wipe the sweat off her neck and chest while prevously mentioned creep stares. Yuck.And no...I don't stare but you notice these things when you are on elliptical for a while.One way of solving the problems is we go early now like 8:30 am on weekdays when every day people like us are there. No creepos.
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    Work the punching bag! Mess with me, KICK! And this, KICK! Is what you'll get, KICK! Throw in a punch for effect!

    Creepos -at least the smart ones- are guaranteed to stay the _ away.

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