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    The Case Against the New Health Care Law (PPACA)

    Nov 29, '11 - The lynchpin of the PPACA is the individual insurance mandate. Without the individual mandate, the entire health care reform legislation loses its base of support and ultimately collapses. To date, federal appellate courts have been split concerning the constitutionality of the individual mandate. Which way do you think the Supreme Court will ultimately decide?

    by VickyRN 35 comments Last by toomuchbaloney

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    Recovery: A Journey, Not a Destination

    Apr 5 - Here's a cautionary tale of the lessons learned from a relapse that occurred more than two decades after this nurse achieved sobriety. Though the means were different, the motive for violating abstinence was very much the same as it was back in my drinking days.....and it produced the same sorry results.

    by VivaLasViejas 10 comments Last by eldersense

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    Random Thoughts on New Orleans

    Apr 11 - New Orleans, also known as the 'Big Easy' and 'NOLA,' is a Southern city entrenched in tradition and permeated with a uniquely special culture. This piece lists my random thoughts as a visitor to New Orleans.

    by TheCommuter 1 comments Last by Ruas61

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    Men Who Fail To Launch Into Adulthood

    Oct 26, '12 - A skyrocketing number of young adults, mostly men, are trapped in perpetual stasis and have been failing to launch into adulthood. Does this trend have any long-term implications regarding social issues such as dating, marriage, and family formation? This article is a small window into my personal woes involving the dating game.

    by TheCommuter 46 comments Last by liberated

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    To The Lonely Seas And The Sky -- Part 16

    Apr 10 - The fictional tale of lighthouse keepers in the 1880's, tending a Lake Michigan lighthouse. The characters in this story are completely fictional, while the lighthouse is quite real and still in use. The details of its function, while not necessarily specific to this exact light, are consistent with the general function of lighthouses in this era.

    by SoldierNurse22 0 comments

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    To The Lonely Seas And The Sky -- Part 15e

    Mar 31 - The end of Part 15. It's been an intense several weeks of living in my mind in 1863, seeing that battlefield as it must have looked in the aftermath of one of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War. It is with hesitation myself that I depart Gettysburg with Ellie, myself as spellbound and mystified as she, as if looking over my own shoulder as this phase of my story slips away into a new chapter...

    by SoldierNurse22 1 comments Last by VivaLasViejas

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    5 Tips to Grow Back Over Plucked Eyebrows

    Feb 6 - Almost all girls go through the phase when they find their eyebrows either too thick or shapeless and that’s when they try to pluck their eyebrows to give them a better look. So girls start to pluck their brows with tweezers or try to wax them etc. and before they know it they end up getting the brows that are too thin for their liking.

    by jazzpollard 4 comments Last by Nalon1 RN/EMT-P

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    When your adult child makes the headlines....for the wrong reasons

    Jan 7 - The big news headline, the lead-off story on the six-o-clock news, the incident that the radio dj is talking about. This is the story of US – the parents of these kids that provide the headlines for YOU to discuss….come inside our world

    by traumaRUs 16 comments Last by toomuchbaloney

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    Cell Phones

    Dec 5, '12 - The convenience of having a phone with us where ever we go is certainly a positive thing. However, now we are beginning to feel as if we can't do anything or go anywhere without making sure our phone is with us. When our possessions start possessing us, we might want to consider the possibility of a problem.

    by MusicalCoffee 22 comments Last by GoldenRoya

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    To The Lonely Seas And The Sky -- Part 15d

    Mar 23 - Careening toward the 6-month mark of story writing. Thank you once again to all of my readers who continue to follow this adventure! It is my pleasure and privilege to continue to develop this unpredictable story.

    by SoldierNurse22 2 comments Last by SoldierNurse22

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    To The Lonely Sea And The Sky -- Part 15c

    Mar 18 - Five pages for you, gentle readers. My appreciation as always for your patience! I hope you enjoy an exceptionally long chunk of this story that's been building up for the past two weeks. Looks like there will be two more parts to Part 15, which isn't showing signs of slowing down just yet...

    by SoldierNurse22 0 comments

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    Thank You Nurse Luna!

    Mar 14 - This is the story of how Luna, the family dog, helped to aid my mother back to health after suffering a car accident. To my surprise, even as her daughter and a Nurse, I still lacked what my mother needed to get better. I soon realized however that Luna was the key to my mothers recuperation. At first I was critical of the dog because she was from the shelter but given the opportunity Luna proved to be a caring companion, for us all.

    by Sea_of_Roses 0 comments

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    To The Lonely Seas And The Sky -- Part 15b

    Mar 4 - A'right, a'right, a little over a week...but not bad, no? :) Thanks as always to my constant readers. For those of you just joining us, please head back to the first part of this (presently) 18-part story!

    by SoldierNurse22 2 comments Last by SoldierNurse22

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    Bicycle Basics: Different Types of Bicycles

    Jul 3, '12 - Cycling is a fun hobby that promotes health and fitness. This article goes over some of the most common types of bicycles. Before purchasing that new shiny bicycle, think long and hard as to which type bike is best suited to your needs.

    by VickyRN 19 comments Last by toomuchbaloney

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    Adolescent Inservice and Sleep Deprivation

    Jun 14, '10 - Rrecently, I was required to attend a 3 hour afternoon insevice. It was given by the hospital on the specifics of dealing with the patients and paperwork in the Adolescent Behavioral Health program. This program treats males and females between the ages of 13 and 18...

    by Davey Do 2 comments Last by Davey Do