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Random Thoughts on New Orleans

By TheCommuter - I first visited New Orleans at the very end of last month (March 2014) and feel slightly ashamed that I have not seen the city sooner for a myriad of reasons. First of all, I have been residing in Texas, a state that borders Louisiana, since 2005. Second of all, I have previously been to northwestern Louisiana more than once to see Shreveport and Bossier City, but never bothered to venture into the culturally-rich southeastern part of... Read More


Recovery: A Journey, Not a Destination

By VivaLasViejas - I used to be so proud of my sobriety. Every year that I stayed away from alcohol was a cause for celebration. New Year's Eve of 1991 was the last time I'd taken a drink, and as the years passed I became more and more confident that I would go through the rest of my life without ever taking another. Eventually, I reached ten years of sobriety.......then fifteen.......then twenty. In fact, I made it all the way to 21 years, eight... Read More


To The Lonely Seas And The Sky -- Part 15d

By SoldierNurse22 - The rest of the day passed as quietly and unremarkably as the days before it. Ellie and Thomas awoke the next morning and returned to their duties in the back yard, the sunny day overtaken with darkening clouds by the late afternoon. “Anoeder storm,” Thomas clucked his tongue and gazed up at the sky, which was quickly turning an ominous shade of purple. “I suppose it is to be expected as de winter comes.” A stiff wind whipped... Read More


Thank You Nurse Luna!

By Sea_of_Roses - As we pulled up to the house Luna started ferociously barking at us from the window, “what a welcome” I mumbled. My husband, I and our two young sons were going to stay a few days at my parents house to help out after my mother’s accident, but I hadn't considered Luna, a shelter dog my mom had recently rescued from being “destroyed”. I rarely spent much time around Luna because of our new baby but to be honest I hadn't shown much... Read More


To The Lonely Seas And The Sky -- Part 15a

By SoldierNurse22 - Ellie and Liesl took care to walk at a regular pace through the hallway, down the steps and a fourth of the way up the tower until they broke into a sprint. It felt like the great adventures they used to play as children in Germany, Liesl thought as she followed Ellie up the tower steps. Before Johann and Maidie were born, Ellie and Liesl used to run barefoot through their small village and in the cold mountain streams. Some days,... Read More


To The Lonely Seas And The Sky -- Part 14

By SoldierNurse22 - Faint, faded yellow light began to creep into the edges of the pervasive darkness. His eyes felt heavy, but a familiar silhouette prompted him to fight the firm hold of the encroaching sleep. He drew in a deep breath and reached for the surface of consciousness, desperately kicking at the quiet nothing that sought to pull him back down into a dreamless slumber. His eyelashes stuck together, but he forced his eyes open as he used... Read More


What's New on allnurses

By Joe V - Below is an outline of some of the changes we made as of this date. A new mobile app and mobile style will accompany these changes in the next few weeks. Our goal is to create a unifying experience across different types of devices. ie. computers, tablets, phones, etc. Items that we will talk about in this article... Tool Bar Options (What's New, MarkRead, Get Daily, etc) Sidebar Likes / Replies Content Bar Search... Read More


To The Lonely Seas And The Sky -- Part 12

By SoldierNurse22 - Liesl sat amidst the disarray of sheets on the bed, her husband's tensed body in her arms. She held him around his shoulders, trying to keep him still to no avail. Samuel was in constant motion, his right leg pushing against the bed as he fled the pain that relentlessly assailed his consciousness. Deep, guttural groans held to the beginning and end of each breath. In the clutches of an agony that overwhelmed his senses, Samuel... Read More


How do I start a new topic on

By Joe V - Before posting any topics we do ask that you abide to our Terms of Service. Any topic/post in violation of our Terms of Service will be removed. This is a waste of your time and ours. You are free to submit any topic you wish. But, we ask that you keep text/chat speak to a minimum. We make this request to ensure that your topic gets the attention that it deserves. What is a topic? A topic is a subject of discussion. It could be... Read More


To The Lonely Seas And The Sky -- Part 16

By SoldierNurse22 - Samuel sat on the edge of the bed, gripping his father’s cane in his right hand. Willing himself to stand again, he had very nearly succeeded in walking a few minutes prior. If nothing else, he had gained enough mobility to locate and utilize the moonshine behind the bed. He was on the verge of standing once more, confident that with the pain sufficiently numbed, he’d be able to walk when— “Samuel! Have you gone mad?” Samuel... Read More


To The Lonely Seas And The Sky -- Part 15e

By SoldierNurse22 - Over the next several weeks, Thomas's wounds healed with the constant attention of Ellie and the surgeon. The surgeon removed the stitches and Thomas was eventually able to get out of bed without the debilitating pain in his ribs, regaining his strength by the day as Ellie took him for walks in the house and around the yard. It was during this time that Thomas encountered the gray-haired woman accidentally on one of their many... Read More


To The Lonely Sea And The Sky -- Part 15c

By SoldierNurse22 - The warmth of early autumn soon turned into a chilly fall, and as the temperatures dropped and the number of remaining soldiers began to dwindle, everyone moved inside. Thomas and Ellie were still frequently to be found together, Thomas cooking at the fire and Ellie at his side. As their charges were quietly redistributed, either to their homes or to Army hospitals, the days seemed to get longer. The cards Thomas had found were soon... Read More


To The Lonely Seas And The Sky -- Part 15b

By SoldierNurse22 - Neither Thomas nor Ellie realized that lunch would mark the beginning of a pattern. From that day on, Thomas and Ellie tended to their duties and met at mealtimes, sipping stew and chatting quietly on the fallen tree overlooking the silent field. While Carina devoted her utmost attention to her husband, Thomas kept a close eye on the curious girl with dark blue eyes and a shy yet contagious smile. He and he alone ensured that she... Read More


5 Tips to Grow Back Over Plucked Eyebrows

By jazzpollard - Over plucked eye brows can also be a result of an accident while doing threading or plucking. Also, sometimes dry skin or other skin conditions like eczema can result in the loss of eyebrow hair. Plucking of eyebrows at a very young age can also lead to the loss of eyebrow hair. Over plucked eyebrows can make your eyes look weird and can cause a lot of stress. So the question is what should one do to grow back over plucked eyebrows? ... Read More


To The Lonely Seas And The Sky -- Part 13

By SoldierNurse22 - Liesl hadn't the time to consider her pride when she insisted that Mr. Nichols accompany her into the tower. She knew that more kerosene would be required to keep the light burning. The tremor that held her hands captive made it clear to her even before she embarked on her duty that she'd never be able to carry the heavy containers to the light unassisted. In the dark, Liesl's eyes fell on the kerosene that Ellie had placed at the... Read More


When your adult child makes the headlines....for the wrong reasons

By traumaRUs - So this article is more about handling BIG public embarrassment versus the little embarrassments of life with children. We’ve all experienced the toddler with the tantrum at the grocery store and have scurried around picking up items and hoping for a quick check-out line. And many of us have taken our children to see Santa Claus and/or the Easter Bunny and all they have done is cry and want to do anything but sit on their laps.... Read More


Welcome to

By Joe V - allnurses is about you. The nurse that craves knowledge. The nurse that wants to expand their career. The nursing student who wants to pass the NCLEX. The retired nurse with vast experience who desires to interact and share with others. allnurses is about helping you become a better nurse. Here's what a long-time member said about How makes you a better nurse... We do not offer medical advice. We do not provide... Read More


Signs He Might Be Married…

By TheCommuter - Imagine for a moment that you’ve met the man of your dreams. He appears to be the whole package: tall, dark, handsome, ambitious, smart, successful, sweet to you, positive attitude, fun, great sense of humor, chivalrous, and anything else you can insert. He has swept you off your feet like a hurricane and seems like a dream come true. However, something just doesn’t seem right after nearly a year of exclusively dating this guy.... Read More