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The Axial age, death, religion, human progress, and what it means to be human.

by Gavin513 - I will post links with more information about what I think are significant developments in human history as I have learned them. I am also interested in other peoples perspective. THIS IS NOT MEANT...

The nature of love, a story about Agape.

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Cinderella - Nursing Labor and Delivery

by chiandre - Cinderella story is a traditional story. For me, it was more than a story, it was real. It was just another busy night in the labor and delivery unit. Nurses were running around trying to give the...

Terrorism abroad, Paris, Pakistan, Turkey, Brussels. The universal problem of extremists.

by Gavin513 - As we all know terrorism is a growing problem in todays world. What with the recent attacks in Belgium, and France. What we hear little about is that the Islamic world has been struggling with these...

The Nursing School Workout

by NaishaStudentNurse - Even before I entered nursing school I heard horror stories of excessive weight gain or extreme weight loss. Needless to say the other "side effects" were equally horrifying. I finally came to terms...

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    Good Morning!

    Tweety - It's now 3:43 AM (EST). I hope that you are sleeping now. THAT'S RIGHT! The new Star Trek movie is now in theaters! Gonna see if Amy wants to see it tonight. The theaters will probably be crowded, though. We tend to go after the initial showings to avoid the large crowds. LOL!

    Work has been BUSY. For two of the three nights at work I floated down to the E.R. WOW! I don't normally believe in the "Full Moon Theory". But, our teeny-tiny hospital's ER was slamming busy for those two nights while the moon was in "full force". Wow! The third night at work was less busy for me. Our teeny-tiny ICU actually had (two) patients in it, and the ER did not need me, so I stayed in the ICU where I had the opportunity to catch up on some mandatory on-line learning (while my patient safely slept with her heart a-beatin' in the 50s: sinus brady with 1st degree AVB).

    Currently, I am up relaxing, enjoying my first of three nights off from work. Earlier today, I was recuperating from work. LOL! I watched recorded tv shows and chilled. After I am done typing here my plan is to focus on editing this dance recital video project. I am ALMOST finished with it! YES! Still have about 3 to 4 hours of editing to complete. (Ugh!)

    Nothing much else going on.

    Hope all is well with everyone here! Peace, folks!


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    Good morning! It's going to be hot. Time to leave for two classes at the air conditioned gym.
    This year we have a window air conditioner so I can read and visit ALLNURSES.COM if it gets too hot.

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    Good morning again. Stayed up real late and up early. Shoulder hurts from sleeping and I'm waiting for that to subside. Physical Therapy is this afternoon, but not much else going on. I hope to go to a 12 Step Meeting.

    Joe, I hate reading about how J feels he can't be his true authentic self. Seems like his best friend would be happy and celebrate his love and happiness. If he were straight and had a girlfriend that's how it would be. I'll leave it at that.

    Stneonester, it's not awful since I really didn't have insomnia. Just wasn't tired. My sleeping pattern since being off work is all messed up. I'm going to try to get it back to normal, but just don't have the energy. This is why I went to nightshift when I was younger, because I like staying up so late...just not all night. Glad you liked Ghostbusters. I'm going to see Star Trek this weekend and if that's sold out, plan B is Absolutely Fabulous. Being British, I'm sure you've heard of it, but my friend hasn't and missed the craze here in the states. It's somewhat of an iconic show for gay men here.

    Good news about the paycheck NSIME!

    It's payday for me today too and this is going to be my last full paycheck. I talked to my boss and I'm going to run out of paid time before I come back, so I told her to take the time left and divide it by the number off weeks I'll be out and just short me hours. My next couple of paychecks will be notably stronger, but I need something to pay my benefits. I'll have to budge real carefully and dip into my savings I'm afraid which is very limited since I just paid $1200 in copays to the surgeon ($470 was for that damn sling that insurance didn't cover). Anyway, I'm not going to stress about it. I can work overtime hopefully when I get back and I'll regroup.

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    Good morning to all!

    Tweety, enjoy the movie (will you give us a review after? )!
    Hope you got to sleep soon after you posted.
    If you wanted, that is!

    Ted, I will usually wait till the initial New Movie Crush is overwith too, before I venture out.
    I don't go to the movies often anyway.
    Dh likes to just wait till the blockbusters come out on DVD and then purchase them.
    Then he can watch them comfortably and whenever he wants!
    That reminds me, a new movie theater opened nearby, one that assigns seating and features RECLINING seats!
    My oldest son has been twice, loves the seats!
    Has mixed feelings about the assigned seating tho'.

    BC, love those thunderstorms!

    Joe, enjoy your Saturday, whatever you choose to do!

    We had rehearsal last night, the last rehearsal before this afternoon's vespers.
    We report to the church (The Big Church) at 2:30pm for setting up microphones and some warmup.
    Vespers starts at 5.
    Tomorrow afternoon we have band practice (our little gospel band. the group above is about 12 instrumentalists and four vocalists, doing hymn sinalongs).
    Then band dinner.
    Monday night we are helping with music for a memorial service.
    Our fiddler agreed to play at the graveside Tuesday morning but we will be unable to make that (will be at work).
    So yeah, a busy musical weekend.
    We enjoy it!

    It was 107 degrees when I got off work yesterday!
    Supposed to be around 101 today.
    But once it hits triple-digits, it all feels the same to me: HOT!!

    AND, with the hot temps come the ants!
    Hoardes of them.
    With battering rams and cudgels, troops amassing in our kitchen.
    We have been spraying and spraying (eco-friendly spray) and spraying and spraying.
    Well, as of yesterday the ant "houses" containing borax and sugar are set.
    Now we wait.

    Gotta go get ready, we agreed to help with music in Sabbath School today too, so gotta be there at 930.
    Dh somehow woke up at 5 and couldn't get back to sleep so he is up and ready already! While I lounge in my jammies, on the puter!

    You all have a good day!

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    Good afternoon from sunny and hot California.

    Been busy for the last few days - got Spidey on a jet plane on Friday morning to fly to Texas where his brother lives. The first flight in the morning was delayed an hour so it was iffy if he would make the connecting flight but he did. He had a wonderful birthday dinner and his sis-in-law made a gorgeous cake for him. His niece (2.5 years) won't leave his side and his nephew (5 months) is "mesmerized" and trying to figure out "who is this person in my house?". It is very hot and humid in Texas - way different than our "dry heat".

    I'm staying with good friends and being treated to great meals and conversation. Don't really want to go home but I have to work on Monday so I'll leave tomorrow.

    I just spent about 20 minutes catching up on everyone's last few days. Seems like it is hot everywhere.

    Enjoy the rest of the day~

    P.S. I kept our landline. Cell service goes down sometimes and I need an emergency phone. Plus, we get our internet service through our phone company.

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    Quote from herring_RN
    A run in the heat? You are a tough lady.
    Although I run/jog outdoors, I keep a gym membership for hot days and/or inclement weather. Sometimes it is safer, wiser and more comfortable to be in a temperature-controlled setting.