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The Axial age, death, religion, human progress, and what it means to be human.

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Cinderella - Nursing Labor and Delivery

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Terrorism abroad, Paris, Pakistan, Turkey, Brussels. The universal problem of extremists.

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The Nursing School Workout

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To The Lonely Seas And The Sky -- Part 24 Epilogue

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    The grass is growing. The trees are showing their full, green leaves. Amy's gardens are coming to life. Birds are singing. Farmers are planting their crops. The weather is warmer as the days grow longer. It's "Spring in Mid-May", a beautiful time of year.

    Spring in Mid-May by Edward Fiebke | Free Listening on SoundCloud

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    Good Morning Ted,

    LOL Love the Avatar and the music was a joy to listen to this morning. I am with you on getting that mowing done.

    I so want to get that done before we head to the mountains tomorrow. I am a funny wee thing but my house and yard must all be in order before I go anywhere. Just do not like coming home having to do anything but relax. LOL

    Work has been going fine although this week I have been incredibly exhausted adding not sleeping well into the mix makes for 'OH SO MUCH FUN'. Still we survive no matter what don't we?

    My hubby surprised me with this glorious bird bath last night, I have been yacking about one for ever, and bingo there it was. I love it, love the colors and cannot wait to fill that baby up and watch the feathered variety play and splash around.

    How has everyone been doing lately?

    Praying those that have had surgery are improving, those with health issues are getting all the assistance they require and need. Those having life issues or struggles I pray for you too.

    May this day be a blessing to you all.

    Smile and be grateful for the smallest of blessings.

    I shall see you all once home and hopefully with some nice photos of the mountains.

    Much love to you all.

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    Morning Ted and Sabby

    Conference yesterday was pretty good, the presentations were more interesting than last year. The drive to and from was pretty long and difficult, but I expected that

    Came home and did the grocery shopping. Was warm enough that I rode my bike afterwards

    Hopefully will have an easy day at work today. Going out afterwards to a restaurant with J. Tomorrow going to see dad.

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    Good morning.

    I finally got to talk with my son last night. Here's the update I'm copying and pasting to folks:

    I talked with my son last night and he was impressed with MD Anderson. He has a whole team managing his treatment with one physician as the lead doc and he met with all of them off and on. I took rapid notes while he talked but am going to ask for a copy of the written plan.

    In a nutshell, he will start with "2-3 rounds of a shot in the tummy" and then 2 pills along with steroids to get the plasma cells in the bone marrow decreased as low as possible.

    He has a "high risk genetic marker" that makes this harder to treat and there is some concern about using his own stem cells (autologous) first even though that is the 1st route that is supposedly safer and works well. The allogenic (donated) route may be the one they choose although one physician said she'd try the auto one first regardless and then go allo. This doc (Krina Patel) is a Fellow on the Stem Cell Transplant Team and MD Anderson is #1 of the places who do the most stem cells transplants in the entire world. And supposedly Host vs. Graft disease can be helpful . . .?

    If he does the auto, he'll have a 2-3 week hospital stay. He will also be placed in one of two clinical studies. Something about dialysis and/or a massive chemo bomb. He also said the physicians did tell him that it is unusual for someone his age to get MM but it also played well into his surviving a long time since he is young and healthy. And to not pay attention to statistics he reads because it is skewed by the outcomes of older patients. And there is a slight chance he can pass on some genetic marker that will put his kids at a small risk of getting this disease.

    One thing that surprised him was he can't eat fresh fruit and vegetables due to increased risk of contamination with bacteria. Now he knows why I also tell my kids to wash ALL fruit and veggies.

    We talked for about 45 minutes which was good for me. I also learned he completed all the tests (X-ray and PET Scan) and all the meetings with doctors in two days instead of three and they were home Thursday night. He said they spent Friday just trying to rest and relax and take it all in.

    He also said he is going to need people to volunteer to come out and care for him off and on during this time. Of course, I'll be there. They will be moving into a house by June 1.

    They leave today for Dallas and the golf tournament that his bio-dad's company, American Airlines, puts on every year. My son and his family were added as one of the beneficiaries of the money raised.

    I'm still trying to wrap my head around this. And I still have lots of questions but I'm very pleased with him being treated at MD Anderson.

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    Gooooooood afternoon! Slept through my alarm this morning. That's okay since I didn't have anywhere I needed to be. Still "q-word" on the call front, so continuing my lazy weekend. Starting to run out of movies to watch, and I don't have cable. Might be time to maybe do a little shopping on iTunes for some new material...

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    Ted and Sabby, Sorry you are also having some sleep issues. Good that you have time off Ted and the avatar is cute.

    Joe, have a good time with J.

    BC Grad, have a great time planting.

    Stars, so that's how you were having the zinging? Good for you for identifying a problem and doing something about it with the meeting.

    A couple of days ago I found backyard bunny had eaten most of the flowers in a pansy bowl I bought. I have had to put it up on the patio table and have since bought a couple of hanging baskets with fuschia's.

    Gotta take the car to Grease Monkey for an oil change. Groceries. Bill paying etc.

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