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The Axial age, death, religion, human progress, and what it means to be human.

by Gavin513 - I will post links with more information about what I think are significant developments in human history as I have learned them. I am also interested in other peoples perspective. THIS IS NOT MEANT...

The nature of love, a story about Agape.

by Gavin513 - This is my story. It is why I became a believer, it is why I became an unbeliever. It is why I was suicidal. It is why I decided to pursue nursing. It is why I became a CNA. It is the story that...

Cinderella - Nursing Labor and Delivery

by chiandre - Cinderella story is a traditional story. For me, it was more than a story, it was real. It was just another busy night in the labor and delivery unit. Nurses were running around trying to give the...

Terrorism abroad, Paris, Pakistan, Turkey, Brussels. The universal problem of extremists.

by Gavin513 - As we all know terrorism is a growing problem in todays world. What with the recent attacks in Belgium, and France. What we hear little about is that the Islamic world has been struggling with these...

The Nursing School Workout

by NaishaStudentNurse - Even before I entered nursing school I heard horror stories of excessive weight gain or extreme weight loss. Needless to say the other "side effects" were equally horrifying. I finally came to terms...

To The Lonely Seas And The Sky -- Part 24 Epilogue

by SoldierNurse22 - And here's the last word from the characters you've come to know over the past year. Please feel free to leave comments for me throughout this series as I enjoy hearing your feedback. Thank you...

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    Good morning Joe, LeonardsMom, Tweety, Steph, Stars, and BCgradnurse!
    Yesterday I painted the front fence. It is concrete over chicken wire on a 4X4 frame built in 1932. Now it looks so white! I watered down the paint thinking of Tom Sawyer.

    Just exercise today. I plan to do upper body weights first. That way the sorenes will be gone by the Friday body pump and Plyo classes after the senior class.

    We'll all be going to my sisters for the Fourth.

    I've been enjoying the USA Olympic trials on TV.

  • 10

    Evening, all! I did not win big at the casino today, but I came home with $45 after taking $100. So, at least I didn't lose as much as I was willing to gamble away, right? I did learn that when I am a backseat passenger, I will get car sick. Fortunately was able to hold everything down and when I got home, I sat down and got my stomach all settled. Note to self: either call shotgun or drive next time!

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    Good Afternoon/ evening to you all,

    Have enjoyed this weekend working like a dog around the house, lots of cooking etc. I have done so much I amazed myself. LOL

    I so needed time away from the computer, decompress from work and think happy thoughts because trust me they were not last week!!

    Hubby has worked this weekend and has been busy running the roads to take care of patient needs. I am glad he has been able to get home and eat some food.

    Enjoying pottering outside although it got a little hotter this afternoon so now in my cool office chillaxing.

    I sure hope you are all doing well.

    Much love and prayers for you all. x x

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    Good Afternoon,
    Home from the gym. More yard/garden work today. I found the green beens amongst all the weeds, the cucumbers are next. I sustained a sunburn yesterday, so I will follow the shade about the yard.
    I think there is a hummingbird next in my neighbors' shrubs; I heard suspicious sounds as I was removing spent flowers. That explains why I get dived bombed in that corner.
    I hope everyone has a wonderful day!

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    Morning Ted

    Nice day yesteday, J and I drove to the museum in the morning and spent a few hours later, then came home and had an early dinner. Was nice to have so much time to talk. Didn't really do much the rest of the day

    Today will do the cooking after work. Might change Friday's vet appointment, since I'm supposed to meet with J and his friends that night. Will be hot today but the weather should be nicer after today

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    Good morning - my day off yet I have to go do some charting on the hospice visits I did yesterday.

    Will most likely hike to Burney Falls today.

    I sent Farawyn the photo of me with the sculpture of the farm worker holding lettuce in an eye-catching place . . . there are other sculptures as well. Just google "lettuce sculpture salinas".

    Hope you all have a good day - sleepy or not.

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