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    Good morning Sabby and Joe and the rest of y'all.

    Spidey and his brother both texted me at 0530 that he was at his gate at Austin airport. Then Spidey called me and we chatted until he had to board. He had a good time and my granddaughter woke up and cried that she didn't get to say goodbye after they left. He filled me in on all the "doings" but said it was so humid and hot that most of the time they were indoors although they did go to a spring-fed pool one day.

    His other brother's girlfriend and her 3 year old will pick up him today - we hatched a plan last night for that brother to take him fishing on the ocean. They will spend the day in SF - maybe the Exploratorium? Spidey is having quite the birthday week!

    I'll be off call in 45 minutes. It has been a very busy 24 hours with one patient death last night at 6 p.m. I'm headed to the "big city" for my every 5 week hair appointment. Now that I don't have to drive to Sacramento to pick up my son, I'll get some things done in preparation for fair time and getting my house in shape for company . . . aka "company clean". I had nightmares last night about trying so hard to get my house ready and every obstacle that could be thrown in my way, was.

    First I have to go in and finish charting . . . the house that is our hospice "department" is spooky at night. Oh . . . speaking of computer charting, our hospital's computer charting went down last Thursday and as of yesterday, was not back up. I had to laugh - a perfect example of why I hate computer charting. One of the long-time CNA's that I used to work with told me the new nurses were freaking out about having to do paper charting. They had no idea what to do. It was very validating for me. ha ha

    Ok - the sun is coming up so I will be heading over to my office to chart.

    Hope you all have a great day!

    (Tweety - our posts popped up at the same time - love the photo!)

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    Morning Sabby, sorry it's so hot there, hope you find that balance

    Trying something different this morning, listening to classical music station instead of NPR news. Decided it wasn't really helpful to try and listen to the news while simultaneously eating breakfast and surfing the internet. Will listen tonight instead

    Work was fine yesterday, got the exercise bike and meditation in too. Stomach acting up, not sure why, kind of have that sense a migraine is lurking nearby....Also talked to J, we're going to get together on Friday which is my day off and either go to a movie or to the arboretum if the weather is nice.

    Finally got that poster from the Art Institute hung. Tend to be bad about decorating

    Probably will do the laundry tonight if the laundry room is free

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    Good morning all!

    Another hot one here, with no end in sight. The lawn is getting brown and crispy, but at least I don't have to mow as often. I spent some time cleaning out my closet last night in preparation for SO moving in this weekend. I'm greedy about closet space, but I might give him just a little room. I sent the deposit off to the kitchen contractor, too. Demolition starts right after Labor Day. I am excited!

    Sabby-It's nice to hear from you. I hope you do find the work/life balance we all need. Joe-hope it's not a migraine coming. Tweety-I'm sorry you're still having pain. I hope it resolves soon. Steph-sounds like Spidey is having a blast! Enjoy your hair appointment. I always look at that as "me" time and not just another thing that needs to be done.

    Back to work-have a great day everyone!

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    Good morning!

    Good to hear from you Sabby. Joe, I hope you have a good day and you don't get a migraine and your stomach settles down.

    Life goes on. I finished six weeks since my shoulder surgery. Still sleeping fitfully. Fell asleep and woke up around 0230 to get some water and a storm passed through keeping me awake, but I didn't go online. I'm trying to get up earlier and stop staying up all night. My lower bicep and inner elbow area that has been bugging me for six weeks seemed so much worse last night and disturbed me more than my shoulder. Go figure. Thanks for listening.

    Went solo for a nice walk on the beach for an hour around sunset. It was nice. Not much going on but pottering about, and maybe a trip to the gym. Going to walk the dogs here before it gets too hot.

    Hope everyone has a great day.

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    Morning. Groggy but my head is clearing with the infusion of caffeine. On 2nd cup.

    Haven't heard from Spidey - he was picked up from the airport and driven to SF to meet up with Bro #2 to go fishing on the ocean. I'll be expecting some great photos and hope he doesn't get sea sick. He took Dramamine last night and will take it again today before he gets on the boat. He didn't get sea sick last time. Let's hope!

    I'm going to head over to the track - unless I get a hospice call. I'm back on call at 07.

    It was 85 degrees at 10:27 p.m. last night. That's hot for the mountains. Had my cooler on most of the evening.

    You all have a great day. Even in the humid conditions some of y'all live in.

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    Good Morning Stars, BC Grad and Joe,

    The dog days of summer are certainly upon us. I got weeds in the yard but I feel it's too hot to spend an hour out there taking care of them. Maybe this evening. Usual day after all the shifts for me. Gym, some laundry, grocery shopping. I guess my lazy days aren't that lazy.

    I have picked up this Saturday so I'll do another round of 4 x 12. I didn't realize I would have quite such high deductibles to be met on the health insurance and my trip to Ireland/UK is now only two months away.