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    The Axial age, death, religion, human progress, and what it means to be human.

    by Gavin513 - I will post links with more information about what I think are significant developments in human history as I have learned them. I am also interested in other peoples perspective. THIS IS NOT MEANT...

    The nature of love, a story about Agape.

    by Gavin513 - This is my story. It is why I became a believer, it is why I became an unbeliever. It is why I was suicidal. It is why I decided to pursue nursing. It is why I became a CNA. It is the story that...

    Cinderella - Nursing Labor and Delivery

    by chiandre - Cinderella story is a traditional story. For me, it was more than a story, it was real. It was just another busy night in the labor and delivery unit. Nurses were running around trying to give the...

    Terrorism abroad, Paris, Pakistan, Turkey, Brussels. The universal problem of extremists.

    by Gavin513 - As we all know terrorism is a growing problem in todays world. What with the recent attacks in Belgium, and France. What we hear little about is that the Islamic world has been struggling with these...

    The Nursing School Workout

    by NaishaStudentNurse - Even before I entered nursing school I heard horror stories of excessive weight gain or extreme weight loss. Needless to say the other "side effects" were equally horrifying. I finally came to terms...

    To The Lonely Seas And The Sky -- Part 24 Epilogue

    by SoldierNurse22 - And here's the last word from the characters you've come to know over the past year. Please feel free to leave comments for me throughout this series as I enjoy hearing your feedback. Thank you...

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    • 10

      Good Morning!

      Four-day weekend for me! Going to enjoy it all.

      Get well Shane.

    • 9

      Good Morning!

      Sabby - Good to see you!

      Just rolled out of bed. Coffee if brewing. Our two dogs are outside. They'll want to come back in soon and have breakfast so I'm going to type fast.

      Amy and I had a lovely date last night. We ate a delicious dinner at an Italian Restaurant then saw a live comedy show at Proctors. The show involved two guys who are normally on "Who's Line Is it Anyway". I would tell you their names but (and this is embarrassing to admit), I don't remember! LOL! BUT, they were very funny! We had a blast. Got home late.

      "DING!" goes the coffee pot . . . . and I hear our two canine family member scratching at the door to come in. So, I'm gonna go. Will be back later tonight.

      Peace, folks!


    • 9

      Morning Sabby and Ted

      Work was tiring but I did manage to get everything done by the end

      Had a nice dinner with P, very good restaurant though more costly than I expected. Didn't set any follow up plans but we're both busy the next week. Pretty sure we both see this as just friendship but next time I'll have to make sure we discuss that.

      Up early this morning, going to catch the train downtown with J to the natural history museum. Should be interesting, haven't been there in a long time. Will come home in time to get to church. Will skip Svengoolie, he's showing The Car a dull James Brolin movie from the 70s about a possessed Lincoln

      Have gotten the dates for my trip, will be in Wisconsin Thursday and Friday. Arranging things with the cat sitter, now all I have to do is decide what I'll do when I get there. Only thing I know for sure is that I'll be renting a bike, which I haven't done before

    • 9

      Good morning everyone!

      Just got off of work, and thought I would drop a quick line before bed. Work went ok, but I am glad I am not working anywhere this weekend (gotta get rid of this head cold). Paycheck won't like it, though.

      Hope everyone has a good Saturday!

    • 9

      Good morning Tweety, Ted, ShaneTeam, BCgradnurse, Joe, nurseactivist and Sabby!
      We are home. Cars are still in the back yard. We have no garage so have to do this when we are both gone on the two street sweeping days.
      Our daughter took care of the dogs and neighborhood cat. She doesn't drive so can't help with the cars.

    • 9

      Hello to all.

      Worked a lil late last nite.
      We were planning to help with music and then go visit MIL for a late lunch today.
      Dh, tho, woke up with a cold so we are staying put.
      When I got home yesterday the internet was down, oh sad day! lol!
      I needed to do some work online so I went back to work and finished it, then got home around 10:15.
      Internet is still down this morning; dh rigged a hot spot thru his phone for me, so I am here!
      I wonder what is going on with TWC!!
      Eh, I have books to read, I will be OK if I have NO internet (but I would miss touching base with AN!).

      Tomorrow is Dapper Day at Disneyland.
      Youngest's fiancée is making a dress and we are all going to go, dressed dapper-ly!

      We have a lil bit of rain this morning but none is predicted tomorrow.

      Y'all have a good one.

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