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Snowflakism: Is this a genetic trait, or learned behavior?

Hello Allnurses! A question I have been pondering for a very long time now is in regard to the topic of Snowflakism: Is this a genetic trait (and if so, does snowflakism seem to be a dominant or...

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Is ADD / ADHD Real?

In your opinion - is ADD / ADHD real - why or why not? Also, what are the leading resources in support (or against) these diagnoses? We had a discussion in class and I seem to be in the...

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National Grilled Cheese Day Sorry for late entry. Today, the 12th, is the day. But you can use all of tomorrow to make your delicious grilled cheese. With a cup of Campbell tomato soup to dip' ...

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CharleeFoxtrot's Trolling Thread

:clown: Okay Ladies and Gents it seems like today is "troll day" so I am making this the ​OFFICIAL TROLLING THREAD. Here is how the game is played, I will post something outrageous (no TOS...

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Spouses with same career

Hello! So I'm really interested in becoming a surgical technician (I know this is a nursing website but I know everyone here would still be able to help me out anyway) and the second I told my...

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I'm an author, can I ask stupid questions?

So, I'm not actually a nurse. In fact, I rarely set foot in a hospital. But for some reason my characters keep winding up in them. I've been trying to Google my way through but I'm finding it hard to...

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Feet & Shoes

Ok Y'all.... I know there are 9 million and 3 threads about shoes. I have all the shoes - abeo, danskin xp2.0, allegria, sketchers... I haven't bought shoes for crews yet. I'm currently using them...

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American Idol 2018: Was Katy Perry's Contestant Kiss Sexual Harassment?

Anyone watching American Idol now that it is back on TV? If so, what did you think about this? American Idol 218: Was Katy Perry’s Contestant Kiss Sexual Harassment? – American Idol Net

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Paul Ryan to retire

This is kind of a big deal. I won't be sad to see him go. Bye, Felicia! Speaker Paul Ryan Will Not Seek Re-election in November - The New York Times

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Go Fund me = White cargo van (No more homelessness)

Hey everyone, Has anyone ever started a go fund me page? I'm thinking about starting one. I'm out of pre-reqs for college so being on financial aid is getting old, I'm having issues with getting...

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President Trump Plans Meeting to Denuclearize N. Korea

It's actually laughable this isn't being discussed. I mean, what else can you expect of people who are willfully ignorant. Or let me guess, you know about this, but this is a bad thing. ETA:...

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Our Newest Family Members

Meet our new furry kids. Gertrude Stein is the black and white one and Alice B. Toklas is solid black. I'm sorry Alice is sideways. Gertie and Alice are littermates. They were found inside a box...

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Nursing. The beginning.

First of all I'd like to point out that I am not a nurse. My girlfriend however is nearing the end of her nursing school. I find myself in a very unusual position. My father was a single father he...

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A Question About the Hereafter

Some people have shared their experiences of how their deceased family member has made contact with them from the hereafter to communicate that they are well/at peace. I have never read of anyone...

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No Stars In My Eyes

Misc. Whatnot (cont'd from Why's everyones user name not real one?)

This thread picks up from the "Why's Everyone's Username Not Their Real Name" thread, BECAUSE we went way off the track on the OP's subject, and yet the posts were still fun and entertaining. ...

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infertility programs

not sure if this is in the correct forum. move if need be. thanks in advance for reading/advice. from california. wife and i are planning to become pregnant. long story short, in vitro...

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Is it strange that I don't want to be in a relationship at all ?

Recently I have no desire to be in a relationship or date anyone; I just want to be single and I actually am enjoying it . A few years ago I was so desperate to be in a relationship that I even...

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What Type Of Pet Is Your Favorite?

I own a cat because I'm not al;lowed to have more than one where I live, and it has to stay inside. I also am disabled and get around in a motorized chair. However, if I had my own way, I'd have a...

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Former first lady Barbara Bush dies at age 92

Former first lady Barbara Bush dies at age 92 - ABC News

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